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Minions are yellow, small, cylindrical creatures which are most known for their appearance in the Minions movie. This addon adds the minions (evil ones included) and Gru to Minecraft PE. The minions are very cute and can be used for multiple things. For example, you can tame them, have them fight for you or you can send them away on missions such as hunting or to go fishing.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 18 May, 2017 (read changelog)


Minions can be found spawning in the Nether (because they replace zombie pigmen). You can also spawn them using the zombie pigman spawn egg.

To tame a minion you will first need to find a big one. Then feed it some bananas (carrots) until it likes you. Tame chance: 33%. If you find a baby minion you can feed it some bananas too to accelerate its growing process.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the minion with a banana (carrot) and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on a minion with a banana (carrot)

A tamed minion will by default follow its master. You can command it to sit/stand (similar to a wolf) or even tie it to a fence post if you get tired of it.


You can give a tamed minion a couple of different jobs by giving it any of the following tools.

  • Sword = Hunt animals
  • Axe = Chop down trees
  • Pickaxe = Mine
  • Hoe = Harvest
  • Shovel = Dig
  • Fishing rod = Fishing

It will take anywhere between 1 – 5 minutes for a minion to return to you after it has been given a task. You can then press on the button to retrieve the items which it collected. In this case, I had asked it go fishing, so it dropped some fish.


Minions are no cowards. If you get attacked by a mob your tamed minion will be quick to help you. And it will also attack anything which you attack.

Minions General Information

  • Immune to fire
  • Replaces zombie pigmen
  • Spawns in the Nether
  • Wild
    • Babies
      • Friendly
      • Can’t breed
      • Health: 5 hearts
      • Feed it bananas (carrots) to accelerate growing
    • Adults
      • Neutral
      • Breedable
      • Health: 10 hearts
      • Attack damage: 5
      • Feed it bananas (carrots) to tame it (tame chance: 33%)
  • Tamed
    • Health: 15 hearts
    • Attack damage: 6
    • Protects its master
    • Leashable
    • Give it any of the following tools to give it orders. Returns after 1 min and you can retrieve the items it got
      • Sword = kill animals
      • Axe = chop down trees
      • Pickaxe = mine
      • Hoe = harvest
      • Shovel = dig
      • Fishing rod = fishing

Evil Minion

There are a few different ways that an evil minion can spawn. It replaces the skeleton so it does spawn randomly in your worlds. You can transform an ordinary (yellow) minion into an evil one a vice versa.

  • Transform wild minion into an evil minion by throwing a poisonous potion at it
  • Transform an evil minion into a wild minion by throwing a potion of weakness at it

Also, if a normal (yellow) minion is killed by an evil minion then it will turn into its adversary.

Evil Minion General Information

  • Replaces skeleton
  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Hostile towards players, yellow minions and all other mobs except monsters
  • Attack damage: 3
  • Transformation (takes 10 seconds)
    • Transform wild minion into an evil minion by throwing a poisonous potion at it
    • Transform an evil minion into a wild minion by throwing a potion of weakness at it
  • If a wild minion is killed by an evil minion then it turns into an evil one

Felonius Gru

Gru is one of the main characters plays a big role in the Despicable Me movies and has a minor part in the Minions movie. He was previously one of the most dangerous super villains but has since retired and become a consultant for the Anti-Villain League.

In this add-on he’s friendly towards players and can be tamed with a bow. Once tamed he will protect his owner against dangers and often so by using his levitation ray weapon.

Gru General Information

  • Replaces stray
  • Health: 30 hearts
  • Harmless
  • Tameable with a bow
  • Follows owner and defends against hostile mobs (including evil minions)
  • Attacks using a levitation ray (replaces bow), arrows have levitation effect


The crops textures for carrots have been replaced by banana crops.


  • Added Gru
  • Levitation ray replaces bow
  • New evil minion model
  • Hair looks amazing
  • New sounds
  • Fixed UUIDs


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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  1. Guest-6936850517 says:

    Can I get the direct link to this Add-on plz … the on on this page is not working …thank you

  2. Guest-1535914618 says:

    I love this add-on

  3. Guest-1535914618 says:


  4. Guest-5270869776 says:

    This is I’m cursed

  5. Guest-7605438707 says:

    And bananas grow on trees not underground.Pls fix that too

  6. Guest-1473150362 says:

    Pls make those mobs custom instead of replacing vanilla mobs.Also pls fix the link.

  7. Guest-2183295076 says:

    Pls make those mobs custom instead of replacing vanilla mobs.Also pls fix the link.

