Modern House Series [Creation]

This is the first part in what in the future will be a map series where each release will include at least one new modern house. In this map you will be able to explore the inside and the outside of a two-story house with a swimming pool in the backyard and a minimalistic interior on the inside.

It provides great examples of how certain furnitures in Minecraft can be built such couches, chairs, rugs and bookshelves. All in all, it’s a neatly looking house with a touch of luxury.

Creator: DesertEagle01

screenshot-2015-05-27-17-04 screenshot-2015-05-27-17-04_2 screenshot-2015-05-27-17-04_3 screenshot-2015-05-27-17-05_2


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14 Responses

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  1. Hannah says:

    it’s not working… plez check it

  2. Hannah says:

    it’s not working…

  3. Anonymous says:

    please the mediafire

  4. Duplox says:


  5. SweetsAlot says:

    WINDOWS 10 oops caps windows 10 plz?

  6. Vine says:

    This is cool

  7. Makylah says:

    Can some one leave a link to download this map off media fire

  8. Jenna3003 says:

    How do you download it to Dropbox then into minecraft
    Please help

  9. Tmntrapheal says:

    How do u do it for iPad mini

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