Minigolf Course 1.0 [Minigame]

This map features a miniature golf course with a total of 18 holes. Miniature golf is a quite fun game to play with friends but it works almost as good in single player as well. To get started all you need to do is to get a ball and then just throw it at the hole on the golf course and hopefully hit the hole. Give it a try and let us know your score in the comments!

Creator: The_Redstoneer

How to play?

Go to the ball shop and press a button to get a ball.

Read the signs to find the first hole. Golf in Minecraft works a little different than to real life. Throw the ball on the green (carpet). If you didn’t hit the hole then just pick up the ball and throw it again from its last position. Make sure to note down the amount of throws for each hole. The player with the lowest score (meaning least throws) is the winner.

There are 18 holes in total.

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20 Responses

4.69 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. da yo boi says:

    This is the most fun Minecraft minigame I have every played! Good job, mate!

  2. MDJ287 says:

    This map was made really well, however I think there should be some way to change the weather; it started raining for me, and it was really annoying.

  3. Babyham says:

    I got 38, it isn’t the best score but it is the best minecraft golf i’ve ever played. Could you make another one where the players are the balls and to putt you ender pearl? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. GooBurger says:

    Cool! I got 35! Can somebody beat me?

  5. blue_poo says:

    Good map I like 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    OMG I got so close to get below 20 I got 20 if it wasn’t for the last hole then I would have gotten below 20

  7. Tommycraft says:

    38 am so bad at golf but it was so fun i do would say if they add the scoreboard it would be better but there is scoreboards yet so hope if they do you should bring one out with the scoreboard

  8. Heh says:

    AMAZING MAP I got 27 strokes in total, one of the pest mcpe mini golf courses out the i had lots of fun and i cant wait for more holes

  9. Awesomeness18283 says:

    39 strokes and AWESOME MAP Also @reactorcore17, I like the idea of a golf cart. Golf is one of my favorite sports and Minecraft is one of my favorite games so this map is one of my favorite maps

  10. EvilBloxBoss says:

    I got 37 strokes total. AWESOME MAP! when you can do the /scoreboard command, do that PLEASE

  11. EcoExp says:

    I like this map!

  12. Ron says:

    This takes my love of golf to a new level. MINECRAFT!!!

  13. EnderCD says:

    There is a bug need to fix, you can not get a slime all because you need a_ between slime and ball in the command block

  14. Rango Rashad says:

    Nice map and its not too plain because it has special features, i got 40 strokes in total

  15. ReactorCore17 says:

    As I said in my first comment, I will recommend a command block score keeper/tracker. My first suggestion is to wait until they have added the /scoreboard command. I haven’t looked into this one so if you like the idea you might want to look into it for yourself. The other is to have a item (possibility re-textured depending on what you want to do) that is given to the nearest player to a command block (give @p ITEM 1 [replace the “ITEM” with whatever the score marker is{I recommend maps}]) this way they can keep track in the game. I also would find it interesting if you can add some sort of “high scores” board so it is more of a incentive to play it in single player. One more suggestion would be to add a “prize” for the
    winner which can be determined by the players. (Command block: give @p “ITEM” # [replace the # with the number of the item you want the player to receive]). Hope this helped!

  16. ReactorCore17 says:

    I have a few recommendations for this map. One is to add a golf cart (or a horse pen) to make it even more fun. Another would be to add another set of 18 holes. (You could reform most of the map so one set is land related and the other is water[you could also do biome related]). Something else I would recommend would to add some sort of command block system that keeps points after each hole. I will post a second comment soon on how you can do this/what command you will need to use. (It can be simple or hard depending on what I find.

  17. Austin TEG says:

    Awesome I have been waiting for a mini golf map I love the last hole 🙂

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