Money+ Addon

This add-on adds the currency known as euro to your world.

It includes 1 euro coin, 2 euro coin, 5 euro banknotes, 10 euro bank notes, 20 euro banknotes, 50 euro banknotes, 100 euro banknotes, 200 euro banknotes and 500 euro banknotes.

This add-on can be used in your roleplay world or any other world where you need money.

The money items does not replace any items.

This add-on will add to your world the euro, who includes :

-1 euro coin

-2 euro coin

-5 euro banknote

-10 euro banknote

-20 euro banknote

-50 euro banknote

-100 euro banknote

-200 euro banknote

-500 euro banknote


You can trade all money with a cleric villager

Example; one 500 euro banknote can be ten 50 euro banknote



To have the money just do the command /give @p money:(The money you want)

It’s my first add-on but if you have suggestion or bugs just contact me with this e-mail:

[email protected]

You need to activate the experimental gameplay to use this addon.

Note: Thanks for asking me before remodeling the addon

If you make a video on, not let the download on Mediafire, let the link in mcpedl.

Have Fun in your RP world !


Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

4.8 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. iiTwilight_xx says:

    yo, im trying to import it in my mc, but it won’t work, its only gonna say failed to import and it has duplicated file, but when i check my files, they were nothing, what is going on?

  2. Won’t tell for personal reasons says:

    Can you add credit cards and you can put the money you have on it and can you make a certain villager where the name of it is money giver or something and you place them they stay in one play and you give them the money of what the item cost! Sorry my request is so long it was hard to explain!

  3. Sebas says:

    Do you have multiplayer support?

  4. Empereur Build says:

    Hey tu pourrais ajouter des LINGOTS D’OR
    Ça serait stylé

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is the command to have the stacks of each one?

  6. I won’t tell u my name for safety reasons says:

    Hi Raycka13 so the I’m trying to get the money using /give @p money:something and it’s not working and I’m using experimental gameplay and it’s not working so how can u help me?

  7. Raycka13 says:

    Hello Morgen05,
    Thank for the suggestion,
    I will work on and add the dollars in the next uptade of the add-on.
    The add-on support 1.13 of Minecraft bedrock

  8. Orlando019 says:

    Good idea but needs function like now a villager can trade with you euros for emeralds.

  9. Morgen05 says:

    Can u plz do usd money l8r???
    Plz i highly appreciate if u did support 4 1.13

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