Minuscule Texture Pack

A 8×8 pack that doesn’t sacrifice detail over simplicity. The blocks may look simplistic yet they have lots of detail! Give it a shot and tell me what you think below! 

Note: it doesn’t have beta support, this is for stability.

Please report any bugs on my discord server!

One of my biggest pet peeves with 8×8 packs is that they focus too much on making it look so simplistic that they end up looking boring and drab. I want to change that , and to do that I made this pack! It has a simplistic yet detailed look to it which makes it very easy on the eyes! I’ve been working on it for quite some time and I will continue to work on it too!

Changelog View more

*tweaked axes since they look too similar to pickaxes

*tweaked ALL leaf textures so they tile better

*tweaked furnace and dispensers

*tweaked bee nest. 

*tweaked sandstone and all variants with 3 new alts!

*tweaked tulips

*tweaked fletcher's table 

*fixed a bug where potions didn't render correctly.

*bug fixes

*added emote icon

*tweaked coarse dirt

*added more ui glyphs

                                     * Nether update*

*added nether update items, blocks, and mobs

*re-textured all weapons, armor, and tools for the final time to go well with netherite

( the old designs are available as a resource on my server )

*tweaked all bricks for the final time

*introduced new low fire ( normal height is available as an alt texture )

*tweaked all sandstone for the final time

*completed paintings

*tweaked stripped logs for the final time

*tweaked lava for the final time

*re-textured glowstone to match the update

*tweaked obsidian, magma, smooth stone ore blocks, chorus plants, and prismarine for the final time

*more gui and ui tweaks

The golden update here! 

To say thank you for 20k downloads I added the special 10 year anniversary textures but in 8x8 resolution! You can find them in the alternatives folder

*overhauled items for the final time!

*overhauled blocks for the final time!  ( I am finally content with their new textures )

*completed villager and zombie villager 

*brand new icons and gui!

*brand new logo!

*finished the paintings!

*updated some screenshots

*Reverted some entity textures to 16x since the low resolution caused them to bug out!

*added a brand new gui! 

*added bee texture

*added bee spawn egg

*added honey bottle texture 

*added honeycomb block and item textures 

*added honey block the texture 

*added beehive texture 

*added bee nest texture 

*made tweaks to all armor 

*added locked map item texture 

*added suspicious stew item texture 

*added wither rose texture 

*added fox egg and entity textures

*added Turtle egg item texture

*helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots textures have been tweaked and now have a darker outline and a new design 

*fixed a bugged stonecutter texture 

*tweaked all brick related blocks

*purpur is now more vibrant 

*tweaked droppers, dispensers, furnace, and old stonecutter textures 

*tweaked smoker and blast furnace ( some textures are still subject to change ,if you have any ideas please tell me in my discord i would appreciate it, thanks )

*added new villager biome textures 

*added new villager level textures 

( the profession textures are still  a WIP )

*villager entity now has vanilla colors

*added new zombie villager textures 

*re-textured melon

*re-textured pumpkin 

*tweaked brewing stand and its base

*reverted glass back to it's old vanilla style ( after much much playtesting I preferred the old style over the current one )

*re-textured ender chest into an iron chest

*re-textured snow ( I FINALLY  found a good enough texture for snow )

*tweaked torch and redstone torch

*re-textured crafting table into a picnic  table 

*re-textured cauldron 

Corrected all inconsistencies  with the textures  ( plank, trapdoor, stripped log, and all door textures have better blended colors )

*re-textured rabbit stew

*added beetroot  soup texture

*re-textured spider eyes and fermented spider eye

*Diamond ore and blocks have a much better color now

*re-textured nether bricks

*re_textured magma cream

Packed ice and blue ice have a new texture! ( I was playtesting  and I didn't like the current ones)

The entities update is here! Here's what changed!

*scaled (almost) all entities down to 8x8,  villagers, zombie villager, and pandas still need work ( scaling down textures is quite challenging! )

Also changed : prismarine bricks, and all armor are back to their 8x8 glory!

