More Like PC Version

The More Like PC Version mods focuses on giving you more items in-game which resemble the PC version of Minecraft. The creators of this mod got the same idea in mind as the developers of Minecraft PE but they want to bring them in quicker, especially the things they feel are necessary right now. Cookies, fishes, pumpkins, cactuses, pistons are a few of the things they have implemented in this mod. Currently it’s only available for those with Android.

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19 Responses

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  1. MCPEDL says:


  2. justin says:

    i use it correctly but i do is dropbox no account click blue download button in upper right side then wait a while then open launcher app block launcher pro then managemod pescripts/localstorage import mod then tarra but the mod the dispenser is fake but it works fake is redstone detector rail and sorry for bad english im a filipino sorry

  3. Wendylle says:

    Is this a fake? I can’t activate the redstone and dispenser

  4. Untung says:

    I can’t download from dropbox always eror whay?

  5. Darren dave says:

    Why this mod cant be used?

  6. Zannelia Gohan says:

    I cant use itt!!!!!

  7. lance says:

    Make a link on mediafire so i can extract the mod easily.i cannot do it on dropbox because it just show a bunch of letters and number…….plsssss i really need this mod.

  8. lance says:

    Do i need a dropbox account?Because i cant extract it

  9. lance says:

    How to download and use???

  10. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work for IOS. Only Android.

  11. I downloaded the mod on my Dropbox account but how do I use it on my minecraft Pe IOS 0.9.0??????

  12. mariajose says:

    How does this mod work because I open block launcher and I open my inventory or a crafting table and I dont see any pc items please reply as soon as possible

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