More Armor

There are few armors in Minecraft. In this addon there will be 13 new custome armors. For example, the Redstone armor with it you get speed. I hope you enjoy it. If you wanted more addons please share this with your friends.

In this addo are 13 new custome armor. You can all Armor craft in survivel. You can all get the armor with /function More_Armor. You Equip the armor if you eat them. 

Turn experimental Game play on

Craft the armor with the right material. E.g Redstone armor with Redstone or Emerald Armor with emeralds. Here are few examples. 

It gave also a ruby Armor you craft it with ruby’s. Here you see how you could craft the rubys

Now you see the craft Recipe for the knight Armor. 

This armor is a updated version of the knight armor. 

Now you see all the new armor. 

All the armor gave effects and more health. 

E. G the Redstone gave speed, the lapis gave night vision 

Do can also forife the addon, that would make me very cheerfulDo can also forife the addon, that would make me very happy. 

For idean or bugs please report in the comments. 


Changelog View more

+Now the armor are not so op then bevor 

+I add  7 new armor 

+I make a new texture like Redstone armor or the items. 

 Now I made a direct download. Can I made at the next Update a of my addon a adfly lik? Or not? 

Why? I don't know what you mean? Can I make a new link like this? 

Now I write all about this addon. I hope it is enough


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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Installation Guides

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106 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. S4NT1 says:

    El add-on está bueno, funciona bien, aunque casi me crashea al hacer el rubí. Pero, personalmente, prefiero ARMORCRAFT.

  2. Guest-2428438997 says:

    its trash
    i wont recommend this add onn
    i doesnt work

  3. Guest-3251307912 says:

    I’m having the same issues of using the function and I can’t craft them I was just wondering if you got it fixed yet lol

  4. Guest-5908620750 says:

    Its stuck at 31%

  5. Guest-8767525724 says:

    No se activa ya meti el comando pero no

  6. Guest-5851111972 says:

    can you make blackstone armor?

  7. Guest-6406015114 says:

    I have one problem, the time i put the mod just one armor works the rest doesn’t, it is because im in 1.14? Or what, because in supported version there it is. Please fix this

  8. Guest-8491880414 says:

    Literally all the armor are missing textures please fix

  9. Guest-1228348665 says:

    Mod isnt working with experimental gameplay on. I’m using the windows 10 version. I cant craft the ruby, nor can i craft any of the armors. I have used the function command, it doesnt do anything

  10. Ninja Fandi says:

    Why the textures of chestplate (item) is higher than 16×16?

  11. Guest-5767164027 says:

    Ami no me funciona el mod sera me q me puedes ayudar la función no sirve

  12. Guest-8214627177 says:

    It does not work and I turned on experimental gameplay on

  13. Guest-5813915831 says:

    This addon is best for Survival

  14. Guest-2226704185 says:

    How do you download this because whenever I click the links and follow the instructions regarding ADFLY it just stays there and the download page never pops up.

  15. Guest-4332841382 says:

    its not working also the function dosent work if u could help that would be great im in experamental as well plz help

  16. ZINH010 says:

    Hi, great addon!

    I need to ask you that: It’s possible to make an helmet, leggins, chestplate and boots separated like the other armors?

  17. ashminggu says:

    this is really good! you earned this 5 stars 🙂

  18. Guest-7234063798 says:

    ur mod is trash

  19. Guest-3209782802 says:

    I love to see more people like this amazing guy make add-ons. and people who actually have manners. thank you

  20. Guest-8233055571 says:

    Hey where do u put the resource pack can u text me on xbox mine is ZhadowOW bc this mod pack is pretty kool i just dont know where to put it in File Explorer

  21. Guest-6835756605 says:

    Hey so I’m trying to get some armor from Redstone and lapis for armor and it doesn’t work ;(

  22. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Greetings! I am a fellow modpack maker, and I would love to use this very amazing mod of yours for my pack. It will be credited as yours and the pack won’t be monetized, so I won’t be making money off your work. Do please ask away any questions. What do you think? 😀

  23. Guest-2000983288 says:

    Where is the behavior folder? I play on xbox

  24. Guest-7843283470 says:

    Do any of these armor pieces have an armor value like vanilla armor? I would like to know if I could use this as a template for my armor mod

  25. Guest-7843283470 says:

    do any of these armor pieces have an armor value like vanilla armor?

  26. Guest-3681981672 says:

    Nice i like

  27. Guest-8596067101 says:

    the function command wont work for me

  28. Guest-4825307341 says:

    SOMEONE PLZ HELP ok so I have ex gameplay and there are no other addons in my new world I made. I try to make the armor and it does not work like the crafting recipes don’t work??? I play on windows 10

  29. TanLorikk says:

    Hello, I can translate your armor addon into Russian and Ukrainian. Just write your discord.

  30. Guest-4341831832 says:

    I’m having trouble equipping the armor. Anyone have a suggestion?

  31. Guest-7919299809 says:

    it does not work for me for some reason i turned on expirimental gameplay and stil does not work can somewhone help me please?

  32. Richard0182 says:

    It is a very good addon, but you could try to balance the armors because they are very op compared to the normal ones, thanks!!!

  33. iiPlasma7 says:

    Bro anything above 4 resistance means ur unkillable…. This is too op!!!

  34. iiPlasma7 says:

    Bro anything above 4 resistance means ur unkillable…. This is too op!

  35. Guest-7188352489 says:

    Hello, author! Can I move your addon to another site! I hope you can give me the authorization

    (machine translation)

  36. Guest-3034523649 says:

    this is way to op, resistance 7 is enough to make it so u almost cant die risistance 15 would make u invincible

  37. Guest-1377903125 says:

    Bro la armadura de redstone no funciona el crafteo :/
    Bro the redstone armor doesn’t work the craft :/ you should to fix this?

  38. Ihhman says:

    Nice! but i can’t understand some of your descriptions

  39. Guest-6661302533 says:

    The armor textures are broken it shows the purple and black error pattern

  40. Guest-1216011116 says:

    ¿Puedes hacer la Armadura de Karmaland la que usan en Karmaland 4?/y si usa adfly

  41. Guest-2351645345 says:

    emerald, knight, knight2 armours make you unkillable with the resistance. unless you die in the void, or get ‘/killed’ you cannot be killed because of the resistance effect. would love it if that changes!

  42. Guest-1380366298 says:

    Does it work on Windows 10?

  43. Guest-6165264450 says:

    Remplaza alguna armadura?

  44. Guest-1683199414 says:

    hello, i also want to create an armor addon like you but i don’t know how to create the addon, could you tell me how, i really want to make an armor addon

  45. Guest-2165386704 says:

    What u use to create addons with armor?

  46. Guest-2944527163 says:

    Agrega las armaduras o remplaza

  47. Guest-5683767099 says:

    do you have to use the beta for this to work?

  48. Guest-7138654555 says:

    no me funciona pongo el comando /function more_armor y me sale no encontrada la funcion
    Algo malo con el mod?

  49. DerpTrees123 says:

    It Doesn’t seem to work, even with experimental mode on. I spawned with extra hearts, resistance, and night vision, so i thought it was working, but i was not able to use the function or craft the armor or rubies.

  50. BloxurloGamer says:

    oye no puedo extraerlo podrias arreglarlo para poder jugar en xbox plis se queda en 10% en la extraccion.

  51. Guest-5928217405 says:

    Sure you can made it at Adfly

  52. Guest-3534103459 says:


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