Tired of the monotony of the same vanilla Minecraft food?

Well no more, with this complement we will have almost 100 new meals !!!

And as if that were not enough, add new decorative and useful blocks !!!

To get food by command:Among the meals we find:

• Fruits

• Vegetables

• Condiments

• Sushi

• Desserts

• Water and fruit juices

• Breakfasts

• Meats

• And the same Minecraft meals with a special touch !!!

And if that were not enough, add new functional and decorative blocks !!! What are they:

And if that were not enough, new functional and decorative blocks !!! What are they:

• Barrel of fruit

• Barrel of meat

• Milk barrel

• Barrel of water

• Salt block

The barrels of fruit and meat are necessary to obtain the new fruits, vegetables and meats.

In order to have all the mentioned it will be necessary to place the barrel on the ground and destroy it !!! When you break the barrel it will give you 2 fruits or two meats depending on the barrel you break.

And finally, we can give Minecraft cooked meats a twist by adding salt, tomato sauce and hot sauce.

These condiments will give us a different potion effect:

Hot sauce: fire resistance effect

Tomato sauce: resistance effect

Salt: regeneration effect

Seasonings can be put to:

Rabbit, steak, chicken, beef, potato, salmon, cod and cooked cutlet !!!

All this and many more interesting recipes and materials extremely easy to get in your survival world.

To get the items using commands:

 /Give @a pa:

 The names of all meals come in Spanish

At the bottom you will find the link for the crafting guide !!!

You can take a look at my Instagram profile and leave me a request for future addons !!!


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Changelog View more

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add an even more detailed description So there are no doubts about the use of the addon

Update of the plugin description, more detailed.

Maintenanceof problems.

Upcoming updates.


• Troubleshooting around the user interface (presentation language).

• Troubleshooting texture


Remember to have the experimental game mode activated as well as the tricks to make Addon work normally.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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12 Responses

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  1. Carlos Andres Mej says:

    Hello, good addon, i’m have a problem, when I grab an item from your addon, my buttons disappear, help me please, the device where I use it is a galaxy tab e t561, sorry for my bad english.

  2. Firehazer says:

    Interesting mod. But I’m not seeing a recipe for any of the barrels and don’t see it in the craft guide. How are they made? Experimental is turned on. I’m new to Bedrock version, not sure what “tricks to make addons work” means.

  3. xRandomyzxXD says:

    Whether those fruit and vegetalbe can spawn naturaly?

  4. tonypraf says:

    you stole the cakes from the food! addon not cool bro I was gonna download 😐

  5. Beam006 says:

    Add popcorn plz

  6. Beam006 says:

    Add pizza and pizza slice plz

  7. Thanks for that observation I will pay attention to it.
    To get the fruits and meats you must create the meat barrel and the fruit barrel, then you must place them on the ground and break them, each one is a random loot of two items.
    You can also get it with the command /give @a pa:fresa , “fresa” is an example, all the words are in Spanish.

  8. majikl says:

    The recipes seem to mostly work. Some of the graphics don’t show up though. I haven’t tried all of them, but the cheese doesn’t show up. The fruits and vegetables seem to be missing from the crafting inventory.

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