Mo’ Blocks! Update 1.2!

YOLO! Its me again. Been a while since i posted something on So I present you an addon that I am sure all the builders out there will very much enjoy!

Ladies and Gentlemen I present you, Mo’ Blocks!

The addon that adds more blocks specifically meant for building to the game!

Now since this addon adds a LOT of new blocks I have divided them into 4 sections:

  • The Construction Section!
  • The Nature Section!
  • The Nether Section!
  • The Minerals Section!

Okay! Lets start with the Nature Section!

Polished Andesite Bricks

The textures of this block was taken from Xisumavoid’s Vanilla Tweaks!

Polished Granite Bricks!

Granite Bricks!

Polished Diorite Bricks!

Diorite Bricks!

Dirt Bricks!

Full Grass!

Grass Bricks!

Cobblestone Bricks!

Polished Cobblestone!

Polished Cobblestone Bricks!

Ice Bricks!

Blue Ice Bricks!

Packed Ice Bricks!

Snow Bricks!

Sandy Cobblestone! 

Red Sandy Cobblestone! 

Sandy Bricks! 

Red Sandy Bricks! 

Gravel Bricks! 

And That ends off the Nature Section!

Time to get into my favorite, Nether Section!

Obsidian Bricks!

Crying Obsidian Bricks!

Polished Basalt Bricks!

Basalt Bricks!

Magma Bricks!

Soul Bricks!

Nether Wart Bricks!

Warped Wart Bricks!

Crimson Nylium Bricks! 

Warped Nylium Bricks! 

And that ends off the Nether Section!

Now lets get into the Minerals Section!

Polished Emerald!

Emerald Bricks!

Gold Bricks!

Iron Bricks!

Diamond Bricks!

Ruby Block! 

Polished Ruby Block! 

Ruby Bricks! 

Sapphire Block! 

Polished Sapphire Block! 

Sapphire Bricks! 

Amethyst Block! NEW!

Polished Amethyst Brick! NEW!

Amethyst Bricks! NEW!

The Construction Section!

Crates! NEW!

Colorful Planks! NEW!

Colorful Bricks! NEW!

Smooth Planks! NEW!

Smooth Colorful Planks! NEW!

And of course, a group photo 😀

Before I end off this addon I should probably mention that you can currently only get these blocks through commands, Just type in chat “/give @p after the “bridge:” ,All the new blocks should come as suggestions! You can press tab to cycle through all the blocks! There has been many complaints that the addon isnt working. The addon IS working. I just didnt add the directions to actually get the blocks. And I apologize for the inconsistencies that you guys have faced 🙁 . 

And that is the entire Addon! Hope you enjoy it! If you want to make a showcase video of this addon, make sure to credit me in your video!


Anyways! Imma head out. Stay at home, Stay Safe and Keep that mask on! Goodbye!

Changelog View more

Added Construction Section!

Added Crates with different colors

Added Smooth Planks

Added Colored Bricks

Added Smooth Colored Planks

Changed Featured Image

Added Amethyst Block

Added Amethyst Polished Block

Added Amethyst Bricks

Added Netherite Bricks

Hope you enjoy this addon :D

Added instruction for actually getting the blocks in this addon. 

(Again I apologize for the inconsistencies :( )

Renamed Metals Section to Minerals Section.

Added Sandy Cobblestone

Added Red Sandy Cobblestone

Added Sandy Bricks

Added Red Sandy Bricks

Added Gravel Bricks

Added Crimson Nylium Bricks

Added Warped Nylium Bricks

Added Ruby Block

Added Polished Ruby Block

Added Ruby Bricks

Added Sapphire Block

Added Polished Sapphire Block

Added Sapphire Bricks

Changed Featured Image

Changed Group Photo

Bug Fixed which added only 3 blocks to the game.

Added linkvertise download link.


Supported Minecraft versions


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39 Responses

4.8 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. AwesomeGamer82472 says:

    Do you think in the future there would be a way to get the blocks in survival? Like crafting or natural generation?

  2. It didn’t work for me 🙁

  3. campbebj says:

    Can this be changed to be set from a stonecutter?

  4. Hey Great Addon! I Would Love To Use These In One Of My Maps Im Working On Could I Get Permission To Use This? I Will Give Credit!

  5. hozan says:

    Cool Update but i reeeealy want a crafting recipe for any block but anyways good for creative

  6. xXWolfieNekooXx says:

    do like texture packs like sphax have effect like the cobblestone bricks use part of the cobblestone sphax texture or the full grass blocks use the grass top texture

  7. GibbsX says:

    Nice addon but the sand textures need a lil improvement

  8. Mo’ Blocks is bout to get its first update! Stay Tuned!

  9. eluxumm says:

    You should add a more stairs pack!

  10. hozan says:

    can you get the blocks in survival if no pleas make a crafting recipe for that

  11. Ace arjun says:

    I can’t get any blocks I added the behaviour and resource packs and I turned on experimental I can’t get anything unless there’s a special way to craft please help

    • Hmmm….. See, the problem you have just mentioned has already been fixed. So maybe there is a problem with ur mc?

      • campbebj says:

        Hey, im still having the same issue. you dont have any directions about what game modes are required. but i tried survival and creative, as well as experimental and non. but i still cant see the blocks. is there anything i need to do other than activate the addons. i created a brand new world with the add-ons active just to test this.

  12. Ftere says:

    Just so, to say, but I think diamond and emerald are gems/minerals, not metals

  13. Vishal Gupta says:

    can you make the ruby ore and ruby block and ruby brick and ruby item

  14. BlueIcezen_012 says:

    I can’t get the other blocks why???

  15. Neonbiome19 says:

    What’s this, terraria or something

    Btw great addon

  16. Miss Kitty says:

    This is amazing! I have always wanted diamond bricks. Could you make stairs too? 🙂

  17. Wow I love the textures thrse blocks have! They look very clean. Keep up the good work 🙂

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