Colored glass has been reverted back to their old textures since the community didn't like them.

That's it for now and if you'll excuse me I REALLY need a break. 

Re-worked quarts textures 

Re-worked prismarine textures 

Updated screenshots 

As usual please leave your feedback in my discord, thank you

The terracotta update finally finds it's way over here!

*re-textured all glazed terracotta blocks! 

*updated grass side texture to make it look like the vanilla texture!

*re-colored dirt and its variants!

*tweaked podzol 

*added experimental pack icon

Tweaked colored glass and gave them a frame 

( this is a design choice since i want the frames to blend in with all stone related textures )

Tweaked normal glass

Re-textured trapped chests into festive chests


New features :

Re-textured crops

Re-textured obsidian

Re-textured redstone lamp

Re-textured glowstone

Re-textured all the village and pillage blocks ( except for few )

Re-textured all brick textures 

*overhauled most of the item textures

*re-textured all potions

*re-textured all tipped arrows

*added a simpler gui 

*added more screenshots

As always leave your review on the page or join my discord, i could really appreciate the help! 

Thank you for 10k downloads! I really like the support i've gotten from the community :`) with that being said here's what's new

*tweaked sandstone and red sandstone textures ( the new textures they have are now permanent )

*added pillager banner texture

*added the remaining bamboo textures

*added pistonarm textures

*added end crystal item texture

*added armor stand item texture

*re-textured ghast 

*tweaked andesite, diorite, and granite textures along with their smooth textures.

*added water flow and water still grey textures.

*Added new illager textures! ( evoker, vindicator, and pillager! )

*Added new witch texture!

*added new villager texture

*added new zombie villager texture

*Re-textured diamond, ruby, and emerald for the umpteenth time! ( hopefully this becomes the permanent texture )

*Tweaked birch and acacia

Re-textured skeleton, wither, and stray

Re-textured blaze

Re-textured purpur block and purpur pillar 

Re-textured totem

Re-textured snow

*added more ui changes

*re-colored gold and diamond tools *re-colored gold ingot and nugget *re-colored diamond *added kelp and seagrass textures! *re-textured zombie, husk, and drowned *re-textured spider and cave spider *re-textured elytra and elytra item textures *added campfire log and fire textures *re-textured creeper

*new inventory icons!

*tweaked sandstone and red sandstone 

*re-colored diamond armor to make it more blue

*tweaked diamond, iron, gold, wood, and stone, axe and hoe textures ( they actually look like axes and hoes now )

*redesigned iron armor item textures

*redesigned golden armor item textures

*redesigned chainmail item textures

*redesigned leather armor item textures.

Re-textured iron and gold ingot

Re-colored iron and gold nugget

Re-textured paper and maps

Re-colored sand and sandstone variants

Re-textured leaves ( birch and and acacia have the remixed old default design, jungle will remain unchanged)

Added a new color for birch leaves

Removed the tiny font ( it was experimental )

*new crafting table texture!

*new bucket texture!

*new water bucket texture!

*new lava bucket texture!

*added new tipped arrow textures!

*re-textured arrow item

*new compass texture! (Hopefully its not bugged)

*re-textured diorite, andesite, and granite to better match the stone and ore textures

*re-textured netherrack and quartz ore 

*re-textured the brown and red mushrooms with the slightly altered old vanilla versions

*added wet farmland texture and replaced its placeholder

*fixed that buggy brewing stand texture

*slight ui changes (new exp bar textures)

*added in our brand new logo! Yay! (The old one was a place holder)

As usual report any bugs you see in my discord!

Updated the pack icon!

Re-textured stone items

Re-textured wood items

Re-textured iron items

Re-textured gold items

Re-textured diamond items ( since the resolution is 8x8 I made the items and weapons easier to identify so you don't get mixed up!)

