More Biomes Fogs Resources Pack (1.16 beta+ only)

Adds a new fogs to vanilla Minecraft biomes with wonderful changing color animation and make them better. A great way to further customize your Minecraft experience and enjoy many new colors. Make sure to give it a try today!




Snow Biomes:


Oak Forest:

Birch Forest:


Flower Forest:

Mushroom Island:



(This Resources Pack Work only in MCPE 1.16 beta and after that)





Thank you and Enjoy!!! 🙂


After Download the .mcpack file click and open them in your Minecraft.


Supported Minecraft versions




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26 Responses

2.38 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Yeah ok. I’m just gonna make my own biome fog resource pack

  2. KalebRojas07 says:

    this doesn’t even work for me. Please fix the download

  3. Guest-2575385054 says:

    This doesnt do anything it just changes the color of the sky Rip off

  4. Guest-4520400534 says:

    pls stop abusing this

  5. Guest-6328995226 says:

    Hmmmmmm. This add on is the most terrible addon I ever senn.

    I wish there is way to give zero stars

  6. I wonder how they accepted this and they deny my add-ons at submission tab

  7. Guest-3196205326 says:

    lol nice. changed the extension name to .zip and its just an empty folder

  8. Guest-8880325940 says:

    still fake wow

  9. ChloeVV says:

    Fake, don’t download. It’s just an empty file

  10. ChloeVV says:

    Can you make an addon with all biome have some fog colour?

  11. Guest-8572187646 says:

    Yeah, I turned the .mcpack file into a .zip, and there was nothing in it. Wrong files maybe?

  12. Guest-3086106115 says:

    The file is empty, pls fix.

  13. Guest-9298209952 says:

    Not working

  14. Guest-3063453746 says:


  15. Guest-2713245392 says:

    You should’ve used a direct link that works

  16. Guest-7640975403 says:

    ain’t working

  17. Guest-7166848373 says:

    1 star

  18. Guest-3867491629 says:

    This is fake it won’t download!

  19. Guest-1305188748 says:

    Add a better Link (MediaFire)

  20. Guest-7530405930 says:

    it won’t lemme download is this fake
    yeah probably

  21. Bryan565xd says:

    won’t let me download it bro as a download link by mediafire please

  22. Guest-7453377099 says:


  23. Guest-2465773196 says:

    plz add custom sounds to every biome like in the new nether!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know but I will try that

  25. TheBraulio03 says:

    it is possible in version 1.14.30

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