Mob and Entity Counter (No Command Block Needed)

A useful tool (specially for technical minecraft players) that will help them constantly monitor the amount of entities and mobs that exist in their worlds without using command blocks unlike other Mob Counter addons that exist out there.

This Mobs and Entity counter has different modes which the player could choose depending on the situation or their preferences. No command blocks needed.


Mob Count – (/function mobcount) Allows the player to monitor the amount of mobs exclusively. This includes Creepers, Pigs, Bees, Bats, and pretty any entity that possesses an AI functionality

Entity Counter – (/function entitycount) Allows the player to count all the entities that exist in the world exclusively. This includes Projectiles, Vehicles like Boats, Armor stands, and pretty much anything that has no AI.

All Mobs and Entities Counter – (/function allcount) Allows the player to count all mobs and entities simultaneously in one single interface.

All Commands:

/function mobcount – Counts all mobs

/function entitycount – Counts all Entities

/function allcount – Counts both Mobs and Entities

/function help – just incase you forgot all the commands, this will help you ingame

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- Now uses tick.json instead of animation controllers. This makes it compatible to other add-ons that might be using player animation controllers. Now you don't have to put it on top of every add-ons in your world.


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