More Cows Add-on (1.8)

This is the first add-on to be released on the website which adds entities to the game instead of replacing them. However, it’s restricted to 1.8 beta only as it’s only in that version it is possible to add new entities. 11 cows, that’s how many new cows are added and all of them can be found spawning naturally in in your world!

Creator: WartaveTwitter AccountWebsite

How does it work?

Here is a list of the added cows and they are each based on a different mineral. All cows (except for the Quartz Cow) spawn in the same biome as the ordinary cow.

  • Iron Cow
  • Old Cow
  • Lapis Cow
  • Cobblestone Cow
  • Experience Cow
  • Obisidian Cow
  • Redstone Cow
  • Quartz Cow (spawns in the Nether!)
  • Diamond Cow
  • Emerald Cow
  • Coal Cow

Each cow drops items depending on their type. For example, Gold Cows drop gold ingots and Diamond Cows drop diamonds.

The Quartz Cow is the only cow which spawns in the Nether as all others spawn the Overworld in biomes where the ordinary cow also spawns.


Requires “Use Experimental Gameplay”! Toggle it in the world settings! 1.8 required also!

  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for the world
  3. Create the world

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53 Responses

4.39 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Texture says:

    The textures aren’t working for me.. the cows look like swiss cheese. I already enabled texture pack on and so the behaviour but nothing seems working.

  2. Person says:

    Doesn’t work with 1.8 released version

  3. Zach says:

    Installed and all that but still not working

  4. Jaytuga says:

    Pls make a spawn egg cause it takes me forever to find it

  5. Adam spillman says:

    darn not working with the most recent update 🙁

  6. Minecraft Fact says:

    Hey who ever make this addon can you updated this addon to so it will work thank you!!!

  7. AltoCrt says:

    this doesn’t work in version

  8. Keaton says:

    It’s not working for me and I’ve done everything right with the beta and stuff

  9. keaton says:

    does have spawn eggs?

  10. Joe says:

    Make an addon like the app mod for java please. I love that mod

  11. Carlkachu says:

    Please make elemental cows in this addon
    Example a friend for lonely quatz ciw a fire cow dat would be cool also a Water cow Earth cow Sky cow(if possible) the ores cows are cave elemntal.. Apoison cows also hmmmm swamp cow nether cow and endcow

  12. WOOOW says:


  13. Minecraft Gamer says:

    Yay! Now add-ons actually add not replace 😀

  14. Machinebuilder says:

    Yeh the download link is broken…
    Also, I’d be interested in learning the new behaviour pack format for 1.8 to add new animals?
    Are there any links you could give me to get me started? Thanks 🙂

  15. Name says:

    Download link is broken

  16. Skeleton says:

    How did you download 1.8 can you send me the link?

  17. PC_Screen says:

    Guys you need to have the 1.8 beta to use this addon. Which means no IOS support for now

  18. Someone says:


  19. Someone says:

    Whoa! v1.8 is the version of pandas!

  20. Anonymous says:

    This looks fantastic. I can’t wait for the update to come to iOS (seriously Mojang, I thought Bedrock was the Better TOGETHER version). Have you thought about doing fluid cows?

  21. Ultramega says:

    Can someone please make a Solo: a star wars story addone with the new addons thing. Or a marvel , DC addone.

  22. Josue says:

    Esta padre solo una duda, pueden aparearse??

  23. DarkRider says:

    It crashes me

  24. MISSIAS says:


  25. Dante says:

    Very nice addon! However does the xp cow drop more xp than the other ones?

  26. Zexumus says:

    I can’t play on a world with it on

  27. DeadBait says:

    Can I use this on IOS because it keeps crashing every time I use it on here. I have experimental and education edition on so please tell me what I am doing wrong.

  28. Tosick says:

    woow and I expected these addons with the new support finally something more like the mods of java edition

  29. Ultronicon says:

    This just crashes my game even when I turn experimental gameplay on

  30. Voicingfawn says:


  31. elfpup says:

    You should add more types of cats and wolves! ( and add dogs lol )

  32. Bmo says:

    Me me big boi

  33. IAmCheese says:

    Do you think this would be good for a survival world, or would it be too overpowered?

  34. cedric says:

    nice dude

  35. Nich says:

    This is cool can you make something like pigmans that spawn in the nether some pigman are guards and some are just villager pigmans and they attack zombie pigmans and also do the end make farlander villagers ther and an ender titanbas their defender

  36. epicdad843 says:

    Are they breedable?

  37. xSK8Z00x says:

    -Iron Cow
    -Old Cow
    -Lapis Cow

    *zooms in*

    -Old Cow

    😂 *WHEEZE*

  38. Sin says:

    Congrats for submitting the first mod that doesn’t replace entities in this site!

  39. W3NDY says:

    Está com defeito, o spaw da vaca fica preto e ela não spawna quando colocada no Minecraft!!

  40. Factualpigeion29 says:

    Thank you so much i was really looking forword to getting a new type of api addons

  41. ?? says:

    Make more,I love it

  42. casual memer says:

    this is dope

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