More And Ridable Pets!

There are entirely way to little pets in the game, and way to little accually good RIDABLE pets. So we fixed that, adding 4 new mounts to the game! Hi, we're Nul And Diz Studios, and welcome to More And Ridable Pets! Uses No Experiments, and does not use player.json, making it (mostly) compatible with all mods. A little warning, that since we messed with the .json of the mobs ridable, if you use a mod that also messes these mobs .json, some collision may happen, and may break the mobs. Is not tested. But for the most part, completely compatible with all mods!

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This addon is now Discontinued. We will never come back to it. Sorry to anyone who enjoyed this addon.



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Thank you for this addon bro! 5 stars! You guys are like, my FAVORITE addon creators! Also, nice Mine-imator covers! and if you want to get rid of the watermark, just click on the button that says: "version trial", then choose if you want to donate or not. Happy Modding!
You tried out this addon? Thanks for trying it out, but its been discontinued, and we moved to Blender. Also, glad that you love our addons!
Sure thing! Also, this addon works great with APlus because when you ride the ravager, its like a horse!