More Furniture Mod

The More Furnitures Mod adds 25 furniture to the game. It’s great for anyone who want to better decorate their houses to give them a more homey look and design. Some of the furniture include an animated TV, a red couch, a PlayStation and a doghouse. There’s really something for everyone!

Creator: Caueh, Twitter Account

How to get the furniture?

The most easy way to get all the furniture is to use the Toolbox mod. Basically it’s a tool which allow you to edit your inventory.

The second optional way is to craft each item. We’ve included a full list of all crafting recipes further down on this page.

One amazing object is the animated TV. Tap on the TV to start the animation. The same animation works for the laptop!


All the necessary furniture for building a proper bathroom is included in the mod.


There’s even something for your dog. A doghouse!


Crafting Recipes

The furniture names are rough translations from Portuguese. Please excuse any errors and let us know the correct translation in the comments.

  • TV – 8 quartz + 1 glass pane
  • Cupboard – 8 wood planks + 1 chest
  • Christmas Tree – 3 oak leaves + 1 stick
  • Chair – 4 wood planks + 2 sticks
  • Door Bell – 8 wood planks + 1 quartz
  • Doghouse – 4 red wool + 2 white wool
  • Laptop – 5 iron ingots + 1 glass pane
  • Barbecue – 2 quartz + 2 stone + 1 coal
  • Shower – 3 quartz
  • Cabinet – 6 wood planks + 2 sticks
  • Mirror – 8 bones + 1 glass pane
  • Stove – 4 quartz + 2 stone blocks
  • Campfire – 1 flint & stone + 3 wood planks
  • Fridge – 1 ice block + 2 quartz blocks
  • Wardrobe – 7 wood planks + 2 oak logs
  • Lamp – 1 quartz + 2 glowstones
  • Trash Can – 7 quartz
  • Wooden Table – 3 oak logs + 2 sticks
  • Stone Table – 3 stone blocks + 2 cobblestones
  • Quartz Table – 3 quartz blocks + 2 quartz
  • Toilet Paper Holder – 1 wool + 1 quartz
  • Basin – 5 quartz + 1 water bucket
  • Playstation – 6 quartz + 2 white wool + 1 red wool
  • Toilet – 4 quartz + 1 water bucket
  • Couch – 4 red wool + 3 wood planks
  • Lampshade – 2 black wool + 1 glowstone dust + 4 quartz blocks
  • Air Conditioner Unit – 6 quartz + 2 redstone torches + 1 ice block

Install Guide

  1. Click the download button further down to download a .zip file.
  2. Use ES File Explorer (or any other file manager app) to find the downloaded zip file and extract it.
  3. Tap on both extracted .apk files to install them. Remember that BlockLauncher is required.
  4. Done!


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96 Responses

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  1. Guest-9591783478 says:

    Please make a Windows 10 version

  2. Pororo says:

    Doest it work even if i have no blocklauncher?

  3. Poop says:


  4. Wyrmpants says:

    Why do you have to put your phone number and email and stuff in it

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is so cunfusing for the last time i download a mod it has a supported vertion and now theres no supported vertion

  6. Arcane says:

    Hey Mr.editor I don’t understand how to download it?
    Please help me!

  7. Arcane says:

    Hey Mr.editor where’s the .zip file ?

  8. SoloGhost2641 says:

    The Download is blocked what a shame

  9. Anna Maria says:

    non trovo il pulsante di istallazione dove si trova?

  10. Savvannah says:

    How do you place furniture?

  11. Laura says:

    How to download it ??? Looks cool though

  12. I hate says:

    make ios please

  13. Ellie says:

    Hi I have been looking for a furniture mod and this looks amazing but there is a problem…. I can’t download Zip files since I don’t know how to extract them… can you extract them on this page so that other people like me can just get them both separated! Thx

  14. Amy says:


  15. Abigail says:

    Um I’m on iOS Android I can’t down load it….pls help me I rlly want this! 😀

  16. Benjamin says:

    How do you download on iOS

  17. Benjamin says:

    How do I download on iOS .

  18. Pheonix 5 says:

    you should add xbox

  19. jason says:

    No work for mcpe 1.2+ plis work for mcpe 1.2+ plis

  20. Thys says:

    It’s error. Why?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Do the Wolves/Dogs go into th Doghouse

  22. Ghytghhh says:

    Can we get the girls

  23. brianna says:

    Does this work for pc?
    Thanks for you time!

