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Have you ever wanted more monsters and bosses in your Minecraft world? Have you played the PSP or the PS2? Then the name Monster Hunter will sound familiar. This addon brings 3 new monsters from this franchise. The Hot, Pink and Hairy Anjanath and more.


Anjanath is a Brutal Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

A big hot fire inside.

the anjanath is a brutal wyvern With the appearance of a tyrannosaurus having similarity to the deviljho, Unlike the anjanath has a pink or red skin and a fur that covers his belly, back and tail Also having a crest on his head that helps him have a better sense of smell, when he gets angry he can release a breath of fire and take two wings off his back


The anjanath will be somewhat neutral with you. If you do not bother him or stay too close, he will not attack you, but if he bothers you and attacks you, this will give you all his fury, you can find him in forest biomes and green areas, not recommended to attack him. it has good protection this would be the first monster that you could find when applying the complement in your world

Damage:40,And attack with large fireballs

Attack Tigrex,Anjanath,Sheep and cows

The anjanath will have a radius of 64 blocks to attack you with fireballs, in melee it will be a radius of 4 blocks, the anjanath will detect you within a radius of 64 blocks away

Loot:Flammenzahn Sword


Unable to craft it is obtained by killing the anjanath or with commands

/give @s mh:flammenzahn

Spawn in jungle,taiga biome


Deviljho is a Brute Wyvern introduced in Monster Hunter 3.

The deviljho is a bipedo wyvern, with the appearance of a tyrannosaurus, The deviljho has a large size having Dangerous attacks with his body, The deviljho like the anjanath has a red fire breath, Which has the element of dragon, The deviljho when gets angry Begins to draw A kind of smoke or red lightning between his body and head along with his fire breath, The deviljho is considered a very dangerous monster since it has a great aggressiveness to other species

You don’t want to find it, it’s more dangerous than you think


Damage:50,And attack with fireballs

Attack Tigrex,Anjanath,PlayerSheep and cows

The Deviljho will have a radius of 128 blocks to attack you with fireballs, in melee it will be a radius of 4 blocks, the anjanath will detect you within a radius of 120 blocks away

Loot:Berserker sword


Unable to craft it is obtained by killing the deviljho or with commands

/Give @s mh:berserker

Spawn in jungle,taiga biome


It’s fast and it’s going to haunt you for a long time

Tigrex are Flying Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

The tigrex is a flying wyvern With orange coloration with yellow and blue, the tigrex is a dangerous wyvern just as the deviljho will attack you without thinking twice but it has a great clumsy, It usually attacks by jumping and lunges despite being a wyvern flying the tigrex only uses its wings in times of escape it does not usually use them much in combat


you will be able to find the tigrex In biomes of desert, taiga and snow, The tigrex will not have a great fast spawning it is only to look for it to find it, As soon as you see it the tigrex will immediately attack it


Attack Deviljho,Anjanath,Sheep and cows

The Tigrex will have a radius of 64 blocks to detect you, in melee it will be a radius of 4 blocks.

Loot:Tigrex sword



The agnaktor is a leviathan that appears in monster hunter 3 It inhabits hot places such as volcanoes The Agnaktor is a monster very similar to the lagiacrus unlike that it has one more aspect of prehistoric lava crocodile, The agnaktor usually uses lava as protection in the combat Since it has been seen that she is going to rivers of lava to Fill his body with her and create a warm layer on her body

The agnaktor as agressive


The agnaktor will have a radius of 64 blocks to attack you with fireballs, in melee it will be a radius of 4 blocks, the anjanath will detect you within a radius of 64 blocks away

Damage:35 Attack with fireballs and melee attack

Spawn in Nether




Nargacuga is flying wyvern introduced in monster hunter freedom unite 

The nargacuga is a fast flying wyvern introduced in monster hunter freedom unite, The nargacuga has the appearance of some kind of feline Combined with a bird by its beak And a wyern by its wings, Having this same behaviors of a Puma or panther, The nargacuga it is not a very strong monster but it has very dangerous attacks



you will be able to find the nargacuga In biomes of desert, Jungle and forest, The nargacuga will not have a great fast spawning it is only to look for it to find it, As soon as you see it the nargacuga will immediately attack it

Akura vashimu

Akura vashimu is a carapaceon introduced in Monster hunter frontier 

The akura vashimu is a carapaceon introduced in monster hunter frontier, its appearance is that of a scorpion but it has some crystals on its body, tail and pincers, it has behaviors equal to those of a scorpion this is usually seen in deserts



you will be able to find the akura vashimu In biomes of desert The Akura vashimu will not have a great fast spawning it is only to look for it to find it, As soon as you see it the Akura vashimu will immediately attack it


Rathalos is flying wyvern introduced in monster hunter

The rathalos is a flying wyverm introduced in monster hunter, The rathalos has the appearance of a dragon at first sight, but it is not a dragon itself It is a wyvern, the rathalos has a red color and below it a white color, the rathalos usually gives a lot of attacks and aerial attacks in combat



you will be able to find the rathalos In biomes of desert, taiga and forest, The rathalos will not have a great fast spawning it is only to look for it to find it, As soon as you see it the rathalos will immediately attack it

Note:This add-on is in development. It may have bugs. Previously, the add-on brought more monsters, but I decided to leave the finished ones for now.

