Ever wanted to be a blaze? Maybe an enderman, well this pack has 10+ mobs to choose from! This pack will let you have abilities of mobs! Strays, husks, and more! You can even use this in a survival mode!

Note that this needs cheats

This mod has alot of mobs to choose from!


  • Immune to lava
  • Immune to fire
  • Water hurts you
  • Lost your fly ability by being a half player half blaze
  • /tag @s add blaze


  • Super strong
  • You got hunger yo
  • /tag @s add husk


  • Infinite arrows
  • Infinite bow durability
  • Cant enchant inf durability bow
  • Has slowness
  • /tag @s add stray


  • Teleports
  • Water is a bad boi
  • /tag @s add enderman


  • Water is a good boi
  • Can only breathe in water
  • Effects players around em with blindness
  • /tag @s add squid


  • Creepers must be scared of this mob ability!
  •  Jumps high
  • Lands on feet
  • /tag @s add cat


  • Elytra from the get go
  • Elytra has inf durability
  • Rockets galore
  • /tag @s add phantom


  • Same as stray but without the slowness arrows
  • Doesnt have slowness
  • Why would anyone pick this mob?
  • /tag @s add skeleton


  • I can breathe!!! in water
  • Trident from the get go
  • /tag @s add drowned


  • Resistance go brrrr
  • Free shulker boxes!
  • /tag @s add shulker


  • Jump boost
  • Strong
  • Can only walk by jumping
  • /tag @s add slime


  • Potions!        Thats all!
  • /tag @s add witch


  • Jumpy very high!
  • I am speed
  • Players slow rabbits
  • /tag @s add rabbit


  • Crossbow from the get go
  • Infinite arrows
  • Bad omen
  • /tag @s add pillager


  • Axe
  • Very strong
  • Bad omen
  • /tag @s add vindicator

Iron Golem

  • Very Very strong
  • Hero of the village
  • Slow
  • /tag @s add iron_golem

Magma Cube

  • Isnt slow
  • Has weakness
  • Can attack by touching people
  • Immune to lava, fire, and other magma cubes
  • /tag @s add magma_cube

Wither skeleton

  • Effects others around them with wither
  • Being a half human half wither skeleton has taken the fire resistance effect away from you
  • Can only have STONE swords
  • /tag @s add witherskeleton


  • Summons evocation fangs whenever an entity is near
  • Cant have bows
  • Has weakness 4
  • Has bad omen
  • /tag @s add evoker


  • Slow
  • Gets speed when a player gets near
  • Gets strength when a player gets near
  • Gets strength on stone
  • Being a half player half warden has taken blindness away from you
  • /tag @s add warden


  • Type /give @s command_block, place the command block, set it to repeat and type function mobabilities
  • Then type /tag @s add mob

And finally, you have the powers of a mob! You can only gain powers of the mobs above

If you want a more detailed explanation, here is a video to explain everything!

Enjoy this function pack!

Changelog View more
  • Added the warden (cuz why not)
  • Added wither skeletons
  • Added evoker
  • Pillager family is complete :D
  • Cats have night vision
  • Added magma cubes
  • Added the iron golem
  • Nerfed slime
  • Slimes have slowness 100
  • Added pillagers
  • Added the vindicator
  • Made it so that blazes are immune to all bad effects but they arent allowed to have speed, jump boost, and regen
  • Squids can only survive in water now

Update 104: The Nerfings

  • Endermen and blazes take damage in flowing water
  • Husks now have hunger
  • Strays go slowwwwww
  • Added slime
  • Added rabbit
  • Buffed and nerfed few mobs
  • More!
  • Added the witch
  • Endermen dont take damage while ender pearling
  • Drowned has water breathing
  • Cats scare away creepers
  • More!
  • Added the CORRECT download (I didnt add the correct download)


  1. Click link
  2. Click continue
  3. Click the blue square
  4. Click minecraft
  5. Go to settings > storage > resource packs
  6. Delete "MobAbilities" (Resource pack not behaviour pack)
  7. Go back to menu
  8. Go to play
  9. Put behaviour pack into a world
  10. Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16.201

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172 Responses

4.71 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. KingSteal says:

    I have an issue it’s just that there is a distance issue you can’t go too far without needing to set up another command block because it isn’t chunk loaded

  2. ConnorVGamer says:


  3. Honk says:

    Are you able to add a ghost that can phase through blocks? The addon is great keep up the good work.

  4. PistolKitty says:

    Hello! Sorry To Bother You But When Does The Next Update Come Out.

