More Drops Addon

More drops for vanilla mobs. This addon aims to add many new drops for the vanilla mobs, including raw bacon, spider fangs, raw squid, bat wings and much more while still keeping the items feeling like they could be in vanilla Minecraft.

This addon will add many new drops for the vanilla mobs. It currently adds 17 new items

  • Flesh (Villagers) Eat to get 1 nutrition (.5 bars) and nausea 10 for 30 seconds or cook in a furnace for leather                                           
  • Raw Bacon (Pigs) Eat to get 2 nutrition (1 bar) or cook on a campfire or in a smoker or furnace to get bacon                                                 
  • Bacon (Raw Bacon cooked[Furnace, Campfire, Smoker]) Eat to get 7 nutrition (3.5 bars) and regen 2 for 15 seconds                                                   
  • Bone Shard (Skeleton)  Combine 2 in a crafting grid to get 1 bonemeal or combine 6 with a bone for a bone blade                                                                                       
  • Spider Fang (Spider) Combined with Water Bottle to get A poison II 0:22 potion         
  • Zombie Brain (Zombie & Zombie Villager) Eat to get 1 nutrition (.5 bars), fatal poison II for 30 seconds, nausea II for 30 seconds and hunger II for 30 seconds. Or cook it into a Cooked Brain                                                          
  • Cooked Brain (Zombie brain cooked [Furnace]) Eat to get Absorption VI for 30 seconds and Strength 3 for 1 minute 30 seconds                         
  • Bat Wing (Bats) Eat to get Slow Falling II for 5 minutes or Use 2 Bat Wings with 1 String 2 Phantom Membranes, and 2 Feathers to get an Elytra                         
  • Raw Squid (Squid) Eat to get 2 nutrition and poison I for 10 seconds or cook to get Calamari                                                                     
  • Calamari (Raw Squid cooked[Furnace, Campfire, Smoker]) Eat to get 7 nutrition
  • Cat Fur (Cats) Combine with a water bottle to get a Cat Potion
  • Ocelot Fur (Ocelots) Combine with a water bottle to get a Cat Potion
  • Cat Potion (Cat/Ocelot Fur+Water Bottle {Speed III, Jump Boost II, Slow Falling I all for 3 minutes})                                                                       
  • Bone Blade (Crafted) combine 6 bone shards and a bone, used to craft a bone sword                                                       
  • Bone Sword (Crafted) +5.5 attack combine 2 bone blades and a stick                                                   
  • Ice Bone (Strays) +1 attack, combine 2 for 2 ice                                                                     
  • Rainbow Feather (Parrot) Trade with fletcher to get 10-12 emeralds                     

/function moredrops (stack of each item) This is my first addon enjoy 😁

Changelog View more
  • Become a cat with the new Cat Potion.
  • Cat and Ocelot fur added
  • Added Bone sword
  • Added Bone Blade
  • Added Ice Bone
  • Added Rainbow Feather
  • Added function moredrops
  • Updated Raw Bacon, Bacon, Bone Shard, Spider Fang, Zombie Brain, Cooked Brain, and Bat Wing textures


(Put files in development behavior and resources, if in 1.12 make sure experimental gameplay is turned on) 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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37 Responses

4.72 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Sorry imean to make 100sec night vision sorry because i on the predict text sorry

  2. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Little work from the texture but it’s a good add-on please add a Guardian’ eye and mix with water bottle to make night vission 1400 job because it’s hard to get please notice this😇

  3. Someone says:

    not interested but cool addon

  4. Kyuketsuki says:

    Hey, do you want me to help with textures?

  5. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    More for ya: blazes will drop some firecharge on death. Lightning essence- drops only from charged creepers and the wither, sell it to a witch or cleric to gain lightning in a jar or smashed lightning soup. Lightning in a jar- a brand new block that looks very similar to the lantern but has lightning instead of a torch inside it and has a much bigger light aura around it. Smashed lightning soup- edible, gives the player speed, haste, and night vision for 60 seconds. Endermite spine- used to create chorus fruit. Silverfish spine-used to create silverfish stone(an existing block). Iron protecter stone- only dropped from iron golems, sell it to a cleric for an iron golem spawn egg. Snowy protector stone- dropped only by snow golems, trade it with the cleric to get a snow golem spawn egg. Mobs with current heads have a chance, like wither skeletons, to drop their head including players. Vexian soul- drops from evokers, vexs, and witchs, can be traded with a cleric to get a vex spawn egg. Raw lamb brain- drops only from sheep and baby sheep, can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, or campfire. Dark stone- drops only from witchs and evokers, can be used to convert a villager into an illager. Ravagers have a very rare chance to drop 1 block of emerald. Raw sea turtle- drops only from sea turtles, can be cooked. Enderman spine- drops only from endermen, used to craft chorus fruit. Panda hide- drops only from pandas.

