Mob Masks Add-on (1.13+)

This add-on adds new mobs masks to your game! There are 30 new attachable and craftable masks that you can make on your survival and have fun. These masks are crafted with ink dyes. You will see on this page all the crafting recipes from mob masks! Use /function mob_masks to get every mask at once.

Creator: Team Infinite Minds (Twitter Account), Jean Lucas (Twitter Account)

How does it work?

To make any mob mask, you need the empty mask. With the empty mask you will use dye variations of the mob colors to “paint” the empty mask using the crafting table, and create your mob mask. For example, to make a creeper mask, you will need green and black dye. These are the creeper colors!

How to use?

Android: To equip a mask on Android, click and hold the screen with the mask in hand.

Windows 10: To equip a mask on Windows 10, click and hold the right mouse button with the mask in hand.

To remove the mask from the player slot, simply remove it from the slot as you do with the armor.

Warning: A known bug might break this add-on for some Mobile devices.

Crafting Recipes

Empty Mask

Arctic Fox Mask

Blaze Mask

Brown Mooshroom Mask

Cave Spider Mask

Chicken Mask

Cow Mask

Creeper Mask

Drowned Mask

Enderman Mask

Fox Mask

Ghast Mask

Iron Golem Mask

Magma Cube Mask

Mooshroom Mask

Pig Mask

Pillager Mask

Sheep Mask

Skeleton Mask

Slime Mask

Snow Golem Mask

Spider Mask

Squid Mask

Villager Mask

Wandering Trader Mask

Witch Mask

Wolf Mask

Zombie Mask

Zombie Pigman Mask

Zombie Villager Mask

Changelog View more
  • Behavior and resources pack manifest updated to the 1.13 format version.
  • Changed the size of the following masks to match the models of each entity: Iron Golem Mask, Pillager Mask, Villager Mask, Wandering Trader Mask and Witch Mask.
  • Two new masks were added: Fox and Arctic Fox. The add-on now has 30 different masks in total.
  • You can now equip masks on armor stands.
  • You can now equip masks on skeletons and zombies (using /replaceitem command).


Click on "Download Add-on", and check the captcha box "I'm not a robot". After that, click on "Continue". Wait 15 seconds, and click again to continue. After that, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

To activate in the world just activate the resource within you Resource Packs, which the behavior will be activated together. Or activate the behavior within you Behavior Packs, which the resource will be activated together!

If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this page on MCPEDL!

Enable experimental gameplay in the world options for Add-on to work!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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  1. Jon_Ethan_098 says:

    Can you add wither skeleton mask?

  2. Guest-4775878374 says:

    Yo thanks this is really cool!

  3. Guest-6949076072 says:


  4. ThisJobYT says:

    The only issue is that, what exactly is the purpose of this Addon? Do the masks have any functionality?

  5. rayantjieee says:

    ther ar errors fix it plz tanks for your mod

    • Guest-9712015321 says:

      I WOULD like this, but you said it was mediafire. Its simly not. Its a stupid website I’ve been to before called “likfertise” that doesn’t let you download anything.

  6. MH says:

    If you can please add panda and ocelot masks

  7. PhantomElix84 says:

    The Masks Should Have Effects EX: Blaze, Fire Protection
    Iron Golem, Reduced Fall damage

  8. Thesmaet says:

    Good. but in next update, pe users can wear. Ok! So stop complaining

  9. Arthur says:

    how to make addons in minecraft pe

  10. I forgot to warn you in the description, but you can also get all masks with the following command: /function mob_masks.

  11. Isaiah W says:

    How can I add this to my world? I would absolutely love to add this but it’s not coming up as a valid zip file in game. Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Isaiah W says:

    How can I add this to my world? I’m on iOS if that’s makes a difference.

    • KirbyFan64Bro says:

      This addon won’t work for you (yet).
      The beta isn’t accessible on iOS so you will have to wait until the official release of 1.14.
      Beta builds are only available on Windows 10, XBox and Android.

  13. me says:

    I can’t equip them!!!! I only see some particles and that’s it!!!

  14. iiTwilight_xx says:

    can you make it to 1.13 ver. of minecraft?

  15. Ezekiel says:

    It’s really cool great addon

  16. kRoRk says:

    Does it replace any of the leather helmet?

  17. Xavier says:

    on iOS you can’t wear it…. your character eats it. If you end up updating it can you please add it for iOS, thanks 🙂🙂

  18. E says:

    Hi! Would it be possible if you could somehow make the masks fully customizable?
    Meaning could you somehow release a template of the mask so us the addon installers could rewrite the files with our customized mask?

  19. Vietnamese guy says:

    This is good but i cant remeber all the recipes😅😅

  20. kiuta says:

    i wish it was on 1.12 it looks soo cool but i cant get it 🙁

  21. Curious says:

    Are they 3d?

  22. idea giver mcpedl says:

    Make a WWll addon where theres tanks and bomber planes!!! GOOD ADDON BTW

  23. HELP says:

    I (eat it) put it on but it just keeps eating???
    Plz fix I NEED this for my fractions

  24. Jessie_Jerkhelper says:

    I cannot wear the masks. I am on ios. How do i put it on

  25. CatDogMaskofdrsdrm says:

    . I have to wait until my minecraft updates to this version. Cool addon, make a ocelot mask.

  26. Arthur says:

    you can add monster heads in the game, that’s a suggestion, thanks for reading

  27. Werewolf Zombie says:

    Doesn’t’ work for IOS I’m guessing?

  28. Unknown says:


  29. Noa says:

    How to put the mask on the iPhone?

  30. #F66613 (orange) says:

    How did u make dat? Is custom armor possible in 1.14 beta?

  31. MISAEL says:

    Fodastico very good

  32. ☢TOXICITY☢ says:

    They replace helmets and skulls?

  33. rodrigo says:

    no me funciona en mi android

  34. Wariooo says:

    I would love a add-on like this but the masks give you special abilities

  35. KirbyFan64Bro says:

    The concept of custom masks is really cool, and makes custom vanity armor sets possible in the future.

    But sadly, the game crashes after trying to apply the masks.
    I am in the latest beta.

  36. d6b says:

    This is a really good idea. When i saw this, i thought, how do you equip them, because you cannot add new armor, but the way you solved this is very smart. 🙂

  37. LlamaGR1 says:

    Make a mask for llama please.

  38. Gabriel says:

    I liked it I love the adoons that your team creates I’m from Brazil

  39. PandaKawaiiHD377 says:

    Hello guys, I would like you to upload to the page the pack of textures purebdcraft in 128 for version of minecraftpe please I would really appreciate it

  40. Tiny Dragon says:

    Looks really cool! But I have 1.12 can you make it for that?

  41. Do the masks add any special behaviors, or are they purely for decoration? Also, can they be worn by armor stands?

  42. Hi says:

    Team infinite I’m on iOS 😡 so I have 1.12.3

  43. Not my name again... says:

    Holy cow!
    Team infinite minds is so advanced compared to so many of the other bedrock edition creators, one of the few things this community need, keep up the great content guys!!

  44. isaias says:

    te cuenta como casco o viene aparte?

  45. Keandre Arkana Arif says:

    Wait……. I have a bug…….I grab the mask and hold the screen it doesn’t wear….. FIX THIS

  46. Big_Man_kev says:

    can you fix the URL

  47. Foxyrocks20 says:

    why no 1.12????

  48. Loginicum says:

    This is so cool addon! You can do the ravager-mask?

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