Mint & Cola Addon

Do you like Cola? If your answer to that is yes then you have found the perfect add-on for you. This add-on replaces some thingsi n-game withblocks and mobs inspired by Cola. There are Cola Monsters, Mint Armor, Confectioner Villagers, Soda Cans and even the Nether has been replaced by The Mint Dimension!

Creator: Minecrafter_001, YouTube Channel
Updated: 16 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

The Colas and Cola Monster have had their behaviors slightly changed, but except for that everything except for the textures are basically the same.

  • Cola (TNT, Minecart with TNT)
  • Cola Monster (Creeper)
  • Soda Can (Creeper Head)
  • Mint Fire (Fire)
  • Mint (Flint & Steel)
  • Mint Armor (replaces Chain Armor)
    • Mint Fire Resistance
    • 0.15 Speed
  • Confectioner Villager (replaces Fletcher)
    • Trades Mint Armor and other Mint items
  • Mint Block (Gravel)
  • Mint Pieces (Flint)
  • Mint Monster (Blaze)
  • Mint Powder (Blaze Powder)
  • Mint Rod (Blaze Rod)
  • Mint Ball / MintCharge (Fireball / Fire Charge)
  • New particle effect when Cola explodes
  • The Mint Dimension (replaces The Nether)
  • The Mint Dimension (replaces The Nether)
  • Soda Cans (Glass Bottles)
  • Crushed Mint Block (Netherrack)
  • Mint Lava (Lava)
  • Mint Cream (Magma Cream)
  • Magma Block (Hot Mint Block)
  • Mint Brick Block (Nether Brick Block)
  • Mint Brick Fence (Nether Brick Fence)
  • Mint Brick Stairs (Nether Brick Stairs)
  • Mint Brick Slab (Nether Brick Slab)
  • Mint Plant (Nether Wart)
  • Greener Brick Block (Red Nether Brick)
  • Mint Quartz Ore (Nether Quartz Ore)
  • Mint Plant Block (Nether Wart Block)
  • Fresh-Breath Ghast (Ghast)
  • Mint Cube (Magma Cube)
  • Potion Bottles (Magic Soda Cans)

There are lots of cool new features added. For example, the Nether has been changed into The Mint Dimension.

Video Showcase

Terms of Use

By using this addon or any of my creations, you agree to the following terms of use listed here. You should be aware that stealing other people’s content online is a crime. This also happens to addons too.

  • You cannot redistribute or re-publish this addon or any of my creations to any site / place without me being credited, without asking any permission to me, and without the original source where you got this addon ( ).
  • You do not have the right to rename and edit this addon or any of my creations. Then, claim it as yours and upload or share the edited version into your site.
  • You are not allowed to create your own direct download link for your websites, videos, and etc. It must be redirected to the original website of the addon ( ).


  • Impoved some blocks, items and entities’ textures.
  • New pack icon
  • Cola Maker (Brewing Stand)
  • Splash Potions (Soda Bottles)


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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  1. Thundermcpedl says:

    Yo, man, y’know the first thing I think of when I see dis addon? Edd.
    Also, if possible, replace the bow with a cola gallon and make the arrows “high velocity fizzy cola” xD

  2. Me says:

    I’m sorry I just got to work I don’t know if anything you want baby or anything you want to me go to see y’all I love you baby daddy I love you baby thank y’all so I

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. BlueSource says:

    Why it wont download!,i tried mediafire then i download it doesnt work… same as the zip file

  5. Mine Block = Mint Block
    Confestioner Villager = Confectioner Villager

  6. Christopher Ramirez says:

    I can make you a discord server just ask

  7. Yudha says:

    If the cola monster(creeper) got strike by lightning,this add on is still work?

  8. Magistrate says:

    You should add a sugar rush effect (nausea) in the addon behaviour pack. Also make the GUI brown. Good addon

  9. Garry153 says:

    Can someone make a monster hunter add-on from the game monster hunter because I’m making a map and all I need is an addon and by the way I liked this addon

  10. Sovuthereach says:

    First comment omg I love cola

  11. ScaryCherrie6 says:

    Now, that’s a chemical reaction!

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