Published on January 03, 2022 (Updated on March 07, 2022)

Monster Eggs / Infested Blocks Visualizer (1.17+)

You probably know it when you accidentally built Infested Blocks by mistake or when you accidentally break a Monster Egg while mining and end up being overrun by silverfishes? This pack will help you! This Pack outline every Silverfish Block.. so that this can never happen again! perfectly for survival gameplay, building and more!

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-Added YouTube Mosnter Eggs / Infested Blocks Visualizer Trailer 

-Added 1.18.10 as Supported Minecraft Version.


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Can I use your code in my pack?
Ok, You are welcome to use it, but credit me in the Pack Discription + and on the page where you publish the pack, and please add a Link to this Site.