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Hello Everybody! Welcome to my addon. This is an update of my previous addon. What’s New? Glad you asked let’s get started.

I also wanna tell in advance that this time the recipes does show up in crafting table 

All the recipes: (previously added)

You can also convert these back as shown below: (previously added)

What a developed economy would be without some traders to trade with it, thus I added some custom traders. Here are their details:

Food Merchant, Trade for the money and coupons in return of food (custom + vanilla).

Heres how he all look:                             Heres what he trades:

I added two new traders who sells armours or tools for coupons or money and the skin of both of them are same as they both are smiths.

Heres how they look:

What they trade:

I have added a random merchants (added 4). These traders trades for money and coupons in return of random items such as lanterns, book, enchanting table, etc (nothing custom, all are vanilla stuff). They have different prices as well.

Heres how they all look:                       What they trade: (example)

I added a banker who would trade for money in return for coupons. Heres how he looks.                               What he trades:

These traders don’t spawn by themselves as I am not that good with spawn rules and these guys mess up spawn rules for common mobs such as cows, pigs, hen and sheeps, etc. So you have to create their spawn eggs in crafting table and convert them in stone cutter.

How to craft them:

I added money blocks too but I didnt have any ideas for texture.

How they look: (example)                How to craft: (same for every money)

You Guys Can Contact Me (If Needed) On My Discord Server (link below)

You Guys Are Not Allowed To Share The Direct Mediafire Link With Anyone. You Can Use This Mcpedl Page Link Or The Linkvertise Link (Provided Below)

You Guys Are Not Allowed To Show This Content Online Without Credits.

You Guys Are Not Allowed To Post It Anywhere Else As It Is Reserved To Be Posted Only On Mcpedl

Lastly, You Guys Can Not Edit This Addon Without My Permission.

Changelog View more

+New Better Trades

+Discord Link Updated

+Better Textures

+Cheap Recipes

▪Bugs fixed,

▪More Informations,

▪Recipes Shows Up In Crafting Table,

▪Better Management (Custom Trades + Textures).

Money blocks

New and better textures

More custom traders

Bugs fixed

+Update Download Link,

+Fixed Some Minor Problems,

+Runs Perfectly In The Supported Versions.


After Clicking The Link Above, You Will Be Redirected To A Linkvertise Page, There Will Be No 18+ Content There. (use the tutorial link above if you dont know how to get passed it). After That You Guys Will Be Redirected To Mediafire File Download Website. There You Can Easily Download The File With One Click And Extract It However You Want (ZArchiver Is Recomended). Also There Will Be No Ads Or Any Such Things, So Feel Safe.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201

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19 Responses

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  1. Sheldongelinas says:

    Hey, your mod unfortunately crashes on my Xbox, it says failed to load global ressources
    After deleting it it seems to be all working so I would assume it’s a an add-on that loads on global resources instead of normal resources
    Can I do hope you find a fix to this for the Xbox player downloading mods using their Xbox as there’s an app for it now you really looking forward for an update and I really wish to use the mod as I see a good future to the mod!

  2. AzureParrot42 says:

    I made a addon similar to this because i was gonna post it here then when i search money add i found this and ur textures are a little better than mine just a little better and the textures look very similar too but i dont have traders in my addon just money and credit cards and coins and coins block and stack of money (not a block)

  3. LuizTheGamer428 says:

    This addon may be called Stonks addon

  4. Tai Cribbs MC says:

    I love this addon but there is one thing I would love to see added and that is being able to turn the little stacks of money into money blocks.

  5. BossyDeer5093 says:

    excellent add-on, very useful, I loved it, it would look better if they are changed, without more than saying excellent add-on

  6. Usernameee says:

    could u make money trade stuff like diamonds

  7. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    What does the money even do in this addon?
    ( °=° )
    / >? \

  8. Chinchilla Overlord says:


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