Modern City & Army Base [Creation]

In this map you will find a mix of modern buildings and an army base. Perhaps it is thought as a closed community where the rich people living in the luxurious homes are protected by the working people at the army base.

There are lots of homes and all of them look very luxurious with swimming pools and mansion sized houses. On the surrounding outskirts of the city are the army buildings such as hangars and helicopters landing pads. There is even a harbor where you can find a big army boat.

Even though the mix of creations in this map is a bit odd the creations are very impressive.

Creator: Entony



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41 Responses

3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. ariana says:

    how do we install

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t I install?

  3. Cheese says:

    I cant install!!

  4. Radcoolgirl616 says:

    Hey guys! I Am A Pro when it comes to making creations I have a question…..Ok,so how can I make a minecraft map?? I want to make one badly. Also….what kind of minecraft map should I make?

    • X says:

      A smart redstone modern Mansion

    • Im gonna stay anonymous says:

      You export the world onto your device (COMPUTER ONLY). Then it becomes available. I don’t know how to upload it here, but you can send the file from your computer to anybody else through email attachments. This lets people have the same world as you. Any changes they make wont affect your original copy, and neither changes made to the original. I’m not sure about mobile devices.

    • GalaxyKitten_MLG says:

      You sure?

  5. Ryanzz637 says:

    Kenapa Saya Tekan Download Selalu Eror “404”??? Tolong Ganti Linknya Di “MediaFire”

  6. النا قدیری نژاد says:

    سریع تر من عجب دارم

  7. Arhaan says:

    It’s not working for me

  8. Luca Giorgetti says:

    No problemi

  9. Cookiebear says:

    I want to play the game but it won’t let me

  10. Anonymous says:


    Plz halp meeeee idk how to download plz hall thx much bois

  11. Jodie says:

    hi how do you download it?

  12. Jodie says:

    How do you download it loser

  13. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it it just goes into win stuff

  14. Elijah Kavanagh says:

    Every time I press download it brings up you are the lucky winner today i really want this map

  15. Anonymous says:

    The download button is not working…..why!?!

  16. ictheforce50 says:

    Download link is an ad spammer PLZ change it

  17. Saya says:


  18. ??? says:

    How do you download it? Cool map tho. 😛

  19. Süha Kerem Demirtaş says:

    This Download link is not working on Turkey. Please help me!

  20. colton says:

    can you pls make the download a .mcworld download pls

  21. xXx_QuicScOp3r_xXx says:

    Hey m8 can you f1x the download cause it take me to other website not in the download link pls update the download link m8 BTW I love your map its gr8

  22. Libby says:

    I want to download this map but it takes me to other websites

    • Radcoolgirl616 says:

      I can download these maps and mc.world’s to! On my tablet I press the download button then it goes on silkbrowser then it goes to congrats you win a prize app then I just go back then I wait a bit then it goes on this medifire app and I press download then a download arrow appears on the top of my tablet then once it’s ready the arrow turns to a checkmark then a box appears that says open so I press it then I wait for my minecraft to get on then it downloads to my minecraft so yeah I talked a lot dang!!!!

  23. Corbenader 22 says:

    Editor,can you please make this a .mcpack?

  24. Ran Ran 29 says:

    Fix the download link, it took me to a survey.

  25. Anzu says:

    It says document cant find the host and im using an ipad-

  26. Valdemarsiig says:

    Hey i know How to download ZIP files non pc and on Ios first download file Master when
    Tap on Download when open in file Master tap on The file confirm and you see onde more file tap on that and when an other tap again when tap on … and select all hold Down on ond file and ZIP Hold on The new file And Rename and chance The .ZIP to .mcworld when that hold on The new file when open in… AppStore when Minecraft and Done 🙂

  27. ? says:

    Make a mc world

  28. Just dance says:

    Can you please make a mc.world download because I can’t download zip files

  29. OrAnGeS21 says:

    It can be use in mcpe ??

  30. Adelio says:

    L00ks c00l thingbis how much mb is it?

  31. Entony says:

    THX for shareing 🙂
    There is actual version of my map…

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