  8. Guest-8791168290 says:

    Can you add Dru? Gru’s brother.

  9. JVSM5000WT says:

    Eu usei partes do seu Addon pra fazer o meu ok?

  10. Guest-3201958350 says:

    Give me a medifare link pls….

  11. MinecraftYT says:

    Plss fix your link thise is broken!

  12. Bobby says:

    The link is down. Just says cannot connect to server

  13. MinionPapoy says:

    My favorites addons

  14. Ben says:

    I can’t download it. The mod looks so fun

  15. Superkubus135 says:

    i want minion mod

  16. Denis lima janeiro says:

    Link off

  17. minecraft 1223 says:

    download link is broken

  18. Thomas Vann says:

    Can we still download It with just the minion and not the purple minion and gru

  19. Best Substitute I could find... says:

    This one is a little better because the helper addon broke; the thing I dont like is that it just disappears so the minion is actually not mining, fishing, etc. WHY DO I ALWAYS USE FULL SENTENCES?

  20. Ryo Stonewell says:

    i myself prefer the helper addon, because i prefer humans to minions, but i like how someone created this for minion fans. it was a letdown to me, however, that i came here looking for a mod that gives you something that collects dropped items for you and not finding that here, but that’s just me. still and all, good going. 🙂

  21. Mcpe master says:

    I cant download it 😢

  22. Vipper says:

    Link dead, pls fix ASAP

  23. TACO THURSDAY! says:

    Gona please do the following
    Replace Chicken with Agnes
    Replace Pig with Edith
    Replace Cow with Margo
    Replace Zombie with Lucy
    Please please do

  24. Milo says:

    Yes it will not let me I tried
    One million times 😡😡😡😡

  25. Milo says:

    Yes it will not let me I trued one million times

  26. Anonymous says:

    It won’t let me get the mod something saying not right sever
    Minions are like my childhood right now and not letting me play on Minecraft so upsetting

  27. Milo says:

    It’s not letting me in the addon something about a sever WHAT SERVER
    Minions are like my child hood right now

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a sonic the hegehog mod plz

  29. Franiel says:

    Hey pls added gru’s enemy in the part 2

  30. liam says:

    can’t download just ads ads ads:( !

  31. Joshua says:

    Can you update the download links? I cant seem to get to the page… A DNS error or something.

  32. Scaryface1213 says:

    It says it can’t open the page

  33. Kaleb Ivers says:

    The link after ad fly mcpe doesn’t work

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused I got this addon and it kinda worked it spawned the minions but they have swords and I can’t feed them bananas

  35. Alpha says:

    Cool addon Gona!but what can Gru do?And sometimes I give him some work like fishing It’s just dissapers.I wait for minute he’s not back!

  36. DiamondPlayerX says:

    Could you please put el macho or vector at least?
    Les Dare Retweet and All That Can!

  37. Sagun says:

    I am not able to download either the resorce or behavior pack. It keeps just taking me to ad pages no matter how I try. Help!

  38. Anamai Gashi says:

    Hello! I like thid mod but there seem to be some bugs…So I’ve come here to tell them. So the bug is that the minions are tamed but don’t protect me instead they attack me if i hit them back, all of them. If i hit one all attack. And the other bug is that gruu attack me with the gun. But other than that the game is fine.

  39. Crictoli101 Gaming says:


  40. _CrazyGirl_LOL says:

    Hoy can I download it with¿

  41. Foxgamerteev says:

    Hey guys I got the 1.14 update early I don’t know why but give me a #pgn for it plz plz plz plz PLZ!!!!!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Stupid question..first time playing on windows 10 (usually use xbox). I downloaded this addon for my daughter. We cant figure out what key to use to spawn them. We have the minion spawn egg in the inventory. We can “drop” it, or its in our hand and we can “hit” with it. What can we do to “throw” it or use it? Pressing the action key just mines the block in crosshairs. Hope that makes sense. TIA!

  43. un named says:

    Editor, please add their gru’s daughters AMD his wife

  44. Victor says:

    Can’t get past ad fly either. Any ideas?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Guys every time I click the download button it takes me to ad fly and ad fly doesn’t work any suggestions?

  46. JJ says:

    Every time i try to get the mpacks all i get is a pop up ad seems impossible to get past have clicked continuously for 30mins

  47. JYSG says:

    Are you adding Dru ?

  48. Gameselot YT says:

    Love the Add-on Gona,Keep up the Great Work!!=)

  49. FallenSpark9505 says:

    LOVE THIS!! You worked so hard on it!

