More Bows Mod

The More Bows Mod adds six new bows to the game where each of the bows got one unique firing effect. It includes an advanced graphical user interface (GUI) similar to the one used for DesnoGuns. Every bow can be crafted and the mod includes an information book which can be read in-game to understand more precisely how everything work. The bows can also be used in creative mode without having to carry any arrows.

Creator: CommandCrafter, YouTube Account

How to use the bows?

Whenever you hold a bow a new graphical user interface (GUI) will appear introducing two new buttons: aim & fire.

The aim button will zoom in whatever is in front of you and when you press fire the arrow will be shot at whatever is at the center of your screen.

Bows Effects

Flame Bow sets the area on fire.


Explosive Bow creates an explosion.


Ice Bow makes the area cold and forces blocks to turn into ice.


Teleporter Bow teleports you to wherever the arrow was shot.

Potatoes Bow generates 75 potatoes. Great when you feel hungry.


Shotgun Bow shoots a total of three arrows to resemble the impact of a shotgun. (Bow not added yet!)

More Bows Mod Information Book

In the book (ID: 500) you can read everything there is to know about the mod. Such as how much damage they deal, the crafting recipes and the effects each bow has.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Flame Bow (470) – 3 strings + 3 sticks + 2 flint & steel
  • Explosive Bow (471) – 3 strings + 3 sticks + 2 TNTs
  • Ice Bow (472) – 3 strings + 3 sticks + 2 ice blocks
  • Teleporter Bow (473) – 3 strings + 3 sticks + 2 emeralds
  • Potatoes Bow (474)
  • Shotgun Bow (475) (not added yet!)
  • More Bows Mod Information Book (500) – 1 string + 4 sticks



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37 Responses

  1. Kingston says:


  2. GameBoyGuy says:

    I REALLY want this add-on, but I don’t have BlockLauncher. I there any other way to get this?

  3. Britney says:

    I downloaded it and everything downloaded but when I try to click on the file to open it it says can’t open file can you help me plzz I really want to use this mod but can’t 😥

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Creator says:

    John make a new worlld

  6. Hengky says:

    Editor how do you download this addon?

  7. Rico Crawford says:

    It doesn’t work it just sends me to zip file

  8. John says:

    I do not know how My minecraft is not updating. I have some world that are in a different version of the game

  9. herobrine says:

    how to download texture for this mod??

  10. JustARandomPersonOnTheWorldWideWeb says:

    One more thing… Please remove the GUI and make it shoot like a bow is suppose to shoot in Minecraft… And this is not a duplicate!!!!

  11. JustARandomPersonOnTheWorldWideWeb says:

    Is this gonna get updated for the newer versions of MCPE ’cause this is quite a cool mod.

  12. Braxton says:

    Cool mod

  13. SA7ISFAC7IONE says:

    why when i on the texture pack,the only thing that add was something in the computer has but in my phone doesnt like cocoa beans..why there are no mods.plz tell me what to do

  14. Lily says:

    Lol I love it so cool

  15. Tine says:

    Bows are cool and sword are a little bit cool

  16. Paolo says:

    Vero nice

  17. Esa says:

    Why When I Touch The Fire Is Always Crash ?

  18. shan says:

    it does not work on me

  19. Alex says:

    How do you install? I’m having trouble

  20. How do I install it? I’m having trouble

  21. Familyhousee says:

    Make a mod about call of Duty Advanced warfare

  22. Shan says:

    I am new to modding MCPE. Where do i put the bow texture or how do i install it? thanks.

  23. Rob says:

    The new bows are better than the normal bow

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