Mipmap Remover / Animation Fixer

Ever tried to use an HD resource pack, only to see that animated blocks seem to just top animating a few blocks in front of you? Well no more with this pack.

How to use:
Simply download Mipmap Remover and apply the pack above all other packs you are using.

This will even work with marketplace packs, as pictured above.

This pack will not override any textures, and the pack will behave normally, other than having no more mipmapping.

A Note:
Mapping is a game development technique used to blur textures in the distance to make things appear clearer and cleaner, much like how our eyes blur things in the distance. Applying this pack will cause distant blocks to appear grainy. This is a tradeoff for the animations working at any distance, and cannot be fixed unless Mojang fixes mipmapping in animations.


Download the pack from the link provided

Double click/tap on "Mipmap patch.mcpack"

The game will handle the rest.


Supported Minecraft versions



128x 16x 256x 32x 512x 512x 64x 8x Shaders

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13 Responses

4.33 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. LandonDaGoat394 says:

    Is This A Mini Map???

  2. AreUserNamesEdible says:

    LOVE THIS!! So useful when making HD resource packs without that annoying blur effect

  3. ShadowBolt says:

    Can I use this for my personal game?

  4. CallMeSasuke79 says:

    Try to off “Anti-aliasing” in your settings the lines will be gone?

  5. defaultgamer592 says:

    This works great! no bugs. i have a texture pack and it has high resolution ores which were blurry in the distance and this fixed it, tysm!

  6. amxicar says:

    It works for Flipnote animations such as Waving Plants but it brings up a new problem. A small white line pops up for many blocks such as Sand and Stone, any way to fix?

    • CallMeSasuke79 says:

      Guys i have a suggestion if you are going to use this pack and when you go to your world the grass block is having a thin line, what are you going to do is your going to off “Text Anti-aliasing” in your minecraft settings after you disabled it go to your worlds and see what happen thank me later if its working?

    • Gamershy says:

      The lines appear for me, I noticed they either faded or outright vanished when messing with anti-aliasing settings. I’d suggest tweaking the settings a bit, and if that doesn’t work, try downloading one of the many “fps client” packs on this site to unlock other options, and tweak those.

  7. Doesn’t seem to work at all. Animations still stay static after a certain distance.

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