Mob Upgrades Addon

This add-on upgrades most of the hostile mobs and also few friendly ones making them more dangerous to players. But also some behaviors between mobs have also been slightly altered balance their powers with their alliances. If you are looking to increase the difficulty of the game and making it more hardcore then this add-on is a good option for that.

Creator: SirconolTwitter Account
Updated: 1 October, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Zombies, skeletons, creepers and many others have had their behaviors changed. This means that they have new attack styles, strengths and so on. You can find a full list of the changes further down.

New Features

  • Arrows guarantees 4 damage per hit (applies to mobs using bows and players).
  • Faster arrows.
  • Skeletons attach range distance increased to 60 blocks. They also have a slightly increased accuracy. They also walk slower.
  • Strays melee attacks. Slowness effect: you get hit, slowed down and then you are even easier to get hit. They are also walk slower.
  • Strays and skeletons drops at least 1 arrow, but usually more.
  • Blazes shoot a two round burst of Ghast fireballs (slow interval).
  • Horses spawn naturally with greater speed. Their jump height remains the same. Health is increased. Max is 30 hearts. They are also aggressive and will attack any mob other than other horses. But their attack range is low, just 1 block.
  • Wolves are unstoppable killing machines and will kill monsters and sheep. They have 50 hearts, deals 20 damage, immune to fire. But as a result of their incredible strength you now need to tame them with diamonds.
  • Creepers cause bigger explosions. But they are now afraid of wolves.
  • Zombie Pigmen and Wither Skeletons spawn with iron swords.
  • Zombies no longer burn in daylight
  • Endermen teleport a lot and shoots dragon fireballs
  • Endermen health has been reduced to 10 hearts
  • The Elder Guardian has 100 health
  • Wolves drop diamonds.
  • Wolves health is now 70 hearts and their attack damage is 100. They will one-shot you if you wear a full diamond armor set. This is to make sure that diamonds aren’t wasted and so they aren’t easily farmed.
  • A wolf has one extra life. Meaning, if it is killed it will be resurrected one time and if it killed again then it is dead for all eternity.
  • Healing a wolf takes stacks of good to get back to full.
  • Husks spawn rarely during the day too. Health: 17.5 hearts, Attack damage: 6. Husks drop bows because spiders don’t spawn much.

Developers Note: I am (clearly) running out of original mechanic ideas. Feel free to suggest a mechanic for a mob or entity that you\d like and maybe I’ll code your suggestion. Message me on twitter, or use this comment section. Also, if this addons gets good reception, I will make mechanics for other mobs aswell.


  • Husks spawn very rarely during the day. Health: 17.5 hearts, Attack damage: 6. Husks always drop bows because spiders don’t spawn much.
  • Strays will now melee attack and the attacks will apply slowness. They are also slower (0.25).
  • Skeletons are very slow. They have a walking speed at 0.35. This makes them a real threat. This is because if you kill a husk to get a bow and then kill skeletons to get arrows, so this is a major component to survival.

Developer’s Note: Survival Tip: Water can push away zombies, so get a bucket or go near a water source to help you survive.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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43 Responses

4.75 / 5 (24 votes)

    i have some sort of suggestion : maybe skeletons , strays and wither skeletons could come back to life after gettingg killed since they are already like dead so yea . .

  2. SlikeSpitfire says:

    Can you also make ghosts fire more frequently and be slightly faster? Thx

  3. SlikeSpitfire says:

    It’d like dangerous wither skulls to be stronger and spawn blazes

  4. Ben 10 says:

    Mobs Should Have More Health Dude!

  5. jaibamon says:

    “Wolves are unstoppable killing machines and will kill monsters and sheep. They have 50 hearts, deals 20 damage”

    “Wolves health is now 70 hearts and their attack damage is 100”

    So, what’s the real HP of the wolves? Also don’t you think this may be too broken?

  6. Destuctoevor says:

    Can you make cows aggressive

  7. A Guy says:

    My suggestions are:
    Zombies and husks will deal 4 damage for punch, if they see a horse they will ride it and are able to ram you with it, doing 5 damage. Zombie’s now cause Wither effects if hit. (0:05 seconds)
    Ender Dragon, Wither, and Enderman shoot shulker projectiles. Enderman can teleport faster, and are now immune to water. However, when in water, they cannot teleport out. When in water, Enderman will shoot Ender Dragon fire balls, and summon Dragon’s Breath. Endermen should have 100 health, and spawn more rarely.
    Pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens are no longer afraid of players after being hit. Instead, they will ram at you, pigs, sheep and cows do 4 damage. Chickens do 2. When killed, they drop double meat, and Pigs are an assured 2 meat minimum (5 meat maximum).
    Bats are well known for being scared of players, and usually try to fly away. But now, bats will attempt to bite you, causing a mere 1 damage, a blindness effect, and a poison effect.
    Witches can throw Dragon’s Breath, similar to lingering potions.
    Elder Guardians and regular Guardians lasers now cause a levitation effect. It’d make it harder to get into Ocean Monuments, which could bring a new challenge into MCPE.
    And last but not least, shulkers can teleport around you and have easy manuevering so that they can shoot you.

