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Published on March 26, 2017 (Updated on March 28, 2017)

Missile Wars PE [Minigame] (Only 1.0.5+!)

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Hello, the map is great. Just add a reset button.
Doesn’t download on IPad os
Gold team shield cloning code wrong
You got cloning code wrong for gold team falcon
Also in other command blocks polar_bear and egg (incorrectly spelled as thrownegg not egg.) the gold shield wall I fixed with the correct spelling as egg. I’m still working on the falcon, but hopefully you can fix it.
Polar bear is spelled wrong in the command block that tests for the polar bear it’s supposed to be polar_bear, not polarbear. So, the gold team’s falcon will not spawn.
Umm, Hi ProGamer I Would Love To Talk To You Privately. (It About The Map) So Is There Anyway I Could Do That?
Do you want my improved version for you to work on?
KobeYashi here's the link to my missile design requests
thanks for your missile submittion! you will get your credits once ive created the update. but i think its gonna take a while :D
Thank you so much! I have no problem with regards to the time but Im very grateful for contributing to this map :D I also appreciate the effort put into the map itself
Guest-8481469675 May 01, 2020 at 6:52 pm
Hello Kobe gosh I I’m playing ur game but It’s not giving me the spawn eggs or anything do you know of a way to fix this
KobeYashi I am informing you that I have spent a lot of time changing this map and I have improved it if you would like to look at the map I created and put in some signs to say that you created it as I got rid of them then you can post it as an updated version because I am not going to take someone's work and claim it my own (how do I change it into a file to send to you?)
KobeYashi, do you accept requests for missiles? I'd like to show you my missile designs as well as that slime block unicorn that appears after one of the teams win. Please respond
I love this map however could you please make a reset button so you can play more than one game (could you also put a spot in the missile garage where you can make a custom missile) I really like this game and can't wait for updates!?
Great game but could there be a reset button added next
KobeYashi, do you still accept requests? I'm planning on uploading a world file containing my missile designs. I'd appreciate your response
I feel like there is only a little diversity of the missiles but I enjoyed it nonetheless