  6. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I gots some mores: cod scales- drop from cod and can be used to craft a fish potion. Salmon roe- drop from salmon rarely, can be eaten, sold to the fisherman, or used to craft the fish potion. Salmon bone- drops only from salmon and is edible. Salmon scales- drop from salmon and can be used to craft a fish potion. Tropical fish scales- drop from tropical fish, used to craft a fish potion. Fish potion- gives the player conduit power, speed, and night vision for 60 seconds. Horse bone- drops only from skeleton horses and is used to sell to the cleric for 23 emeralds. Rotten horse flesh- drops only from zombie horses, edible and will give the player nausea. Horse meat- only dropped from horses. Can be cooked in a furnace, smoker, and campfire. Dog meat- drops only from wolves, can be cooked. Cat meat- drops only from cats, can also be cooked. Mushroom steak- drops from mooshroom and also can be crafted by both types of mushroom with a raw piece of steak, edible and cook able. Guardian spikes- used for brewing water breathing potions and crafting thorns enchantment books. Water stone- drops only from elder guardian and make it super easy to travel underwater. Pufferfish spikes- drops only from pufferfish and can be traded with the fisherman for 1 fishing rod. Raw and cooked parrot- drops only from parrots, when cooked heals a full hunger bar. All undead will drop more of their flesh and also bones.

  7. Jely710 says:

    Spider Fang is definetly from terraria. Also, good addon, but the textures need a lil’ work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Could you please make all mobs have a possibility of dropping their heads? That would be really cool

  9. YTDashie says:

    That spider fang seems familiar to me, idk why?
    But good addon, this is the addon i needed for my Survival map 😀

  10. Artin says:

    This a great addon
    When is the next update to this addon?

  11. MGKillerYT says:

    Cool mod but the textual need to redo abit it kinda ugly

  12. Akai says:

    Cat potion doesn’t work pls fix this is great

  13. Brandon says:

    Brains don’t work, but other than that it is awesome

  14. Thetigerking says:

    Every item is super pixelated except the modded items and ocelot fur and calamari is invisible but I love the cat potion 😸😸😸😸 😞😞😞😞😞

  15. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Oh and I almost forgot there was 1 bug I found to were the oceolot fur and calamari were invisible.

  16. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I have some ideas: the flesh item is the only item that has a texture that makes it look like you actually care can you update the other textures? Now for the drops: rainbow feather- drops from parrots and can be used like a normal feather except can be traded for 10 emeralds from a fletcher. Wither bone- drops from wither skeletons, used to create coal or smelt items. Frozen bone- drops from strays, used to craft ice and when you hit enemies slows them. Horse show- drops from horses, very lucky. Cow hide- drops only from cows. Mooshroom hide- drops only from mooshroom. Llama hide- drops only from llamas. Horse hide- drops only from horses. Donkey hide- drops only from donkeys. Mule hide- drops only from mules. Zombie hide- drops only from zombie horses. Wolf hide- drops only from wolves. Oceolot hide- drops only from oceolots. All hide can be crafted into armor, item frames, saddles, and anything else that requires hide, Note: smaller hides like oceolot, wolf, and bat hide can be crafted into normal hide. Ravager horn- used as a weapon and only drops from a ravager. Ravager horn(talking about the weapon)- deals 10 damage, knocks back ememy, and has 45 duribility. Creeper heart- a miniature tnt that will explode if sneaking. Strays charm- you can’t we’re it but you can trade it with the cleric to get a few emeralds. Shulker head- used to sell or as a trophy it’s an added block. Mob statues- drops very rarely from the mob, looks like the mob on a pedestal(since it would be a mob I think that it should be immortal unless you /kill or use a pickaxe of any type). Snow golems would now drops some coal and 2 sticks. Iron golem would now drop vines also an addition iron block. Villagers will now drop emeralds.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i cant eat the food plz fix

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