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This Addon aims to add some remodified, but deadly projectiles to Minecraft. Have you ever thought about arrows being honey yellow that spawns 16 other skeletons? Ever knew Drowned mobs had the power to revive their fellow guardians with their Tridents? Ever wanted to know what lies inside the core of the fireballs the Ghasts can shoot? Well, you might need a super soldier to do the job done.

Here, my creation has been set secret for decades now, and my fellow followers have gone far too jealous for power, so they released our own creation for creativity, or destruction. And you, the user now, will have the will to handle this power with care, or be jealous too on your own hands to cause chaos into reality…

Alright, alright… Enough with the sweet talk. Let’s get to it.

Here are the items that have been remodified to spawn their specific mobs. Some are also texture changes, if you didn’t realise…

Trident: Spawns 16 Drowned mobs.

Fireball: Texture change, spawns 8 Blazes.

Ender Fireballs: Spawns 16 Creepers.

Snowballs: Texture change, spawns 16 Snow Golems.

Wither Skulls (Normal): Texture change, spawns 8 Wither Skeletons.

Wither Skulls (Dangerous): Texture change, spawns 1 Wither Boss.

Arrows: Texture change, spawns 16 Skeletons.

Ender Pearls (Not in the screenshot, my bad…): Spawns 16 Endermites.

Shield: Texture change, does no speciality..

Yeah… A chaos to reign whether you like it or not. Oh yeah, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, right? Well, now we’re talking! I present to you..

The Projectile Protector!

This leviathan has been trapped by us creators since the Dark Ages. He reigns the power to foreseek chaos in different dynasties.. Now, I managed to brainwash this dude, and now he’s on our side. Well, the player’s side, that is. 

• Features:

– Belongs in a family called “Titans”.

– Spawns in Mushroom biomes and grass plains, but for some reason, I can’t get him to spawn in any of those biomes, as it’s a bit glitchy.. This feature is still in its beta stage, so he could rarely spawn. You could spawn him manually, type in this command: /summon pa:p_protect ~ ~ ~

– Has 1800 HP.

– Is a boss, hence the bossbar above him.

– Melee attacks aren’t working properly..

– Shoots 5 Shulker bullets every 100 ticks.

– Has the appearance of a Dark Age juggernaut, or who knows what it looks like…

– To tame it, craft Suspicious Stew and tame it. Right click on PC, and press “Tame” to tame. On console however… I’m not sure, honestly. I’m not a console player, but for console players out there, you probably know how to tame mobs.. 😂

– You can also open its storage space, except.. It doesn’t work for some reason…

– You can ride it, even if it’s not tamed.. Weird, I know. But, we reprogrammed it to be neutral / passive towards players. So, yeah. Also, it’s hard to see yourself, as if you are sitting directly on its shoulder. But, it’s what it seems.

So, with all that description in here for explanation of this creation of ours, it’s yours to keep. Whether you have the hands of an ally, or the hands of a nemesis. As always, the battle is far from over. You need to ask one question to thyself..

… Are you worthy of wielding this hand of creation?


• You are allowed to:

- Showcase this Addon in a video, but remember to give me credit. All of my social medias and the link to my Addon.

- Remodify this Addon for personal use. Receive permission from either of my social medias first!

• You are not allowed to:

- Use external links to upload my Addon.

- Showcase my Addon without any credit.


Supported Minecraft versions


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10 Responses

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  1. FLOOFYBULL says:

    Why isnt this mod working?
    oooof i realy wanted to use it

  2. Guest-7522837968 says:

    this is fcking dumb you just replaced the ingame items

  3. Hermit says:

    hello BlackPistolG,
    I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your addon in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

  4. Guest-2462629865 says:

    Is it only used in Win10 ?

  5. BonnieEXE says:

    Umm… BlackPistol boi? The addon itself is already too laggy to experience.. I suggest you to either decrease the amount of mobs the projectiles spawn, or decrease the amount of projectiles spawned by the mobs. For example, one Trident shot every 10 seconds or so, just to, y’know, reduce the chances of lag.. Imagine the Wither Boss afterwards…

  6. For those Android users that has their BlockLauncher Pro not working like me, don’t fret.. The version without needing the use of scripts is coming over! Just gotta reprogram the codings first XD..

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