  5. Follow me on twitter to keep up with the updates!

  6. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Fix the Cat ability where the creepers look away from the player I the cat mob class ability because it doesn’t make sense for a creeper to keep trying to face to the player as a cat and walk to its direction of hurting the car make it look up 2 and away so it actually looks scared

  7. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Add conduit power to squids and also drowned

  8. aSloppyHotdog says:

    When is the update goin to drop I’m EXCITED!!!Who else is ready n excited!!!give it up and round of applause to the best developer and working coder ever!!!he’s the best!!!

  9. shark tale says:

    Really good mod but ive come to an issue, when people load into the world everyone has strength 3, even without choosing their mob, is there any way to fix this?

  10. KingSteal says:

    Can you add the Piglin

    -Get gold sword
    -Are friends to all piglins
    -Don’t like the overworld

  11. IzDemitro says:

    Is there anyway for the elytra to be equipped but not using the chest plate slot to be empty for a chest plate to be equipped as well

  12. Go to my twitter: @canlas_dos to vote for something!
    Dont add hybrids

  13. To anyone who asks something?, you can now only ask for 2 mobs every week, why? Cuz my comments are flooding with comments that are.. 100000000 words long

  14. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Make the Phantoms have mending on there Elyria and also unbreakable 3 with the curse where it stays on the player but CANT be dropped upon death to any players and especially mobs

  15. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Make it where the phantoms have weakness in day and also strength at night and have night vision

  16. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Can you add the wolf in next but you can ONLY eat meat and also berries because when dogs stomachs heart the eat grass so berries are as close as I can get and also you can ONLY have streaght to these mobs(skeletons,chickens, players,zombies,hisk,sheep,husk,,also village’s)since your a wild animal for the Villagers you don’t take anything from anyone call the wolf mob class LoneWolf*

  17. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Just had the idea add Ravengers to have HIGH knickknacks and also strength and have it charge or jump forward and 2 blocks high at the same time for a critical hit with melee you can’t have bows and Can’t have leather,gold or chain armor only iron,diamond,and also netheright and can’t have it where durability of wood and stone are easily to break by durability due to your strength and also weight… and muscles but with the half human have it where you have slowness as well because you can’t handle the POWEEEEER!!!

  18. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Can we cast a poll or a vote I said last night I DONT want hybrids

  19. IzDemitro says:

    When will the 108 update be coming out?

  20. PistolKitty says:

    Hello! I Have 2 Problems And 1 Suggestion For This Mod. Please Can You Fix Exiting Water As A Squid/Fish, You Get The Poison Effect But Nothing Happens. Shulkers Also Dont Get Shulker Boxes Although It Is Listed As One Of Their Abilities. Please Can You Also Make It So When Your A Squid/Fish You Can Leave Water Without Dying While Its Raining. Thank You

  21. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Add the mob creeper where you summon a minecraft:tnt on you when mobs are nearby with a cool down and you have resistance because of explosions

  22. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Can you make it where players can’t be multiple of them at once say like you get deop after your choice of ability mob and make it where the Elyria is locked on your character because I can drop unlimited amounts of elytra…

  23. aSloppyHotdog says:

    OMG AMAZING MOD sorry for the past πŸ˜…I found out that I didn’t add the Resource pack for it…it thought I did but I put the wrong folder in which they both have the same beginning name and I couldn’t open the folder completely to see what was the resource pack and what was the behavior pack sorry for everything EVERYONE IT WORKS ON CONSOLE I love this mod love it bro keep up the wonderful work I’ll give you more ideas do you have discord every idea I think of I’ll tell you for sure and see what your ideas are apin it or do a poll or vote with the community!!!

  24. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Add the villagers but also have a choice of which one or something like that. The farmer has 2x the speed of crops to grow and also when you harvest the crops you auto plant them and also have a bone meal coordinates for every 1 minute you get bonemeal and also you have hero for cheaper trades and also you can only have the blocks of all wood variants and cobblestone and moss stone for design only those blocks you can have or harvest and make it where at night you are forced to go back to your house by an auto walker and creepers don’t blow up around you and a iron golem has a chance to spawn and zombies can be deeply effected to you and that’s the only mob you have a weakness on and you get waves of bad omen at time and also you have the ability to be zombiefied upon death of a zombie… make it where you spawn with emeralds ever 5 minutes and also put can trade with a player with only emeralds no such thing as free items to give between one another and you get hit by a player or mob the iron golem makes his way to you automatically by via walking or telephone like the wolves do and do this to the other villager variants as well of your idea I’ll come up with an idea in one moment for the black smith…come to think of it when your in first person your vision is partially blocked in the middle by your nose and have a nose model on your player and you have locked arms only for pacific things that villagers can get nothing else!!!

