ModernHD PE [64×64]

ModernHD is one of the most popular realistic texture packs for the PC version of Minecraft and it has now made its introduction to Minecraft Pocket Edition as well. The texture pack work really good for worlds which you want to look more realistic. In general it’s a very detailed, clean pack with great vibrant colors.

Creator: mikeyto1o (original PC pack)
Ported by: MrChuyito15YTTwitter Account
Updated: 9 October, 2017 (read changelog)

modern-hd-1modern-hd-pe-3 modern-hd-pe-2 modern-hd-pe-5


  • Added new textures
  • Sheep
  • Shulker Box
  • Bed
  • Armor Stand
  • Spawn Eggs
  • Stained Glass


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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101 Responses

4.28 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. David ramses says:

    Esta bueno el shaders

  2. Romona says:

    Wow this is really awesome and cool I give it and five ✨ WOW👌🏻😱😯😮

  3. Anonymous says:

    Applied it to the whole thing in settings…now it crashes

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love this texture, it is one of my favorites, but can you update it for 1.9?

  5. Gaby says:

    Como se instala despues de descargarlo?

  6. Austin says:

    What Version can this work on?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sirve para minecraft Pe Respondan plis

  8. AGiNa says:

    Very Cool. Pleasee, Update to New Version.

  9. PinoyGamerProX says:

    The Aquatic Update mobs didn’t get retextured like the fishes, dolphins, the phantom and, the sea turtle.

  10. Zehasep says:

    Favorite modernpack

  11. fantasyfoxy says:

    Please update for Update Aquatic! I’m desperate! This is my all-time favourite texture pack but it isn’t compatible with the newest version of Minecraft. My worlds just look so barren without it. I love this texture pack, but I have a problem with item frames – the items are never central and always hang over the edge of the frame. It really bugs me. Otherwise, this pack is gorgeous. Please update it, I’m begging!

  12. Ngunhub says:

    This texture is awesome! Perfect to do molden house, best to use!

  13. Rafael Carbajal says:

    Please update this for aquatic update

  14. Pippa says:

    How do I download this??? I don’t know how to export it to minecraft 🤷‍♀️

  15. Cxmilla says:

    Stupid Zip! I have an I pod and CAN NOT get some things downloaded. Like this rightttt here!

  16. Grace says:

    Omg this is great

  17. unkn0wn says:

    This is great and all but can you make it so when you place double chest it looks like the textured one, because when you do it, it looks like a normal chest. thank you!

  18. AvaLovezKatz says:

    Wow! I Love It! But One Thing… The Animals Kinda Creep Me Out. And You Need To Do Some Of The Other Animals Texture Packs. And I Love The Pokémon Balls For Spawners :3 Thx!

  19. Solinger0815 says:

    I have a question my tablet found a virus (i can Not say is real or not) please check it!

  20. Aria says:

    I love this texture pack but unfortunately Minecraft doesn’t let me download it. When I do and I try to copy it to Minecraft it says like texture not recognized or ail to import. What should I do?

  21. Kosugi_kun says:

    I would like to use your resource pack for the server resource pack I am developing.

  22. GG girl gaming says:


  23. Random 9 year old says:

    It doesn’t work cause when I download it and apply it to my world it always crashes and I on have 4 worlds

  24. random internet guy with no life says:

    Can someone just make a weights Addon?

  25. MadameFlutterbi says:

    Absolutely love this texture pack, the pictures are great and its so modern looking, my first house using it looked brilliant, I think this will be my go to pack from now on. Anyway I can donate to designer?

  26. Luka0157 says:

    Hey is this for 1.2

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love this but i cant find out how to get the tv like in one of the pics.

  28. Anonymous says:

    stupid adfly ad it suck

  29. 은해 says:

    Does this work for MCPE v1.2? Because I tried tgis texture pack in an older version but right now, I can’t download it. It’s a good texture pack by the way, I also tried it in PC.

  30. FallenSpark9505 says:

    Ok, I’m a little upset cause this is the best thing ever but it DOESNT
    work. 😑

  31. kevin says:

    the picture shows an awesome tv painting but there is no tv painting

  32. kevin says:

    the picture shows an awesome tv painting but there is not tv painting

  33. Todd says:

    It’s a bit glitchy and takes forever to load, also the items when in your hand are really fat looking, which I don’t believe is all that nice. It’s pretty but a bit sloppy. It’s a good texture pack if you are on peaceful mode and don’t do anything. The fat items I think is the only thing I would change. Everything else is very nice besides some of the glitches. I do really like this texture pack but I’m hoping that some of these oddities would change? It’s beautiful if your just looking around in the game but for actual gameplay not so much.

  34. Ethan says:

    I’m on MCPE 1.1.0 and I used the .ZIP file but it doesn’t load or work. It says unfortunately, Minecraft pocket edition has stopped. Please help?

