Mining Simulator

Have you ever wanted a fun simulator from Roblox into Minecraft? I have that’s why I made mining Simulator into Minecraft. Mining simulator is simulator game where you have to mine ores to progress.

The objective of this game is to mine ores and sell them to make money. To check your money look to the right side of your screen. When you start you can grab a starter pickaxe from the starter chest and enter the first area. Once you enter you will get effects to help you get to the top of the block of ore, you can also refill the giant block of ore by stepping on the pressure plate that says refill ore. You can use money to buy pickaxes, Keys, and Rebirths. Rebirths will give you gems and a coin multiplier. You can also check how many gems and rebirths you have by pressing the pause button(right next to the chat button). It will cycle between rebirths and gems. You can use gems to buy pets and effects. Rebirths also unlock areas as well. There are multiple areas such as coal, Iron, gold, and many more. Keys will unlock areas the first 3 areas iron, gold, and Diamonds. Different ores give different amounts of money. After you unlock diamonds the rest will be unlocked by Rebirths. Make sure to turn off auto jump because it can get annoying. There is a clear effects area near the door to enter the coal area make sure to use it if you don’t want the effects anymore. If you are making a YouTube video on this please give me credit for my build All you have to say isn’t “it was built by RoyalLattice712” (NOT  lettuce but Lattice). Also don’t post this on other websites and call it your build. I added a little twist to this game tho every few seconds instead of the cave  collapsing a random person would get money and another random person would get gems.There are also super rebirths which cost 5 rebirths. They currently don’t do anything but they will in the future. I have added a new area where u mine prismarine ores😱 There is also a new pickaxe to go with that area and it is the prismarine pickaxe!

The Rules are:


NO TAKING MORE THAN ONE STARTER PICKAXE(unless you just got a rebirth)



Changelog View more

Changed obsidian area to quartz ore

added emerald area

changed obsidian selling area to emerald selling area

New prismarine area

New prismarine pickaxe

Added SuperRebirths

changed most walls to bedrock

Changed it so pickaxes can break anything

New obsidian area(needs rebirth)

New pickaxe for obsidian area(needs rebirth)

New obsidian area (needs 1 rebirth)

New pickaxe for obsidian area (needs 1 rebirth)




New obsidian area (rebirth required)

new rebirth pickaxe (rebirth requires)

haste effect added to shop

coin Multiplier goes up to x4 now

Added an new area

added an new pickaxe

added an coin multiplier

New area

New Pickaxe

Coin Multiplier

Buyable Effects

Rebirth Prices lower

Rebirth zone

Rebirth pickaxe

Rebirth Coin Multiplier

Rebirth zone and pickaxe requires 1 Rebirth 



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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30 Responses

3.78 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Hey guys sorry to say this but I will not be fixing the game and I will not work on the project anymore Because realized that no matter what I do if my idea is something people like other people will always try to steal it so this is why I am not going to be working on this game any longer sorry 😐

  2. Guest-8666466857 says:

    its because in expirimental gameplay

  3. Guest-3421928332 says:

    .mcaddon lots the world with lots of holes in, the structures aren’t fully built. I do not know if the .zip is working

  4. Guest-2558479619 says:

    There are holes in the floor and it’s all bugged i don’t know what happened

  5. Guest-7978044855 says:


  6. Btw I meant to say quartz selling area both emerald selling area that has its own selling area

  7. Guest-9348666746 says:

    Nice game didn’t expect anyone to make a roblox Simulator into roblox ima play it with all my friends I hope you keep updating the game.

  8. Guest-5352880952 says:

    fix the “Gold Pickaxe” change the command to /give @p golden_pickaxe 1 0
    bcoz I investigated when it didn’t give me the pick.

  9. coolomet says:

    Hi! You created a cool world! But for a perfect world you need to fix a few things:
    1. Remove the repeaters. Don’t use them. Use delay in command blocks.
    2. Switch to adventure mode. In adventure mode the player will not be able to break blocks. You can give the player a pickaxe with the command: /give @p stone_pickaxe 1 0 {“can_destroy”:{“blocks”:[“coal_ore”,”iron_ore”]}}. Now the player can ONLY break ores.
    3. I think you should add effects, sounds, decorations.
    Good luck!

  10. Guest-8335248057 says:

    Do you have any contact information like Discord?

  11. Guest-6645907509 says:

    WOW dude you litteraly made Mining Simulator in Minecraft xd If i remember I have 2 or more rebirths in the original Roblox game Xd.
    My mcpedl account is: taoxd003
    idk why I cant log in.

  12. Guest-9381287638 says:

    You did a really good job on this map. It reminds me of the Prison game mode in some Minecraft servers

  13. Comment anything I should fix or add

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