Mo’ Crafting Add-on

A simple behavior pack that adds more crafting recipes for vanilla items, you can craft saddles, elytras, totem of undyings, ect. Feel free to comment if there should be more recipes added.

Mo’ Crafting is a simple behavior pack that adds more crafting recipes for vanilla items. Here are all the items you can craft so far: tridents, totems of undying, saddles, elytras and all the horse armors. All the recipes will be here:

This Is Also My First Behavior Pack I Made.

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Added 3 New Recipies In Version 1.1 BEEP BOOP BEEP BOOP

Idk it just said NEW UPDATE now i have to type 10 words here

Version 1.0 There Are 8 Custom Recipies in Version 1.0


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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21 Responses

4.17 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. I think this addon is almost the same as my addon ( but with a different recipe

  2. Guest-5956460681 says:

    This is pretty cool! But I think you should make it so the crafting recipe for the trident has 3 quartz instead of 3 diamonds, also could you please add a crafting recipe for chain armor?

  3. Guest-3859295255 says:

    TROY why did you call a poor little guest’s ancestors GAY? STOP IT IF I WAS AN ADMIN I WOULD BAN YOU FOR CALLING HIM “LITTLE SH!T” AND CALLING HIS ANCESTORS “GAY!” this is ridiculous, so JUST. STOP. NOW!

  4. Guest-3878928074 says:

    Great mod. But is it possible to add dolphin summoning egg craft?
    (I apologize for English. I’m just from Russia)

  5. Guest-9800068135 says:

    does it need experimental gameplay?

  6. Guest-5820899645 says:

    This Addon is Great

  7. Guest-5566581287 says:

    zip is no valid :/

  8. Guest-9048382726 says:

    The Leather Horse Armor has already a craft with 6 leather

    • TroyMod says:

      Yes i know that, but i want the leather horse armor to fit in with all the other crafting recipies for the other horse armor. (I Hope that makes sense, sorry for the late response)

  9. Guest-1469353083 says:

    Can you craft enchanted golden apples?

  10. Guest-8417868485 says:

    not work anymore

  11. BlackDiamond994 says:

    i like it but i think totem is to easy to make

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