More (+50) Sword, Bows, Knives, Food and Tools (Actualization)

Hi there! 

This add-on will make you have a unique and unforgettable experience by putting it in your Minecraft world!

With it you can create various swords, bows, knives, comids and new tools, so i don’t know what are you waiting to download it!

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What’s a +Bedrock? 

+Bedrock is an add-on with which you can get one of the best experiences playing Minecraft PE, with the addon you can create items, weapons, tools, food, etc. each one has its unique and incomparable skin! 

What happens if I find a bug in the addon?

If you find some bug please tell me on my social networks




How can I find out more about each of the new things?

In the download part you will find the download of a guide in your language with all the information about this Add-on






Is not necessary activate the experimental game mode 

The recipes are in the guide (guide in the part of downloads) 

Or if you don’t want to craft, you can give all the new tools, swords, knives and food with this command

Here you can watch the add-on in-game

Here you can watch some pictures of the add-on in-game

Some of the things added by the add-on give you some interesting effects, it all depends on the cost of the item or tool

This add-on is in beta phase, so if you find any error you can comment it on my social networks and I will send you a fast solution: 




If for some reason the add-on does not work correctly, the most effective and quick solution is the following:

1. Get out of the world and remove the addon

2. Enter the world but without the addon

3. Go out again and now put the addon

4. Enter the world and it will be solved

REMEMBER: All the information (recipes) you will have in the guide of the add-on, you can get the guide in the part of downloads

Changelog View more

I modified the link of download 

Sorry for change the link again :u

i only modified the link of download of more 50 add on

I only changed a link of download because i made a fail in windows addon

This new version adds 10 new bows to MCPE and some bugs of the addon was solucionated

I modified the link of download of the addon Plus Bedrock 

Link of download of the add on modified (link to rota-mediafire) 

I added more pictures in game of the add on, please accept my addon 

I added more images in game of the add on +Bedrock 

I added more information about the +Bedrock in-game (photos and info) 

I modified the language of the links of download of the add-on 

I added two more images in-game of the add on



Supported Minecraft versions


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21 Responses

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  1. Rafael30 says:

    Hello i have a question for creator.
    Could you make some actualization for windows 10 edition ?
    I can copy textures but i can’t add new recipies to creat anything.

  2. Should have a lot more shares! This is awesome!

  3. Emo kids in minecraft: it’s free real estate

  4. Pixel_PedroBR says:

    Did you steal gamebanana’s logo for the banana? Cause they’re the same sprite, and the rainbow banana is the same sprite as gamebanana’s ripe

  5. Guest-3849617112 says:

    Hola… soy muy nuevo en esto de los Addons y tengo un problema, al instalar el complemento y crear un mundo (Ya lo dejé en juego experimental y lo trate de hacer en supervivencia) no me craftea las armas:( alguien que sepa como poder usarlo bien? Hice todo correcto y aún así me falla… lo descargue en Minectaft Windows edition ♡

  6. Guest-3279855186 says:

    Nice addon

  7. Guest-1952077163 says:

    How to get the swords and items in creative???

  8. Richard0182 says:

    Muy buen Addon, pero no sería mejor que la espada de hielo fuera con agua, ya que sus atributos van más con eso, además no puedes hacer que la espada de fuego tengo el atributo del aspecto de fuego o bien quemar, y crear otra espada de hielo pero que está de lentitud al golpear, también hacerlo con los cuchillos, también estaría bien que agregaras el efecto de whiter cuando golpee ah alguna espada, tratar de nivelar la espada de las estrellas, quitando el efecto de fuerza II y agregandola a la de bedrock, y a la medieval agregar el efecto de whiter?, también no se si es posible que la exterminadora tenga el efecto de la perla de ender, solo son opiniones, sigue así 😀 , gracias por la atención.

  9. Guest-4351219765 says:


  10. iiHeroic7 says:


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