mooshroom: Two Little Hilltop Villages

About 200 blocks straight ahead from spawn is the two little villages. Both are nicely situated on the coastline. One of the villages got a path leading down to a pool of water and both of them are partly on a few hilltops each.

Here’s the first village with the path leading down to a pool of water.

ScreenShot031 ScreenShot029

The second village got its own little bay and some parts of the farms and houses are situated on hilltops.

ScreenShot030 ScreenShot028 ScreenShot027

Seed: mooshroom

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  1. BrahILikeGames says:

    Guys, u kno mooshroom has a stronghold?
    In the bay village, find the farm closest to sea, and empty the water from it. Dig down into the ground, and you should see the end portal

  2. SoCal says:

    Just use “PocketInvEditor” to change between survival and creative. (Its a free app for android that lets u edit minecraft)

  3. Lolwah says:

    I want to install the creative changed to survival and survival to creative

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