MissileCraft Mod

MissileCraft adds five missiles to the game. The missiles can be used to target specific locations and bomb them. It’s the perfect weapon for mass destruction and should be used with extreme caution.

The five different missiles will cause different amounts of destruction but each of them is considered extremely dangerous and will act with high precision.

Creator: Andr3w246

How does it work?

Place down a platform base with the use of the Missile Platform Maker (item id list found further down). Then place a missile on top of the platform.


Next you will need the Position Definer to define two positions. Tap on the platform object to define the first position and then tap on a block in the area which you want to bomb.

In our example we went down to the little house you can see on the image and tapped on one of the blocks.


Get back to the missile platform and use an empty hand (important!) to to tap on the red button next to the platform to activate the missile.

The missile will launch up into the air.


After 5 seconds or so it will drop from the sky in the direction of which you have selected.


The entire house and much more was destroyed. As you can see it’s a quite effective way of destroying things.


Item/Block IDs

Neither of the items or blocks can be crafted but you can still get them easily through the creative inventory or the Too Many Items mod.

  • Position Definer (500)
  • Missile Platform Maker (501)
  • Conventional Missile (28)
  • Breaching Missile (29)
  • Nuclear Missile (33)
  • Thermobaric Missile (34)
  • Ender Missile (36)


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25 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Luke Boyette says:

    Can I have a .mcaddon please?

  2. Piley says:


  3. Piley says:

    Dropbox is rubbish

  4. eric says:

    will it ever be on pc

  5. McMakers says:

    The mod is not working

  6. Sean says:

    I don’t think this works anymore. It says can’t find the texture pack

  7. King Foxclaw says:

    I tried downloading it but it sent me to dropbox with a .js file and the guide says nothing about .js files so please help me

  8. Dont ask says:

    Why is the mod not working any more

  9. Jack says:

    This is epic

  10. ilman says:

    If this mod support 0.13.0

  11. Connorman603 says:

    This crashes my game.

  12. Jack says:

    Its a great mod but its a cpu killer when it comes to broken blocks. The sheer number of stone, wood, dirt ,etc blocks that are now floating around after an explosion makes my frames drop considerably. If there was a way the missiles could actually destroy some or most of the blocks,instead of just breaking them, would greatly improve the mod.

  13. Miccah says:

    I’m so glad that somebody finally went through the effort of making a missile mod for pe.
    I tried to make a missile mod myself but couldn’t get the it to load. Thx for making this mod.

  14. Maartin says:

    pretty nice mod dude

  15. brady says:

    it’s awesome there’s no texture needed but there’s a problem with the missiles the diamond tip is stronger than the nuke the nuke is supposed to be strong

  16. Lorenz says:

    You forget the download link

  17. ilman says:

    I know how to install the mod but how to download it

  18. ilman says:

    How to download?

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