Published on November 23, 2016

Minigames City [Creation]

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Add 1 more game will give 5 stars by the way 5 Words SO, MUCH, FUN, THANKS, CREATOR, I will give 1 out of 10 will give a 10 very cool and perfect! Thank You So Much For Creating This Map HUGS
“a an”
You spelled wrong...
Wow so cool thank for making this
Can you make it to where it's a template on minecraft so we can make as much worlds of the map as possible
I can’t play it but it looks very fun!
Thank you very much for this! It's a lot of fun! Can you please make something like this again?
I am. I started it recently, and going to spend a long time in this one. Things are coming along nicely, but got tons more to do yet.
Secret you ask.... aha... ok, I will tell you, it`s ... past the PVP Arena, before the Parkour building, turn right like your going to the PVP spectators stairs, and its a trapdoor hidden under the stairs, it was just a little something I was using in multiplayer games. Hope you find it.
how I made a .mcworld file, I used my windows 10 version of mcpe to export the world to a .mcworld, its very simple.

Thanks for all your comments.
Thanks for all your lovely comments, really glad you loved playing my Map. ??
your map is super awesomeness coolest map in world ?
I give up i expolded every thing i search every were and i can find it plz tell me
Ok, secret is near parkour... just before it, turn right just after pvp arena, don't go upstairs to spectate pvp, but just look underneath those steps, and there's a trap door leading underground. Hope you find it now. ??
Yeah i found it
It wasn't that fun for me cuz I have no friends :(
You should get involved with the MCPE community. You can lots of people on Twitter. Go ahead and follow us there if you want to:
Awesome map but very laggy