  24. Jacob says:


  25. FerrousSoup3078 says:

    Can you make a more simple way to install this I have so many tabs open and its exhausting.Please make a more simple way to do this for computers

  26. hedgehoggirl56 says:

    Can u add a .MCpack link?

  27. DMiner says:

    I can’t download it. When I click the Link,it tells me that the user who shared it has been disabled or something. Please help…..

  28. Andrew says:

    Hey this Mod looks crazy awesome but I’m on PE uhh it won’t let me download this cool mod, please try to make a use able for some of us

  29. Neelam says:

    It doesn’t contains 1.2 beta

  30. Neelam says:

    Anyone looking for free mcpe??
    Then go to

  31. Maddison says:

    Error (429)
    This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads. Learn about traffic limits.
    It says this every time I try to download something today please help I really want these mods on my minecraft world 😓

  32. ValyGamer says:

    Hello, this mod work for minecraft pocket edition
    Please answer me😃

  33. Anonymous says:

    It’s been hard to download ever since it hit the traffic limit. Maybe use something else instead of Dropbox?

  34. beyza says:

    deleted link!!!:( pls give me a new link

  35. Princess yamada says:

    Why I can download this add on in iOS

  36. Alyssa says:

    Does it effect multiplayer

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can I know why I am unable to download this mod. It states that it is disabled. Please help.

  38. Winter says:

    Umm can u please make it for iPod 5 1.0.2 please

  39. Jemi444 says:

    When will it be updated for latest version of MCPE…?

  40. Legit_divine says:

    Can u make a ( link to minecraft plz i really want this badly and i want u to put a link where u click it and it takes u to a screen where it seas open in minecraft beacuse im in ios and do not have es file explore

  41. Anonymous says:

    When I press download it says dropboxs error 429 if u can tell me how to fix it that will be wonderful

  42. Angel says:

    Hi, Im able to install but i cant see the furnitures anywhere in the inventory? does it need another texture pack or what not? please help

  43. Mecha Player says:

    This is the best furniture mod I’ve ever seen place add some more features!!..

  44. pandafce says:

    I dont have google play because im on ios and i cant get mods why?

  45. Ivan says:

    Hi! is it able to change the file extension to .js?

  46. Angelo Sodio says:

    Mr Editor .When will you update this mod so that it will be compatible to 0.14.0??? Please Update This Quick ??I need your quick response . ??

  47. OtakuPlays says:

    I would really like to try this mod coz it looks promising! but knowing that it doesn’t work with 0.14.0 is just… sigh, disappointing 🙁

  48. Dove says:

    Does it work at 0.14.0 because at my BlockLauncher it says Oh nose everything broke and also it said that it’s not compatible with 0.14.0

  49. Tidus2005 says:

    I really love this mod but I can’t use it cause it’s not compatible with 0.14.0 pls fix!

  50. Kuro says:

    After i instal the file.apk then what?

  51. TheDestructor75 says:

    Is this work for 0.14

  52. N0obPT says:

    This is for what version?

  53. AwesomezBoyx says:

    Does it support mcpe 0.14?

  54. Alison says:

    Do any furniture mods work for iPods?

  55. Recluse says:

    I tried downlaoding this, I have toolbox and blocklauncher but nothing! Please help, this looks totally cool and its my first attempt at a mod, so maybe I just did it wrong

  56. Princess says:

    Is this comp or iPad?

  57. Zonglin Xie says:

    Mod very good

  58. Lilgator says:

    I can’t seem to craft any items. Like the chair I got 8 wooden planks and 2 sticks but when I look into the crafting table nothing shows. It works fine in creative but not survival

  59. xXRAYAN_GAMERXx says:

    Very beautiful

  60. hayley says:

    I still don’t no how to download mods can somebody tell me how to for pe??

  61. InKrypt says:

    How do you uninstall the mod

  62. Fisheye says:

    Edit: I now know why. I used the blocks instead of the items that spawn the furniture. My bad

    Ps: version 3.2 is already out and downloadable, just go to this guys twitter account and you’ll see the link of his youtube account. There in his youtube account, you’ll be able to download his latest versions although, the furniture will all be in spanish instead of english.

  63. Emerson says:

    It not spanish, it portuguese ._.

  64. Fisheye says:

    The blocks don’t rotate when placed

  65. Alem says:

    I cant get every item plz help me

  66. The minecraft gamer says:

    I like this addon/apk but the animation for the tv and laptop won’t show up the tv will glow and the laptop someone has Redstone particles

  67. Ilijah says:

    Cool I really like your mod it is so cool

  68. Jane says:

    Hello it’s me

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