Published on April 03, 2014 (Updated on April 03, 2014)

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LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery March 22, 2018 at 7:39 am
Youre not real. Also its no longer needed so why try it?
i use it correctly but i do is dropbox no account click blue download button in upper right side then wait a while then open launcher app block launcher pro then managemod pescripts/localstorage import mod then tarra but the mod the dispenser is fake but it works fake is redstone detector rail and sorry for bad english im a filipino sorry
Is this a fake? I can't activate the redstone and dispenser
Just tap it with anything
I can't download from dropbox always eror whay?
This mod is nearly one year old. Try some mod that's more recently updated/released. ;)
Why this mod cant be used?
I cant use itt!!!!!
Make a link on mediafire so i can extract the mod easily.i cannot do it on dropbox because it just show a bunch of letters and number.......plsssss i really need this mod.
Click the blue download button in the top of Dropbox to download.
Do i need a dropbox account?Because i cant extract it
No you don't need one. All you need to extract a .zip file is a file manager. Personally I use but you can use any file manager you like.
How to download and use???
It doesn't work for IOS. Only Android.
I downloaded the mod on my Dropbox account but how do I use it on my minecraft Pe IOS 0.9.0??????
How does this mod work because I open block launcher and I open my inventory or a crafting table and I dont see any pc items please reply as soon as possible