  8. Mohammed says:

    Also make some mobs have area effect around ( like the elder guardian with the mining fitige)

  9. Mohammed says:

    Don’t buff witches or guardians / skeletons these mob are hard Inuf make creeper explosion bigger but no block damage same as ghast / blaze that will be so good ( no block damage) villagers will kill zombies / skeletons but not players ( unless he attacks ) squid blindness is good but don’t give them highe damage

  10. Mohammed says:

    Don’t buff witches or guardians / skeletons these mob are hard Inuf make creeper explosion bigger but no block damage same as ghast / blaze that will be so good ( no block damage) villagers will kill zombies / skeletons but not players ( unless he attacks )

  11. M-boy says:

    Maybe make ender men able to break blocks or door to get to player (example: you run inside house to get away from enderman than he breaks down the door

  12. Somebody says:

    I would like it if endermen would attack at any time. You won’t have to look at the enderman for it to be hostile. This is an amazing add on!

  13. Locatingmango2 says:

    Maybe witches could throw lingering potions

  14. ProDabber says:

    Please make blacksmiths wear iron helmet and chest plate and have iron swords. Also can you make fletchers have bows.

  15. Rygezkie says:

    Here is a mechanic for iron golems they are hostile and will kill everything he see for more challenge.

  16. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Great world

  17. Finn says:

    Maybe witches could throw potions farther and have more potions in their arsenal.Ghasts could have bigger explosions. Loved the addon, made survival much harder.

  18. Pls say hi says:

    I’d like to see “grass hiding” if you run to 2 block tall grass the mob will not see you and another mechanic can you make wolves upgradable like you tame a dog with 1 bone then 1 gold to upgrade then iron ect..

  19. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Hi editor I need some help. I’m trying to change the textures of the gun from dayz addon (the bow) and I like the way my texture looks better so im stuck on what to do I’m on iOS and I need it as easy as possible. Thanks!

  20. Niven Reed says:

    I would like an add-on where u can make guardians and elder guardians friendly

  21. DarkDaggerRush says:

    Maybe buff up a guardian? (Speed, Attack, Health?)

  22. William Stanton says:

    I would like if endermen shoot Ender dragon fireballs and have double health

  23. TheThunderCat says:

    The spider should be faster have more health and give poison like the cave spider

  24. Subject_Alpha says:

    Is it attach or attack? It is right below faster arrows.

  25. Thepowerthatsinside says:

    I think you should make enderman fire shulker projectiles that cause nausea

  26. EndLord says:

    I think that zombies and husks should have a guarantee of at LEAST having leather armor.also, i think the ghast fireballs should have a bigger explosion radius.

  27. TinyCreatureWorld says:

    I’d like for villagers to have an upgrade , if u attack one of them they can hit you back dealing 3 hearts of damage , oh and can u add a different kind of villagers #1 wizard #2 chef #3 village elder #4 nurse
    Actions-wizard trades spell and have big wizard hats and beards,
    Chef trades cooked foods and cake and cookies !!! And have a chef outfit
    Village elders can only be one in a village and they only trade leather and string and look very old with a green kind of outfit .
    And the nurse trades healing spells and if the zombies attack the villagers she comes and heals them and will attack zombies with splash potion of healing:) please
    And thank u

  28. TinyCreatureWorld says:

    I agree and for villagers , if u attack them they and others around will hit you back dealing 3 damage

  29. InnovatorGavin_3 says:

    Maybe villagers can defend themselves: when u attack them, they attack back, and the kids could spit at u wth the lama spitting animation. Priests would not attack at all with melee, but instead will throw potions.

  30. Anonymous says:

    After you attack a pig they will try to ram you.

  31. FireMaster1299 says:

    Make it so that the 3 bosses ex. Ender Dragon, Wither, Elder Guardians have more attacks and are stronger

  32. Coolkid777 says:

    Let endermen teleport a lot faster and if u can kill them u can get 3-5 ender pearls and give the endermen 65 health

  33. MackDaPooh says:

    Maybe a different mechanic from iron golems or snow golems

  34. Andreas513 says:

    I think this might be the best request tht i have created
    Can you create a Poop World Addon so…. every block is a poop 🙂 !!! Or a… a…………………… Realistic Addon so everything in minecraft have the same behavior as real life (did i spell it right?) And Make da texture more realistic too

  35. Darkbrian says:

    Increase the levitation effect of shulkers and make the ender dragon shoot shulker projectiles. Maybe the wither can have all the skulls be diflectable but it has a lot more health. Also squids should cause blindness and slowness.

  36. TheKing says:

    Hey how can i make models for mcpe add-ons i want to make models for mobs … but i can`t find.

  37. LordChocolateMan says:

    I’d like maybe a different mechanic for squids like they attack u and u get blindness from them

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