Mo’Axes Mod

The Mo’Axes Mod adds five magical axes to the weapons arsenal. Four of the five axes are considerably more powerful than any of the default axes in Minecraft PE. The fifth axe can only be used for teleporting and no damage can be dealt with it.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


Flam’in Axe: Sets mobs on fire and deals 7 attack damage. You will literally fry the animal while killing it. So if you kill a pig you will get cooked porkchop.

Ic’in Axe: Deals 7 attack damage.

Explod’in Axe: Makes an explosion at wherever you hit.

BETTY: It’s the most powerful axe which deals 50 attack damage and sets the mob on fire.

Teleport’in Axe: It’s not really a weapon since all it does is that it teleport you wherever you point and tap to use it.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Flam’in Axe (493) – 3 flint & steel + 2 sticks
  • Ic’in Axe (494) – 3 snowballs + 2 sticks
  • Explod’in Axe (495) 3 TNTs + 2 sticks
  • BETTY (497) – 3 diamond axes + 2 sticks
  • Teleport’in Axe (496) – 2 iron ingots + 1 compass + 2 sticks



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  1. Minecraft lover says:

    plz add this to windows ten too plz

  2. Nathan says:

    Minecraft is THE Best game everrrrrrr!!!!!!

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