modsss: Village & Valuable Ores

In this seed you will find several things which most of you probably will be found useful on your next survival adventures in Minecraft. The findings include valuable ores such as diamond, iron and emeralds.

The spawn is in front of a normal village. Go to the other end of the village and find the rectangle gravel hole in the ground. Dig down at the marked block as seen in the images.


Continue digging until you will down into a dungeon. In the chests you will find the following items.

  • 2 iron buckets
  • 4 iron ingot
  • 3 bread
  • 3 string
  • 1 wheat


As you exit the dungeon at its open exit in the wall you will see a pool of lava and multiple ores to be mined such as redstone and iron.


If you make a turn to the left and walk toward the other visible pool of lava you should now be able to see water pouring from the ceiling. Just go straight ahead into one of the tunnels as seen in the image. As you enter that tunnel entrance you will see three visible diamonds on your left in the ceiling.


But there are more to be found. Close to the lava you will find more diamonds.


As if that wasn’t enough more diamonds and emeralds can be found if you make a passage of stone on top of the lava.

To find more valuable ores check out the video below by Necrotic Gaming.

Seed: modsss

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7 Responses

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  1. werv says:

    theres no spawn at village fake!

  2. Demm says:

    I love this!
    I have something related: I was at a gorge and i found 4 diamond ores omg

  3. jen says:

    In every world, or seed, the chest can be different for other players. I got, Music Disc – 13, string, gold, and Music Disc – Cat

  4. Adeel12321 says:


  5. TNTXPLODE3 says:

    Yep it’s an awesome seed

  6. Nish says:

    This is the best seed ever

  7. Mint says:

    Great seed! There are also open caverns with iron and coal right near the surface on the outskirts of the village, so you can get started quickly in survival mode.

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