Momentum Mod

By using the Momentum Mod you can access a new control panel which lets you control and manipulate things related to the time and your item inventory. Some of the tools include an auto item sort option, smart tools for more efficient mining, time travel and changing and the speed of time.

Creator: _Sin0psysS_

How to use it?

To access the new features enter a world and in the bottom-right corner there will be an icon resembling the shape and look of a Nether Star. This is the menu button. Tap on it to open the graphical user interface.

Let’s have a look at some of the features.

(Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a list of all features.)


One of the features is called “No stack limit mode”. This mode lets you have stacks stretching over the ordinary limit of 64 items.

As you can see in the image below we have collected a stack of 68 blocks. This was never possible before as the non-modded limit is set to 64 items per stack.


The “Time Control” menu lets you perform some basic actions such as switching between day and night. But it also allows you to change some more complex things such as the time speed, time travel and teleporting to where you last died.


If “Smart Tools” it’s switched on and you are trying to perform a task such as digging without a shovel and you have the items necessary for crafting a shovel in your inventory then this will automatically be detected and a message will popup asking if you it to craft a shovel for you.

momentum9 momentum10

In the “Time Control” menu there’s two features called “Display IRL time played” / “Display Minecraft time”. If switched on the time will be displayed in the center of the screen.

momentum8 momentum7

All Features

  • Inventory tweaks: inventory/chest sorting
  • Inventory saves: move inventories between worlds
  • Change position of Nether Star (icon) by drag and drop after pressing the icon for a few seconds
  • Smart tools: automatically switch to the right tool
  • No stack limit mode: possibility to have more than 64 items per stack
  • Time set: day/night
  • Time speed: increase/decrease the speed of the day, this includes the movement speed of yourself and mobs
  • Time travel
  • Jump now button
  • Teleport to latest death location
  • Display time played (great way to keep track of how long you’ve played)
  • Display Minecraft time


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17 Responses

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  1. Atramors says:

    Is this not for Windows 10 edition? If not, is there one for Windows 10 edition?

  2. Alexis says:

    I want this but the code won’t go away. Help please?

  3. BeingCreative says:

    SinOpsysS can u help I Really want this but it just comes up with a load of codes so many that at first I though it was a novel plz help I can only use medifire but I usually press download then press open in minecraft pe?????


    Yea same with me!

  5. Elliot says:

    When I hit download, it takes me to mediafire. When I hit download on mediafire, it has 25 pages of code. Why does this happen?

  6. Alex says:

    Why can’t I download it?

  7. Sin0psysS says:

    Hey, I’m the creator of this mod!
    Thanks for sharing it, that’s a pretty good presentation you did there
    I also appreciate that you didn’t modify the download link!
    You have a good day 😉

  8. Valkozz says:

    Yo Editor…..this mod is kinda cool and I Beta-tested it when it was named “project alpha”. Great Job MCPEDL!( I saw that Power gems have a 0.13.x update and to use Metallurgy Machines ingots, u need the Metallurgy 3

  9. The minecraft gamer says:

    I like this mod it’s so cool

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