mofia: Epic Extreme Hills

The only thing you have to do once spawning is to turn your gaze to your right and you will understand what we are trying to say by calling it an Epic Extreme Hills seed. The hills are literally massive, overhanging and just all around unique. The highest mountains are almost big enough to reach the cloud limit.

ScreenShot023 ScreenShot024 ScreenShot025

If you continue following the river on your left you will come to another place with more huge and magnificent hills, floating islands, lava and overhangs.

ScreenShot029 ScreenShot027 ScreenShot028

Follow the same river which you followed to get there and it will lead you back to the spawn. Continue following the river past the spawn and it will lead you to the third extreme hills area.

ScreenShot030 ScreenShot032

It’s truly an amazing seed which lots of space to explore. It wouldn’t be a realistic attempt of trying to cover the entire seed in this post so we will leave the rest of this massive seed for you to explore and as always share all the good stuff you find in the comments below.

Seed: mofia

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