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Published on March 25, 2015 (Updated on March 25, 2015)

Mob Capsules

Both hostile and friendly mobs can be hard to control sometimes. Maybe you are trying to put your cows in a fenced pasture at your farm, or maybe you are trying to capture some zombies lurking near your house? If you have experienced anything similar to that then the Mob Capsules mod definitely can come handy.

Basically the mod implements an item which lets you capsule a mob in the item. You can then use the item anywhere your like to spawn the mob again.

Creator: UltraPeachMC

How to capture a mob?

To capture an animal you will first need to craft an empty Mob Capsule with 2 diamonds, 2 gold ingots, 2 iron ingots, 2 glass planes and 1 redstone.

Then tap on a cow or any other mob with the Mob Capsule to capture it.

As you capture an animal your empty Mob Capsule will be replaced with e.g. a Mob Capsule [Cow]. You can then use that capsule by tapping on the ground to spawn the captured animal. When you spawn the captured animal you'll get an empty capsule back.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Mob Capsule [Empty] (453) - 2 diamonds + 2 gold ingots + 2 iron ingots + 2 glass panes + 1 redstone
  • Mob Capsule [Chicken] (454)
  • Mob Capsule [Cow] (455)
  • Mob Capsule [Pig] (456)
  • Mob Capsule [Moosh-Room] (460)
  • Mob Capsule [Zombie] (461)
  • Mob Capsule [Creeper] (462)
  • Mob Capsule [Skeleton] (463)
  • Mob Capsule [Spider] (464)
  • Mob Capsule [Pig-Man] (465)
  • Mob Capsule [Slime] (466)
  • Mob Capsule [Enderman] (467)
  • Mob Capsule [Silverfish] (468)
  • Mob Capsule [Sheep] (469)
  • Mob Capsule [Wolf] (470)
  • Mob Capsule [Villager] (471)

Installation Guides

it doesn't work for me ethier
It keeps saying that this site is banned! Can someone plz help me? I would really like to download this addon
I can't download!
I'm trying to make a farm with all the types of rabbits but i can't get a desert rabbit because the nearest desert is to far away. I thought this addon would be really great but it won't let me download!
Would his attacks be savage comebacks
Then again Jeff could of hacked it or he did nothing but make to many mods it’s #savagejeff
It breaks my computer
Hi it’s moosecraft here i Pokémon not working
It's like Pokémon yay!
Can i catch jeff
Dodaj it work on 0.14x?
Should work fine.
Cant download.
:( it just says error 429. It said something about trafficing. Please help cause i really need it
The creator is working on a solution I think.
Minecraft PE Mod Mob Capsules
Why does this not work?? I saved it to my Dropbox but it doesn't seem to work... What am I doing wrong??
Try this guide:
Do you guys know if it works on modded mobs? Please because I might do a modded survival soon and I want to see if It works before I download.
No, it only works on vanilla Minecraft PE mobs.
Download not working :(
So sorry about that. I fixed it now.
Can u update it so it can be on Windows 10
No you did not it still does not work.