  25. roblox kid12345 says:

    Can you add horses, and the ability to walk up solid blocks as if they were stairs if possible

  26. Unknown9147 says:

    when is the next update coming

  27. Uh oh, seems like update 107 has a bug, dont download 107 for now

    Flip i already submitted 107, guys, dont download 107, theres a bug

  28. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Can you make a step by step video on how to download this mod on XBOX!I really want this…

  29. Pikamew13 says:

    Add silk touch hands to enderman it will be fun

  30. levinluvcat says:

    Can You Add Cat Ability In This Add-on?

  31. Unknown9147 says:

    this addon is great but could you please fix the squid the poison does not last long enough to do any damage when on land and maybe nerf the phantom a bit

  32. Nomiq says:

    You should add the undead mobs night vision. Pls

  33. aSloppyHotdog says:

    Hi I have a problem with your pack I wanted it to be on my realm buuut…it won’t work on xbox…and also for the phantom makenit where you have to sleep in the air and the blaze to spawn in the nether and make it where the endurance could teleport between the overworld,nether,and end or make it where you pick where you spawn…and make it where you command endermen to give you items too for a limited time only with cooldown…

  34. LeahIAssume says:

    Hello Hello! I absolutely love this addon! My ONLY issue is that since its on repeat, it fills literally half my screen worth constant text telling me the command has been executed. Do you know how to fix this?

  35. DCGT smile says:

    I finded two add-ons/plugins like this, best!! 😁 Thanks!

  36. Pikamew13 says:

    Can you try to add for enderman the ability to silk touch with just your hands

  37. Nomiq says:

    Man this is like origins mod but different. I really like it.
    This work on servers right?

  38. BlessedPath877 says:

    Can you please make a ghost mob that can turn invisible and go through blocks and burns in the sun?

  39. PwnageThomas says:

    I really like the mod but I can’t seem to get it to work is it cause I activated experimental gameplay or is it something else? Do I need to have the command block on repeat and always active or just repeat and power it once?

  40. 0ddbod says:

    when I type the command into the command block, nothing happens. how do I fix this?

  41. PhantomPlayz100 says:

    Absolutely love this mod. Although I would like to see a few features. One of the few is that ended men and blaze take damage in rain. And wither 2 I think is a bit much. I would try wither 1. And one more suggestion: every mob should have a weakness, making it less op. Yet again I love this mod and would like to see more. Keep up the great work! (:

  42. 0ddbod says:

    Hi, does this work on windows 10?

  43. ARIFMCPE says:

    Does this works on Realm?

  44. Ellarocks456 says:

    Loving the addon so far only complaint is slime is too buffed resistance 3 and strength 3 is too high kills almost everything with a hit or two maybe scale them down to 2 also a mob idea is the magma slime it’s the same as a slime but has fire resistance and gets hurt in water

  45. Xianegy says:

    Can you make IU t for 1 Beta Please?

  46. Xianegy says:

    Can you make IU t for 1
    16.210.59 Beta Please?

  47. k1742 says:

    Great update, excited for more πŸ™‚

  48. BlessedPath877 says:

    Hey do you need help with this add- on, I want to help for completely free. PM me on discord at BlessedPath877#8456

  49. Smoop says:

    Hey! Pretty good, however could you make it not rely on command blocks so that if you go too far away, it still works? so basically infinite range. If you can, thank you!

  50. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    Could the squid have water breathing but sufficate on land like origins mod?

  51. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    Could you have the squid have water breathing but sufficate on land like origins mod?

  52. Infinity cool says:

    Is it possible to have the blaze shoot fireballs or that’s to much, but if it is possible I would love that

  53. xNate26x says:

    Could you upload a video showing every mob’s abilities?

  54. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    How often is this mod gonna be updated?

  55. What function pack should I make next?

  56. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    I did what you said about increasing the command block range but now there is alot of lag

  57. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    Could you try to make this more like the origins mod for what you could do as mob abilities? This is the only mod i can play on xbox and its pretty simular to the origins mod

  58. k1742 says:

    I’m absolutely in love with this addon already, i have my own survival world and a realm survival i play this with with my friends. Just a couple questions though, is it possible for endermen and blazes to take damage in rain and flowing water blocks and are you planning on adding most minecraft mobs abilities to the addon?

  59. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    Everytime i activate the command block it spams the chat and wont go away is there a way i can fix this?

  60. Ev1lR0b0t says:

    You should add a rabbit that has swiftness and hast as the abilities and jump boost

  61. Jaruq says:

    Wont work, how come? Does it require experimental things?

  62. SubtleGalaxy99 says:

    How do u change back to human? Ive been searching for a morph mob for mcpe for. yrs and finally found one!

  63. Thanks! Im working on updating this pack to make it so that endermen dont take damage while ender pearling!
    Also, im working to add the witch! Both are coming in the next update

  64. Stuber2W says:

    Hey i nice add-on.

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