  50. Mzhill says:

    Gru’s hair looks amazing XD


    Maybe you must make wild Minions following gru

  52. Nicole T. says:

    Hey, Gona! Thank you for making this beautiful add-on! The minions are so cute! Bless you. More mods and add-ons to go! Will download them too!

  53. Anonymous says:

    What mob does Gru replace? You didint really specify and it’s really useful knowing that kinda stuff for addons cause then you can tell if there any other addons that you have that replace the same mob and will collide with this one messing up the textures and mob behaviors

  54. DerpyDerp says:

    I Think you should remove Gru because apparently you should be Gru so maybe try to retexture any armor, and also just try to make the other hostile mobs, the villain

  55. Lachthegamer says:

    Just in time for the third movie 🙂

  56. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Very similar to the helper addon

    • XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

      Also, for anyone wondering, only wooden tools work.
      At least I think it was wood…
      Either wood or iron.

    • Anonymous says:

      The person who made this addon is the same person who made the helper addon, and their a bit different with the stats and stuff though I think their both inspired similarly

  57. Kitten says:

    Hey I think you should be able to give them a lead and when they get back the will have animals you can tame you should give them the lead by dropping it in front of them

  58. Zamuthegamer says:

    The thumbnail is soooo cuuute

  59. AngeloPilapil49 says:

    Well, I download .mcpacks, I wish I report that malicious advert so please x16,remove the malicious advert

  60. Ash says:

    Hey i tried everything to tame this buddy but it doesn’t work i have tried to hover over it to tame it but its not working i don’t know what i am supposed to do. HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to feed the yellow minions bananas to tame them, and the purple minions are hostile and not tameable though you can convert them into normal minions again with the same method used to cure zombified villagers, if you hold a banana in your hand and look at a yellow minion it should show a tame button that you can press to take them.

    • Anonymous says:

      You also can only tame adult minions so make sure you feeding the ones that have the max size

  61. Arnold GamezYT says:

    🙁 It wont work when i try to tap the danload button on mcpepv i think but it doesn’t active anything or send me to anything 🙁 plz fix thiz

  62. Kalia Huber says:

    I cant tame it

  63. EnderEnder says:

    Great! I love it so much I put it in my new map (I gave you credit)

  64. Mr.Randomizer says:

    Cannot tame them! Need help

  65. Ron Argao says:

    Hey “GONA” I like your addons very much is have downloaded almost all of your addons and also this one. Pls update this Gona I want to see Gru and the one who owns the evil minions (I forgot his name sorry) I hope you’ll add those thanks

  66. BudakDinosaur says:

    Gona Can You Make A Indominus Rex To Spawn Egg Because I like a Baby I Rex Like a Mod Jurasscraft 2.0 . Spawn Indominus Rex Cannot Tame, he Attack all spawn n skin. Can you change the spawn indominus rex to spawn egg. Pliss

  67. Anonymous says:

    Gona Can You Make A Indominus Rex To Spawn Egg Because I like a Baby I Rex Like a Mod Jurasscraft 2.0 . Spawn Indominus Rex Cannot Tame, he Attack all spawn n skin. Can you change the spawn indominus rex to spawn egg. Pliss

  68. some girl from out of space says:

    This works fine when I spawn them but when I try to tame a minion it just doesn’t let me it doesn’t come up with tame!🤔😑😐

  69. BoostLive says:

    Wow Cool Addon! I Like This Cute Minion :3

  70. julian_1000 says:

    i like this addon because i hate minions and now i can cause destruction to all of them
    (evil laugh)

  71. Phoebe says:

    The minions are monsters but i still love the mod so much i made a Daycare and the kids can play with me minions YAY!!

  72. Tamx says:

    Doesn’t let me tame the Minion, button won’t appear. Anything I can do to fix this? Also, they’re holding golden swords.

  73. Snuggles says:

    Could u really please make it iOS .mcpack but not bc I don’t know how to ues it I really like this mod also it’s handy!

  74. Opilkm27 says:

    This is Really helpful and cool addon

  75. Anonymous says:

    My minion is not getting tamed k


    Do the eyeball move?

  77. Ethan says:

    Can you make a yoshi add-on? I would love to see yarn yoshis replace sheep! I would also love to ride them and throw explosive eggs while yoshi eats the enemy mobs!

