More Clocks Mod

Ever wanted to speed up the time of day or set it to slowmotion? This mod adds eight different clocks which can be used to do these things as well as changing a bunch of other things which relates to the time in Minecraft. Besides being useful tools when trying to survive in Minecraft they are also quite fun to play around with.

Creator: Jimbo_Acob


How does it work?

The mod adds eight new clocks to the game which can change things in relation to time. By tapping on the ground with clocks you can increase the speed of day and changing the time to slowmotion. It’s also possible to turn off time (meaning, pausing it completely) as well as switching back everything back to normal.

The clocks can currently not be crafted. But they can be accessed by using the inventory in creative or by obtaining the items using the Toolbox mod in survival.


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