Mo’Dimensions Mod

The Mo’Dimensions Mod adds one new dimension to the world which you can get to by building a portal. In the future the mod will support more dimensions perhaps with some challenges in each. The current dimension acts like a cool storage room you can use to store important chests and alike.

Creator: Andr3w246

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Compressed Stone (23) – 9 stones (maybe in a stonecutter)
  • StonePortal (25)
  • Portal Starter (461) – 2 gold ingots + 1 redstone + 2 iron ingots + 1 stick

How to build the dimension portal?

To begin with you will need 8 blocks of compressed stone and one Portal Starter item.

Place the blocks the same way as seen below in the image. It is very important that you create it as seen in the image with the sun setting/rising behind, otherwise it won’t work!

Tap with the Portal Starter item on the bottom block and the portal will be activated showing a new block in the middle.


Walk up to the activated portal and tap on the block in the middle to get teleported to the new dimension.


The spawn will be in the center of the new (and small) dimension. No glowstones or torches will be there when you get there so those you’ll have to place yourself to be able to see something.


To get back to the normal world tap on the centered block on the portal located in the stone room dimension.

screenshot-2015-04-07-10-06_2 screenshot-2015-04-07-10-06_3


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17 Responses

3 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Modedstuff says:

    Well im deleting this mod because its no longer working and it never updated ever since I got it

  2. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    Please do nor swear on this website. I have reported you to the Editor.

  3. RedFireSlime says:

    Hahaha! I laughed when guy saying bad words.

  4. cool981 says:

    You shouldn’t be swearing on this site…

  5. Gamerboy999 says:

    Can’t get it anyway,
    Don’t know why

  6. Editor says:

    You are right. This mod doesn’t actually add a new dimension, but it’s as close to it as we can get with the current modding options for MCPE. In the future maybe more dimensions will be supported.

    • Cody says:

      Thank you for telling me that I was just about to download this mod until I ran into your comment. Hopefully in the future, mojang will add REAL dimensions?

  7. How do I install mod I got block launcher now what

  8. mcpe says:

    Tell me the item id

  9. JazzDev345 says:

    Good mod. Can i borrow that? I will use that concept to my mod, can it be? Tnx

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