    • Ethan says:

      The reason why I want yarn yoshi’s to replace sheep is because I want them to come in many colors. I would also like to see Kamek replace witches, and Baby Bowser replace the wither boss! I would also like for the yarn yoshi’s to lay yarn balls, which would replace snow balls. If yarn balls replace snow balls, I want the snow blocks and snow layers to be retextured to look like yarn.

  78. Mcpe Evi says:

    Good.Please add Gru

  79. Leon says:

    Hey guys, I’m having trouble with the add-ons in general.. I downloaded the .ZIP and pasted the Minions resource folder into resource_packs and the Minions Behaviour pack into behaviour_packs.. I load up my world and the minions and evil Minions appear to look disorientated and messed up.. I don’t see what the problem is

  80. Superstarzs says:

    Great addon. To improve it make it so any type material of tool works because only iron works right now

  81. BlazingOne says:

    Your addons have been the absolutely amazing! Keep it up Gona! 😀

  82. HAKMW says:

    But they don’t transform they just die

  83. DinoDude says:

    Hoe do your transform it

  84. Diego says:

    Eu gostei vendo o vidio do beto mas no meu bugando lê fica com uma espada não dá pra da nada pra ele

  85. Minion Lover says:

    Love this so much!!!!!!!!!!

  86. DinoDude says:

    I can’t transform anything into anything. What’s going on!?

  87. Stupid and soggy shrub says:

    Make the minions glow in the dark

  88. Anonymous says:

    What is long press??????

  89. Adjie says:

    Its really good I like it I friendly with a minions I named first minion Kevin

  90. Kira says:

    I can’t give the minion the banana

  91. Jair breno says:

    Os Minions foram pensados :))))

  92. Idk says:

    How do you upload maps to this website

  93. RaidenCraft_Gear says:

    Hmmm please add mod Medieval like there are guards new mobs new structure ne weapon new villager king and queen

  94. JoyceYT says:


  95. EJC says:

    Oooooooh woops they have a spawn egg!🤣

  96. Minion102 says:

    Best addon EVER

  97. Rowan says:

    Great addon but why only 1 eye minion pls make 2 eye minion and a tall 1 eye minion plsssssss…

  98. Mike says:

    Cool dude bug when I ordered them to do stuff I can see they are just invisible not very far away and a look at json file I dint see anything like breed items mostly very cool add-on

  99. Cyberstoem says:

    Does the mininons regen health?
    How long would it take for a 1 heart minion to fully regen?

  100. Anonymous says:

    Can somewon tell me how to feed it all it ses is stand and sit when I hold an banana

  101. John says:

    I’m happy with the mod but it won’t let me use it for hunting.

  102. SuperLouBlox says:

    Really Cool Addon! But one why is the minions holding swords? Yea I know there zombie pig man but still it’s kinda false advertising because in the pictures the minions aren’t holding swords and also the commands for the minions don’t work for me but overall it’s a pretty cool Addon!

  103. Nathaniel says:

    I have been trying to tame it but nothing happens and I am using bananas but no hearts either

  104. Nathaniel says:

    I have been trying to tame it with banaanas but nothing happens not even hearts. please help someone

  105. Hi says:

    It only uses fishing that’s it plz fix

  106. Paul says:

    10/10 plz Evil Minions

  107. Jack says:

    The textures aren’t working did apply to world

  108. Megan says:

    Not letting me give them things just stands there starring at me

  109. Minecrafers says:

    Hey..Please make more dino addons like tricerotops… 🙂

  110. DJMals1 says:

    I love this addon! I love minions! He even has a sword! And Stampy I have to ask you something why does one of your signs in Stampy’s lovely world say loser?

  111. Alchemist says:

    Do they actually go and do it? Or do they just disappear and come back with the stuff to make you feel good, but don’t actually go and do it.

    • captainfour4 says:

      They just disappear and come back with the stuff to make you feel good, but don’t actually go and do it. It’s because Addons don’t have that possibility yet.

  112. Aquaticchainsaw says:

    Wow this is amazing now while i build a house I could have 1 fishing 1 mining 1 farming and 1 hunting als 1 eating me more wood. 10 stars

  113. Electro says:

    I can only tell it to fish :(. Please fix that. Thanks!

  114. DrewCraftedgon says:

    I love the addon but i notice that iron tools are the things they need pls make them work with other tools and also when giving then the items like axe after chopping the axe dissappear pls fix it

  115. #CoolKid says:

    I only can ask them to go fishing… I’m on 1.0.0 on iPad Air 1

  116. Ikbenmika says:

    I can only let them fish, but still a cool addon!

