Published on October 06, 2022 (Updated on October 05, 2022)

Mo' Creatures

Mo'creatures is a Java mod created by DrZhark, this add-on is an recreation of the java mod, this addon brings 57 new creatures (in the future there will be many more). 

To clarify as it says in the post, the creation of this new page is due to the fact that the member who uploaded the addon to his page is no longer in the team and we have no way to update the add-on on that page. So that's why we have created this new account and page for the add-on

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  • Fixed some mobs id and items id (Now matches Java).
  • Fixed the path of the textures (Now matches Java).
  • Fixed Minigolem, silver skeleton.
  • The leoger is no longer invisible.
  • Now the scorpion armor grants the respective potion effects.
  • The kitty bed is now a item instead of a spawn egg.
  • Some spawn rules for mobs are fixed.
  • Boar remodel (Now matches Java).
  • Rat remodel (Now matches Java).
  • Translations for every item (Now matches Java).
  • Wraith animations (Now matches Java).
  • Kitty is now fixed
  • Kitty bed model now is fixed
  • Turtles model no longer mixes with the vanilla one

Not all the bugs are fixed so expect bugs... we will fix those on more updates 



  • Ogre and Wyvern blocks added.
  • Mini animations for Silver skeletons and Ogre (Now matches Java).
  • More sounds for the wraith and the Bears


  • Added Green ogre.
  • Added bugs like Fly, Fireflies, ants and the Maggot.
  • Added Ducks.


  • Added haystack.
  • Added Heart of fire.
  • Added Music disc shuffle (doesnt work for now, use "/playsound record.shuffle" Instead).
  • Added horse armor crystal (doesnt have any use for now).


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Wow this is amazing! By the way how do i get the bunny on my head??
Cuando van lo van actualizar completo... Es un mods increíble... Recuerdo que cuando era niño fue mi primer mods
Can you make the turkeys able to breed?
please add werewolf big golem fishes crabs dolphins snakes snails butterflies and horse have haystack in the addon
Please add the Werewolf
add horses please and all the fairy horses
This comment has been removed
Add manta ray pls?
you alwys make the best mods
Son los 3 links????
Wow un clásico de los mods de Minecraft, excelente complemento