Mlg Water Bucket Practice

Do you want to be Perfect in Mlg Water Bucket and Avoid all the Deaths when you are Falling from a Height in your Survival or in Skywars, Bedwars, Death Swap. Then Download this Map and Practice it.

Watch the Trailer Here:

Mlg Water Bucket Practice Trailer – Click Here

Introduction :-

“Mlg Water” is when you are Falling and you place water just before you land, to prevent fall damage. This can be Helpful in PVP servers, UHC’s and when you are falling from Some Heights.

About this Map :-

This is an Adventure map Inspired from Java Edition by ExelsioHD. This Map is Called  ‘MLG Water Bucket Practice’ because you are falling from Different Levels and fall on the Floor by Placing a Water Bucket.

This map has Different Heights from which you can Jump off the Platforms and Land with a Water Bucket by Spam clicking or Just Clicking at the Right Moment. 

Different Heights:-

10 Blocks  – Extreme Easy                                              20 Blocks – Very Easy                                                    30 Blocks – Semi Easy                                                  40 Blocks – Easy                                                              50 Blocks – Semi Medium                                              60 Blocks – Medium                                                        70 Blocks – Semi Hard                                                    80 Blocks – Hard                                                              90 Blocks – Very Hard                                                  100 Blocks – Extreme Hard                                           256 Blocks – Impossible Hard ( But Possible )

This Map is Multiplayer Friendly !

Just try it Out, it is Fun and I Hope you will be Perfect in Mlg Water after this Practice.

Good Luck!

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How to Download

1. Click the link below.

2. Click Allow and skip the Ad after 5 Seconds.

3. In the Dropbox website, click Continue to the Website.

4. Click Direct Download under Download button and import it to minecraft. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Fandi Mobile says:

    I do 6x 256 blocks mlg in a row wdym?

  2. Fandi Mobile says:

    Nice work

  3. Zelochnessjamie says:

    Dude, the second adfly part makes you turn on notifications, I got spammed with virus notifications and i had to rush to the site settings to disable notifications

  4. MinerKid85 says:

    Good Job. I Like how you make it go ten blocks up. Idk how, but I somehow got the 256 on 1st try . Its Good Practice

  5. ItsEliPlayzYT says:

    To Be Honest I Already Know How TO Mlg Bucket But I Still Need To Practice

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