  117. ProGamerXXX says:

    The best add-on

  118. FuzionBoy says:

    But I love this addon

  119. UltraPlasmaAddonTester says:

    Even though you may not read this. This Addon is perfect and outstanding it helps me a lot in survival this is wonderful that it can give tons of things by just getting a banana and then crafting a tool. how do you do these? But this with this this is really a companion I hope for further updates like storing a chest with them or the babies can do different things but thank you thank you thank you and it is also exactly fit for my gru ‘s house map

  120. Jewel Paws says:

    This is a great mod. Lots of coding went into along with hard work. Good Job Gona. I’m I big fan. Also it’s eyes follow u. But it’s and illusion.

  121. faiz says:

    i really love this add-ons it will be more great if you can give order to minions to make house and can use bow to shoot enemy

  122. Zach says:

    If I give them tools like hoe or axe
    They going anywhere but they disappear

  123. Bleep says:

    I can’t join unless it has fireball

  124. MinerZfOrLife says:

    Woowwww I see a minion but I can’t tame it’s I read the instructions and I did it wouldent word

  125. MinerZfOrLife says:

    It won’t let me take but I can see the minion

  126. Adanthefirst says:

    Good addon only one problem can you make it so that when you try to go to sleep near them it won’t say can’t sleep.

  127. HurricaneAGG says:

    It can only fish!

  128. TheDreadlord says:

    How to make your own addon?

  129. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    This is awesome! How did you get ti to do tasks?

  130. Itsmilkykai says:

    Can you please tell me what you use to make these add ons and texture packs

  131. LuNaLoVe says:

    Wow awsome!!!😆😆👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  132. Bunanater says:

    What animal is the minion?

  133. Pegasus says:

    Dude I love all your dino addons because I’m using all of them in one
    world to make a dino world an now i can make the minons cashiers thanks so much man

  134. Keke says:

    How do you breed it? Is it breedable I love this!!!

  135. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Cool, but I’m not able to tame them on iOS.

  136. Redstonerobot says:

    This is quite possibly one of the most complex and fleshed out add-ons I’ve seen on the site. This is great.

  137. Jaylon says:

    More dino please like ankaylosaur and stego and tricertops pls and i love it but dinos plz

  138. Dc says:

    How do does the minion cut down trees and mine does all it do is fish ?? But besides that 10/10

  139. Waficool says:

    This addon is AWESOME I realy liked it verry useful in survival, not laggy and the act as pets and helper…EVERYTHING

  140. Emma says:

    This is like the little maid mod in Minecraft

  141. Jack says:

    I’m sad,, ;( so many of my minion gone to cut a tree. Mining.. Fishing. Hunting. Digging. But never return.. They Disppeares..

  142. Anonymous says:

    It’s very good but you should make them do missions with all types of tools, not only de iron one…
    And it should also give your tool back with some damage

  143. Daniel says:

    Yay a worker thanks gona and please make more Dino’s and update you Pocket Creatures mod he made that mod I played it in 0.12.0 ver of mcpe

  144. Sasha says:

    The mist useful addon!

  145. Pete says:

    Looks like a great add-on! I will try it when i can. I’m already exited for dipicable me 3. I think the idea sprouted from that.

  146. Nico says:

    Next update plz add evil minions and retexture the carrot on a stick to banana on a stick cuz it makes no sense to combine a banana and a fishing rod to get a carrot on a stick

  147. BlackHoods says:


  148. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    All I can say is YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  149. Popular gamer41 says:

    Cool mod

  150. Stampy says:

    Really good add on

  151. Nathan says:

    I’ve always loved the Minions movie and now their in Minecraft! This add-on perfectly embodies how they would act if they were real! Really good job on this add-on 👏🏽!

  152. DereK says:

    Love your things you’ve made, Gona =)

  153. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    YES!!! 10 out of 10!

  154. THEWARDENDUCK says:

    Its A very helpful companion

  155. GamerGirl22 says:

    It’s not letting me tame it

  156. ProGamerXXX says:

    Omg I wanna try it right now!

  157. Archie says:

    Why can you only ask them to fish. I’m playing on version 1.0.0 on the iPhone 5.

  158. Albert629 says:

    When you walk around it does the eye follow you?

  159. PetertheMinion says:

    Awesome addon ! Very useful 🙂

  160. StarkTMA says:

    Good job dude, That’s a great addon

  161. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    I love it so much! 🙂

  162. BuggyPig says:

    Cool and epic for da next update I want evil minions and Gru

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