Changelog View more

New ajanath texture

Added nargacuga

Added akura vashimu

Added rathalos

Fixed spawn bug

Updated description Sorry for the previous error

Bugs fixed

Added swords

New tigrex model

New anjanath model

New Tigrex model

New anjanath model

Added agnaktor

Added loots

Added swords

Uniquely explained how monsters

are explained how they attack, behave, are the monsters

Multiplayer-tested plugin, No Bugs so far

The Spawns Explained Explained how mobs will attack

More information about monsters in monster hunter

The aggressiveness of monsters explained

Checked Errors, None so far

More description About deviljho

More description about the tigrex

More description about the anjanath

explained how monsters will attack

Fixed Bugs For attacks with fireballs

Deviljho is more big and agressive

Fixed Fireball Bug


Uninstall the previous version To avoid errors When you uninstall the previous version, install the new one Possible errors when not deleting the previous version

-Duplicate duplicate pack detected


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. Guest-6870991624 says:

    Would it work on realms?

  2. Guest-7461930848 says:

    You didn’t update the Behavior Pack

  3. Guest-2087104296 says:

    I want great baggi and great jaggi

  4. Guest-6773156391 says:

    None of the new stuff is in my world. I’ve tried experimental gameplay, putting the packs on top, redownloading them, but nothing would work. Other than that, great add on!

  5. Guest-3694115596 says:

    Behavior pack is not change

  6. Guest-7198952575 says:

    can u make them tameable I know u can’t in monster hunter game but just thought it would be fun u know

  7. Beam006 says:

    You forgot to update the behavior pack

  8. Guest-7418912234 says:

    You forgotten to update​ the behavior pack

  9. Guest-4733806589 says:

    Your addon is great! If you add the ability to tame these monsters, it will be the best add-on I know.

  10. Beam006 says:

    This link is the previous version link

  11. Beam006 says:

    Add rathian make you can breed rathian with rathalos by any type of meat, make all monster have 5% chance to spawn as baby, make baby monsters tamable when it grow into adult it will ridable and lastly add aptonoth, kestodon, kelbi, apceros and popo as a food source plz

  12. Guest-4114122835 says:

    The tigrex is the only mob spawning in my world

  13. Guest-7407440925 says:

    In a future update can you add the rathalos? It´s my favorite monster

  14. Guest-7625838009 says:

    Can you add the Gore Magala?

  15. Guest-7155654555 says:

    Why is the Sword not working

  16. Guest-6232192052 says:

    This is better than the other monster hunter add-on the one who just replace the textures of other mobs but this is better
    And also pls add light bow gun or heavy bow gun and other weapons pls

  17. Beam006 says:

    Add rathalos, rathian, aptonoth, kestodon and popo plz

  18. Guest-6442322073 says:

    Do u have a YouTube channel

  19. Guest-7814576336 says:

    Your doing great, keep going

  20. Guest-2967268385 says:

    Hello I was wondering if there was anyway to spawn them? Or at least increase the chance of coming of coming across one?

  21. Nrl says:

    Sorry I accidentally made a mistake with the Addon and descriptions, it has errors so I will update it again

  22. Guest-1213773613 says:

    We need weapons please

  23. Beam006 says:

    Add aptonoth, kestodon, gajau, jyuratodus, jagras, great jagras, great girros, girros, kushala daora, teostra, lunastra, zorah magdaros, lao-shan lung, fatalis, crimson fatalis, white fatalis, alatreon, velociprey, velocidrome, giaprey, giadrome, genprey, gendrome, loprey, lodrome, popo, lagiacrus, ceadus, epioth, larinoth, nargacuga, Velkhana, nergigante, barrioth, barroth, lavasioth, dalamadur, laviente, rathalos, rathian, azure rathalos, pink rathian, silver rathalos, gold rathian, barnos, mernos, noios, raphinos, cortos, ruiner nergigante, safi’jiiva, xeno’jiiva, vaal hazak, blackveil vaal hazak, brute tigrex, legiana, shrieking legiana, paolumu, nightshade paolumu, zinogre, stygian zinogre, ashen lao-shan lung, dire Miralis, kirin, oroshi kirin, jhen mohran, delex, beotodus, banbaro, gammoth, glavenus, acidic glavenus, diablos, black diablos, fulgur anjanath, yian garuga, yian kut-ku, pukei-pukei, coral pukei-pukei, tzitzi-ya-ku, kulu-ya-ku ​and lastly​ monoblos

  24. Guest-8711687224 says:

    Add great jagras from monster hunter world

  25. Guest-7747907051 says:

    I just tried it out and it’s a pretty nice add-on, I’m fine with the models but some improvements can be done. Also when you are in creative and want to spawn the tigrex, the side is a bit bugged so maybe fix that. And I would love to see more monsters that you will add.

  26. Guest-1352314909 says:

    Tamable and mount rathalos??? Plzzz

    • Nrl says:

      I’ll leave that for last but if I added a kind of tame monsters function, I’d be a lazy shopkeeper about trying to capture the monster and for a process of time the monster would tame itself It would also tame it with food

  27. Guest-6422282661 says:

    So much potential lost… the models just look lazy and bad compared to the arts you put next to them, I’m not gonna download this addon because the models look pathetic and nothing like the arts.

  28. Guest-4621041631 says:

    Are you gonna add less powerful monsters inted of just bosses?

  29. Guest-1505387459 says:

    It is much better done than other addons I have seen, but the design of the monsters can be improved as well as the animations, anyway it is very well done, I congratulate you!

  30. Guest-8304033435 says:

    Can you add the crystal scorpion?

  31. Guest-3744888266 says:

    This would be cooler if you could add more monsters like nargacuga

  32. Guest-3459424335 says:

    Finally, someone had this wonderful idea of ​​merging these two wonderful franchises! The Addon itself has a lot to improve, but it still looks like fun! Do not give up on this Addon creator, he has a long future ^ – ^

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