Added dragons breath texture

Added wither potion texture

Replaced the iron and gold nugget's textures with the current vanilla ones

Re-textured diamond, emerald, and ruby 

Added discord link to report any bugs you might encounter.

Changed my username in the manifest.Jason to my current one

re-textured sweet berries

added cod spawn egg texture

added clownfish spawn egg texture

added cat spawn egg texture

added agent spawn egg texture

added turtle spawn egg texture

added pillager spawn egg texture

added ravager spawn egg texture

added trader spawn egg texture

added fish spawn egg texture

added pufferfish spawn egg texture

added salmon spawn egg texture

added phantom spawn egg texture

added mask spawn egg texture

added drowned spawn egg texture

added dolphin spawn egg texture

added elder guardian spawn egg texture

added npc spawn egg texture

Updated blocks.json to the current update , this keeps it from crashing the game.

Changed leaves textures to match each other

Changed quartz textures to white


.mcpack is provided for all platforms


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9



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46 Responses

4.65 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Dark NUKE says:

    Está textura es muy ????, pero algo falta el ui y las partículas de nether

  2. Rustcarton90290 says:

    this looks so cute! 🙂 I cannot wait until the caves and cliffs update, then what will this texture pack look like on the new blocks!

  3. Ivy.The.Gamer says:

    Great pack! Kinda gives off an 8-bit vibe

  4. jonathan33246 says:

    images: 1.16
    version that is needed: 1.10
    that’s so bruh

  5. TheBlueCoder09 says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks so cool. I can’t wait to try it out

  6. AntoxsLT483 says:

    Very good textures, but it would be nice to have the command block textured and some missing potions missing to texturize and texturize the bee egg. <3

  7. Guest-7364559330 says:

    This texture pack is so beautiful!

  8. Maxil89 says:

    Esto es PERFECTO!!!!!!

  9. Guest-5279153468 says:

    no doubt what the perfect pack would do is a background for the home screen and nothing else, very good texture and I hope you take me into account

  10. Safa says:

    hey! I really love this (i use it on the latest windows 10 edition) but could you please tell me what shaders you’ve used in the sample images because I’d love to put some shaders on this! thank you and great work 🙂

  11. OOoOOoOOooOoOoooOoOO says:

    Only some of the blocks work ( im on xbox )

  12. OoooooooOOOOoOOOOo says:

    Ive downloaded it but only some of the blocks work (im on xbox)

  13. Ejo says:

    I love this! It looks really cute, also I like how u made nether rack a brighter red so the nether is less ugly ^^

  14. Cupley101 says:

    My friend has the texture pack and thinks it is awesome!! But when I got it it was very different and had different health and hunger bars (in her hunger and heath bar it had apples and hearts). Also, some of the items are different too. Could you please tell me how to get my friends version.

    • Hello, the version with the apples and hearts is an older version of the pack, I’m always updating the pack to make it look better than the last version and get the feel just right. The reason why it has the icons it has now is because i want i actually preferred the simple hearts over the other ones.

  15. Linkthehero1234 says:

    It says failed to import for me

  16. Immortal Phoenix says:

    This texture pack is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  17. No says:

    This is one of the few 8×8 texture packs that look decent! Great job!

  18. Runny says:

    Low poly minecraft for ya!

  19. TheBlackMinecraft says:

    Illager banner is still default texture…. But it’s a very cool texture pack!

  20. khairiiazwar says:

    If it has 1.14 support then i will give it 5 stars. but for now, it doesn’t even worth it.

  21. hamstermangolem says:

    loved it was amazing I even had less lag but the only thing is that I can’t read the font sometimes but that’s all

  22. Jburrow01 says:

    Amazing pack man! I made a review for this on my channel!

  23. Loyd5X says:

    Please fix it so it works with Win10 and 1.14

  24. @DeskMC yes it is! Feels free to report any bugs to me!

  25. DeskMC says:

    Is it compatible with 1.11?

  26. Stavinair says:

    Absolutely love these kinda packs

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