Mo’Dungeons is an add-on that adds new dungeons into the game, it will be a growing mod overtime and will feature new weapons, armor, entities and of course dungeons. v1.0.0

ff anMo’Dungeons is a growing mod that currently features 3 new dungeons. (tested platforms: Windows 10) 

1. soul dungeon

2. slime dungeon

3. underground grove (more a grove and less a dungeon)

Each of the new dungeons can spawn in the overworld, for spawning layers please reference to below.

1. soul dungeon 

Y 4 – 40

2. slime dungeon 

Y 10 – 55

3. underground grove

Y 7 – 37

(screenshot of dungeons)

Far left is soul dungeon, middle is underground grove and far right is slime dungeon

soul dungeon

The soul Dungeon is a new hard mode mini strnghold, the block “soulstone” can not be mined therefor you can’t mine inside it, except for the gate which is resembled by a soulstone block with a key on it.

(soulstone key block)

Once inside the dungeon you will have enemies to fight, there will be chest scattered throughout the dungeon with loot inside. (I’ll leave you to discover the inside layout 😉 )

slime dungeon

Slime dungeon is very self explanatory, it’s a dungeon for SLIMES :D. From this dungeon you can acquire honey, honey comb and slime blocks. The slime dungeon’s inhabitants are Slimes and Magma cubes.

Underground grove

The underground grove is simply a grove that’s underground, there is a small tree with a small river as well as a few shroomlight blocks to light up the room. This is less of a dungeon and more of a added feature to the add-on.

New content starting 21st October 2020

So, finally I reached the next update for the Mo’Dungeons Addon and I am happy to say we have FLOATING ISLANDS and a new STRONGHOLD., this is a big step forward for this Addon and I hope you all enjoy it!

Sky Temple

Sky Island

Soul Stronghold

Sky Temples and Sky islands are very self explanatory, they are islands which are in the sky! They are very easy to spot and have some decent loot to be found on them, as well as being a good vantage point to see across the world! But be aware, they are not safe all the time. c;

Sky Island

Sky Temple

Soul Stonghold

The soul Stronghold is still a WIP build, but has a somewhat stable version that can be used for this update. The Soul Stronghold uses the same premises as the Soul Dungeon in which you can’t mine your way inside of it, instead you have to find the door represented by the soulstone with a red key symbol on it.

The Soul Stronghold also features lots of monster spawners and very good loot within it, so be sure to bring some decent armor because you’ll need it! 

The Soul Stronghold spawns from Y30 and below

As is custom with the Soul dungeon line up, I will let YOU discover the inside for yourself

(their is a hidden chest in the stronghold, try and find it for a small challenge) hint: it’s near iron bars. c;

If anyone comes across any issues with the Soul Stronghold, then feel free to contact me, this is a WIP Dungeon and is not finished; I still have big plans for it.

This Addon uses Feature Rule Generator (FRG) to export and load the dungeons, I highly recommend going and supporting Machine Builder for creating such a great tool! (Youtube) (FRG) (My Twitter)

Changelog View more

Added Sky Islands

Added Sky Temples

Added Soul Stronghold (WIP)


Go to my website, follow the link called Mo'Dungeons Adfly Link, then download from mediafire once finished with Adfly and then it should automatically install. If it doesn't? then double click on the .mcaddon and it should import it into Minecraft. c:


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Herogamer340 says:

    Can you tell me how to upload a mcworld in mediafire because when I uploaded it with the end of .mcworld and uploaded it it downloaded the zip

  2. I have a question about the structures. How do you link a chest with a loot table?

  3. Kronou says:

    I really love your addon, my personal favorite is the soul dungeon, but I found it very difficult to find them, could you do something to make them more easy to spot on the surface or something? Overall very good addon, keep the good work! 🙂

    • Salvo says:

      The spawn chances are fairly low, I’ll probably raise them. The souldungeon actually only has a 0.05% chance to spawn per chunk, mainly because it’s possible to get netherite from the chests. Thanks for the kind words too, I appreciate it.. 🙂

  4. Chad Man says:

    Thanks for at least giving credit to machine builder, many others have used his code without credit
    Also I really like the grove cave and the soul cave this is nice

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