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Published on October 21, 2014 (Updated on October 21, 2014)

Molecular Genetics Mod

A mod which adds the possibility to extract genes from mobs which can be used to inject yourself with to get their powers. Two new machines are also introduced to the game both of which are needed to create the genes and items necessary for the injectable syringes.

Creator: Kingbudderjr

Gene Analyzer Machine

The Gene Analyzer is one of the new blocks introduced in the mod. To craft the new machine you need iron and glass. The machine is used for creating genes. Here's an example of how it can be done:

1. Get a Gene (item) and tap with it on the machine.

2. Then use one of the following items based on what kind of gene you want:

  • Feather = creates a Fly Gene
  • Milk Bucket = creates an Infinitive Milk Gene
  • Vines = creates an Eat Grass Gene

Gene Centrifuge Machine

The Gene Centrifuge is the second new block in the mod. To craft it you need iron, glass and iron bars. The machine is used for filling a syringe with a gene. Here's an example:

1. Get a Filled Syringe (blood) and tap the machine with it.

2. Assuming you've first created a gene, tap with the created gene on the machine and the syringe will be filled.

How do I get a gene?

First you need a Pin item which is crafted with 1 stick, 1 iron ingot and 1 arrow. Once you've got it simply hold the Pin in your hand and stab a mob with it.

How do I get and use a syringe?

To begin with you need to first craft the syringe using 5 glass panes.

To fill the syringe simply tap on the ground with it and you will fill it with your own blood. It will sting a little and some of your health will go down.

As long the syringe is filled with some sort of fluid then you can inject it with anything you can tap the ground.

And lastly, to extract the contents of the syringe, simply tap the ground.

Mobs Powers Explanation

There are currently three different types of powers you can get by injecting yourself with a syringe.

Gene (fly): Quite self-explanatory, you can fly.

Gene (eat grass): You'll be able to regenerate health by tapping a grass block.

Gene (infinite milk): You can milk yourself.

Block IDs

  • Gene Analyzer - 166
  • Gene Centrifuge - 165

Item IDs

  • Pin - 448
  • Empty Syringe - 495
  • Filled Syringe (blood) - 494
  • Filled Syringe (fly) - 496
  • Filled Syringe (eat grass) - 497
  • Filled Syringe (infinite milk) - 498
  • Gene - 449
  • Gene (fly) - 450
  • Gene (eat grass) - 451
  • Gene (infinite milk) - 452

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the link isnt working

fix it please
Make more abilities!
the mod link isnt working for me
When I download on Kindle Fire it downloads as .bin.
Rename the file to .js and it will work for you.