Monster Indicator V2 – Minor Bug Fixes

Getting killed by hostile mobs in night? Don’t worry! With the help of this pack you can easily spot hostile mobs and kill them.


› Name: Monster Indicator

› Creator: Blocky Magpie Bangladesh [Rahee]

› Special THANKS to: Jayed Osman (for suggesting name), Md. Ontu for providing me pixellab app link

› Version: 1.0.3

› Resolution: 16×16 (same as vanilla)

› Size: 812 KB

› Type: Resource pack

› Supported game versions: 1.16+

› Supported platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10, console (not tested)

› Affects achievements?: No

What’s new?

  • Added Zombie Villager again and fixed it. (Baby variant still has render bug)
  • Fixed Zombie head pivot.
  • Fixed Witch’s nose.

What this pack do?

This pack adds an exclamation mark above hostile mobs. Which is also visible in dark places. It works differently for ghast and vex.

The exclamation mark uses emissive texture.


Aw Man



Warning & Danger state of Ghast and Vex



No one made any YT video with #MadeForRahee07BM tag. So I couldn’t promote any video or channel. Check out this page to learn more: Fake Connected Glass Addon

As usual I promoted Necrozort’s YT channel because he helped me buy Minecraft.

Mobs affected by this pack (list)

1. Blaze

2. Creeper

3. Spider

4. Cave Spider

5. Zombie

6. Husk

7. Drowned

8. Guardian

9. Elder Guardian

10. Endermite

11. Silverfish

12. Ghast

13. Hoglin

14. Zoglin

15. Piglin

16. Piglin Brute

17. Zombified Piglin

18. Evoker

19. Slime

20. Magma cube

21. Phantom

22. Pillager

23. Shulker (17 colors)

24. Skeleton

25. Stray

26. Wither skeleton

27. Vex

28. Vindicator

29. Witch

30. Enderman

31. Ravager

32. Zombie Villager

Bold the mob has warning state (Yellow colored exclamation mark)

Bugs to be fixed (Please report bugs)

– Baby zombie villager model

THANKS to VictoriousMaverickPlayz for reporting bugs. 😀

Contact me

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Blocky Magpie Bangladesh

Discord: Rahee#6879 /

Twitter: Rahee | Blocky Magpie Bangladesh



• You are allowed to modify this Resource Pack for your own use.

• You can make YouTube/Twitch or any other videos with this pack. Just give MCPE DL link in description

• You are PROHIBITED to Redistribute it with or without any modifications.

DO NOT abuse this pack on servers.

DO NOT try to earn with this pack (adfly, linkvertise etc)

DO NOT give direct download link to others

• Make sure to report bugs! (See CONTACT)

I used the following applications to make this pack:

Changelog View more
  1. Updated download link.
  2. Updated thumbnail.
  3. Updated manifest.json.
  4. Added Zombie Villager again.
  5. Fixed Witch's nose.
  6. Fixed Zombie's head pivot.

- Partially fixed indicator of zombie

- Sorry, I couldn't fix nose of witch

- Updated material of vindicator

- Updated description

- Updated download link

- Updated unique identifier. So it won't interfere with old pack

- Many more...

- Removed duplicate link. (Idk how it got added)

- Updated Download link

- Updated description



Supported Minecraft versions




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36 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Bad_wordsday says:

    plz add players as bold 😀

    anyways, nice pack!!! i love it!!!

  2. Saifeddine says:

    You are a good person you didn’t even say to credit

    • Credit is really useless to be honest. Just watch a movie. 600-700 person worked for it. But, how many of them you know?

      That’s why I don’t need credit. Even if you provide credit, people would just see my name. 😄

      Just use that add-on as I said.

      If you have any questions, contact me anytime.
      E-mail: [email protected]
      Facebook: BlockyMagpieBD/Rahee07
      Twitter: @BlockyMagpieBD
      Discord: Rahee#6879
      Telegram: Rahee07 (Pic of baby chicks)

  3. TheMutantAardvark says:

    Can I use this for a texture pack I’m making? I’ll give credit

  4. The Extraterrestrial Gamer says:

    Hello! Very amazing update and hope you keep at dropping amazing mods like this!

  5. THANKS to MCPE DL for fixing pack details ❤️

  6. Blood_WolfYT says:

    Can you use medifire bc its not working

  7. VictoriousMaverickPlayz says:


    Zombie’s head is broken

    Zombie villager’s indicator is lost?

    Baby zombie’s head floats if there’s an armor on his head?

  8. Skaboom AB says:

    Only fortnite players can who what is indicator?
    Answer: henchman and boss

  9. VictoriousMaverickPlayz says:

    I found a bug. Vex’s indicator wasn’t there when I applied it in my world, no exclamation and warning mark. Btw great resource pack bro

  10. I opened my hard world and I saw 500 exclamation marks and my world crashed.

  11. THUNDERMAN says:

    Can you make yellow mark if mobs are not in attack state and if mobs in attack state the mark become red?
    Sorry with my english but atleast you understand?

  12. Hey, I found a disturbing bug. The zombie villager looks weird but it partially visible. I’ll remove it on next update. ?

  13. Nice, now i can see the hostile mobs are triggered me

  14. Nice, now i can see the hostile mobs

  15. JoeBo says:

    Does it work with other packs or do I need to modify it myself?

  16. JackxJason says:

    Good texture pack!, I wish more updates in this texture pack, GOOD JOB!

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