More Cows Add-On

This Addon adds 3 new types of cows and adds new features to the original cow allowing it to transform into the three new variants, Magma Cow, Ice Cow, and Creeper Cow.

Three new variants of cows have been added each with different looks and ability’s.

To spawn each type of cow you have to feed the normal cow a specific item which will transform it into a different variant.
-Magma Block –> Magma Cow
-Ice Block   –> Ice Cow
-TNT         –> Creeper Cow

The magma cow has a few different ability’s
1. If you use an empty bucket it will fill it with lava.
2. It will cook any raw food instantly, Including Raw Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Rabbit, Mutton, and potatos.
3. It will also smelt Iron and Gold Ore instantly, turning them into Iron and Gold Ingots

1. Will give ice blocks when given water.
2. Spawns snowballs every few seconds.

1. Will drop Gun Powder when sheared, Gunpowder will grow back within a few seconds of being sheared.
2. Using Flint and Steel on it will cause it to explode, Explosion is 3x bigger than a creeper.
3. Will avoid cats same as a creeper.

1. Using a Diamond Axe will make the cow drop its leather, Leather will grow back within a few seconds.

I will be updating it with new variants and abilitys.


Make sure both the resource and behavior pack are installed or it will not function properly


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

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  1. Guest-9144718588 says:

    Hello so it dosnt work for 1.16 beta so when are u going to update becouse its looks like an amazing addon

  2. Guest-9938244455 says:

    hi can you make this mod compatible with the quartz grindstone mod so if wee wanted to double our gold or iron we could then we can insta smelt the powder we get from the quartz qrindstone mod it would make the game way easier and more fun

  3. Guest-5106812419 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft

  4. Guest-4397433103 says:

    Harvesting the leather from a cow only works with a diamond axe!

  5. Guest-3957612184 says:

    Can I add this to an old world which is added to my realm i mean it’s created already befor one month’s

  6. illurito xD says:

    You can work with me?

  7. Guest-3640660989 says:

    Um the links do not work, they were redirected to this website called adfly.

  8. Guest-6123235534 says:


  9. Guest-6422845032 says:

    Whats next? More villagers?

  10. Guest-2110359656 says:

    Can the magma/creeper/ice-cows have baby? 🙃

    (Sorry for the English but I am Italian 🍕🇮🇹)

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