Modern Interior Ideas (for Builds)

Do you lack of inspiration for your home? Then you need to energize your home with interior ideas and furnitures from here! Tons of ideas, furnitures, and style for every part of your room!


Created by: KraftoidTwitter Account (@imkent13)

With ideas on every room, and 25+ furnitures and over 100+ sooner for your home’s interior! There will be also season-themed interior ideas, especially for the coming season!

The purporse of this map is to give information about improving one’s home interior, and the ability of a player to make a house look more better and appealing to others.

In order to prevent unauthorized use of content and infringement, rules were established to regulate:


  • Distributing, sharing, and using on external websites by redirecting to this website for download. 
  • Use for your videos and demos by providing a proper credit and link even without permission


  • Using this map for monetary gain through link shortening websites (,
  • Revising, renaming and changing some sections of this map without permission
  • Claiming this map as your own on other audience or people 

Shaders on this demo is not under the rules, though still must not be used for revision and claim.

Changelog View more
  • Banner readjusted after being detected with problem
  • Terms of Use (ToU) added to prevent content use violations and further issues with the map

No issues found for the past few days - and now we are dropping off the beta.

- This update focuses on the hallway design, adding implementations of lighting system, and design measures.

- This update also includes the holiday decorations.Ā 

The major updates for this will be permanently dropped, but promised to provide minor changes to this when needed and required.


- Added directory/masterlist of Modern Interior Idea releases for the past three months

- We are dropping off beta at the start of new decade! Stay tuned!

We've just added.. what?

  • A small tour of the map for those new and returning visitors of Modern Interior Ideas. Easy glimpse of the features of the map.
  • + We have a Facebook group for my content - and also for everyone! Thank you!
  • Next beta will come on the Christmas Eve, along with other maps that I manage. See you!

Happy Holidays!

We finally arrive on the beta of the next major update and again: here are changes:

- Holiday decorations and color schemes. This is still under test and needs your feedback!

- Demonstration of my own implementation of lighting system which scopes:

Camoflauging lighting blocks, proper choice of lighting blocks, and the ceiling and ground.

The development almost turned into grave as I've been working to finish off the $1,000,000 Spectacular AI Mansion (its also here at MCPEDL!) for the past two weeks, and also the class break just came in few days ago. Now, we are on the road on the next update!

A new update is here, minor sadly. (Emergency update)
- References to old username PocketKent has removed and replaced with Kraftoid.
- Added the Block Scheme section, for your choice of design!

- Added roofing with dynamic lights.

Getting 200+ furnitures placed on the world is hard and terrible as it requires adjustments. As promised, you will still see it but not until our semestral break on December.

Your support is much appreciated. Thank you!

The link shortener for the content became, starting with the new link released and will continue throughout.

The new update will come next month!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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22 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. This… Is… AMAZING
    I may be an addon maker, but I am trash at building!

  2. Anonymous says:

    wont let me download with all the links

  3. Kraftoid says:

    It’s updated! – amazing. again. lol.

  4. Lie says:

    Has less than 100 furniture ideas
    Yet still good

  5. LillyOREO says:

    Continuously being sent to a vetran survey site after clicking skip ad. Any ideas?

  6. NovaGames17 says:

    What shaders do you use in these photos?) (Pleas say)

  7. TheOtherGuy says:

    I as well am not the best at interior designing. Iā€™m more of a redstone guy. This world has helped a lot, Thanks PocketKent.

  8. APregnantMother says:

    3 years of building experience and I’ve still yet to master interior designs. This suits beginners who seek knowledge utilizing this as their baby steps. Love the inclusion of sand concrete as corner pillars to add texture variety. Every room have simple and understandable designs for everyone to break down for inspiration. Only criticism here is you should include more modern color schemes to solidify its housewarmness

  9. PocketKent says:

    Thank you for your feedback! Still if you have friends who loves to build, please kindly recommend the world!

  10. Yeet101 says:

    I got stuck in the loop. Taken to an 18+ site in the heart of november.

    • PocketKent says:

      I’m so sorry. Please try again and skip ads. We, content creators do that so we can support our content and give our audience more features, and every single click is important!

  11. Sebastian says:

    Zip files?

  12. Anonymous says:

    the photos look nice but the link won’t let me download can you give me the download link?

    • PocketKent says:

      If you are running issues with the link, I recommend you to disable your adblock (if you have installed with) and patience. Please support our content with following that link. Thank you!

  13. first and pretty good ideas šŸ’” says:

    first and pretty good ideas šŸ’”

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