  35. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with the zombie? Texture seems broken, I’ve tried replacing it, but it won’t have it :/
    Any fix by chance? Also, the wooden axe is a … dynamite-/firework stick? Same deal, it won’t have me replacing it..

    • Anonymous says:

      Nvm the dumb wooden axe question ^_^ But the zombies are still a mess though.. :/
      Btw, I do LOVE the texture pack A LOT! It’s wonderfully made! :)))

  36. Skinny says:

    Best Ever

  37. Miguel says:

    This is soooooo cool

  38. Cassidoes says:

    What is the to screen is it a picture? Please reply back

  39. Cassidy says:

    How do you delete textures that you no longer want?

    • Piggymaster1313 says:

      If you mean delete a texture pack you no longer need then open Minecraft, go to settings->storage->texture packs ->select the one you want to delete and delete it…

  40. Clare says:

    How do you get the tv ?

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ya I can’t get in either

  42. I ❤️ Minecraft says:

    I tried loading into one of my good worlds. Crashed before I even got in. Tried 23 more times, no luck. Tried with making new infinite world. Crashed. Tried making a new flat world with it. Crashed. HOW THE HECK DO I USE IT IF I CANT EVEN GET IN A GAME WITH IT???!!!!???!!!😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤👺👺👺👺👺👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  43. LordOfTheStorm6 says:

    Please tell me how to get the tv painting and please reply fast

  44. Anonymous says:

    There is something wrong with the zombies they look weird and their face is on the top of their heads and have no legs can you pls fix that I love this but. That just really annoys me so plz fix that.Thanks!

  45. MrEmeraldz says:

    Why is this tagged as 32×32 if it’s a 64×64?

  46. MrEmeraldz says:

    Hey, just wondering…

    Is this pack safe for iOS? How bad is the lag? Will it crash a lot?


  47. 🦄 Unicorn 🦄 says:

    Hi! So basically I was just wondering, how’d you get the TVs? I installed the pack, and when I put the pack on a map which was used for showing off the texture pack, I looked at every single painting and they weren’t looking like anything on the screenshots, even though the chests and everything else looked the same! Just wondering, cuz of the screenshots 😂 Sorry for the long text!

  48. Unicorno 🦄🎉 says:

    Just asking, I downloaded the texture pack and it doesn’t have the textures that it has on the screenshots? Like the TV – is that a painting? Since I was thinking to download it cuz of the modern painting textures and on mine they look a lot different. My pack is working just fine. But it looks like the textures you showcased are different. everything on the pack that you showcased is the same except the textures of the paintings??? Sorry for the random long speech, just asking.

    • Editor says:

      The pics are old. I got them back in June. But most of the textures in it should be accurate enough to give you an idea of what the pack is like in-game.

  49. Kira says:

    this is LIT!!!!

  50. McQuartzPlays says:

    When I click the media fire download, the download doesn’t load up so the website just gets stuck on media fire.It doesn’t let me click th download button
    Can you give any suggestions?

  51. trepidlearner2 says:

    can this work with iphone 5s or need higher devices ?

  52. Jemi444 says:

    Thx for who porting this! I’m so waiting this update for 1.0.0 🙂

  53. Sean iOS says:

    This looks like the city texture pack i have it i don’t need to get this thing up

  54. Sulphur64 says:

    How do I download on iOS without ifunbox?

  55. Anny says:

    I would love to use this on 16.0. Can you please convert it into an .mcpack if possible?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Does this work with 0.16.0 please reply

  57. Chaos says:

    Will you be updating this mod to work on 0.16.0? This is one of my favorite mods I have been using this year. Thank You.

    • Alur1ous says:

      Hello. will you be updating this texture pack for 0.16.0? Please reply as fast as you may. I really want to try the texture pack for the modern mountain mansion house. Thank you

  58. Shaikh Abrar says:

    Can ModernHD texture pack be imported to minecraft pe 15.9?

  59. MilkWithCookies says:

    Whats the house you used to show this texture pack?

  60. ClemRRay says:

    Nice textures and paintings, but there are bugs on sigle chests and birch door.

  61. Jemi says:

    This is a very modern texture, and the painting is like furnitures.

  62. Rico Borlasa says:

    haha! It works in my Android! thank you?

  63. JustPeople says:

    Pls add Flows HD

  64. Anonymous says:

    Is this for 0.15.0

  65. TheBlockChef says:

    What map is in the screenshots?

  66. Freeze says:

    This is working for 0.15.1 build 1??

  67. Frtygmr says:

    Please add flows hd for 15.0 plz:^

  68. The Golden Knight says:

    Does This Work For IOS
    Please Reply Fast

    Thnx 🙂

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