More Brick Colors (+115 New Brick Colors)

Have you ever imagined having more than 100 colors of bricks to create cities or new decorations. With this addon you can have all that, just install it and enjoy it.

This amazing addon adds new colors for the brick blocks with derivations between the wide range of colors. With this addon you can decorate your cities and make them more colorful. The addon is free to use but you must leave credits and the respective MCPEDL link.

You can use the stone cutter to get the blocks or you can also use the command / give @a bricks: (identifier).

You can also use the / fill command with these blocks

The identifiers of the blocks are the following:









Changelog View more

Fixed bugs in the addon.

Bugs with texture and blocks fixed.

Fixed bugs in the addon.

Bugs with texture and blocks fixed.


First use a mobile device to download this addon, thus avoiding installing external applications. Then activate the option "desktop site" in google chrome. In this way you can skip advertising without installing anything.

When you have downloaded it, just open the .mcpack files and they will be installed in the game.


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

4.27 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Booman21 says:

    I need direct link

  2. tonypraf says:

    Hello, Is it possible you can create a direct link to the resource pack as my antivirus automatically removes any downloads from linkvertize due to viruses! I was really looking forward to using you addon but i cant unless you make a new lin

  3. MelloweenPasteliix says:

    I had a problem which I am sure has a reason,The pack had a problem with it.It had a warning sign on it and it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to use it.

  4. OutLeoTheLion says:

    This is a great add-on, but the textures look like the ones from the WallpaperCraft, did you use it or is it your own?

  5. priscillaplayz says:

    this addon is really well made, please make an addon for fences & gates, stairs etc! Please I’m sure lots of people will appreciate it! 🙂

  6. MsJae says:

    i get this error.The property ‘/header/min_engine_version` must have a value set less than `1.13.0`. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.

  7. velvaty says:

    I’m so glad you made these! Could u do the fences, stairs, etc. to match with the planks? Tysm!! 😀

  8. Law0018 says:

    It doesn’t work:(

  9. Law0018 says:

    Thanks but I need permission to put this in my map so can I use them I’ll give you credit

  10. The141Pixel says:

    You should make one with the concrete or terracotta blocks

  11. RedStoneSparks says:

    I like the colors and tones but the brick texture is the old brick and i dont use old brick so it doesnt work very well with the new brick

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